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  • Case Study On Hotel Hotels

    CONCEPT OF A BOUTIQUE HOTEL 2 A. REASON OF ITS CREATION 2 II. IMPORTANT ISSUES 3 III. CONCEPT OF BUDGET BOUTIQUE HOTEL 3 A. TARGET MARKET 4 B. SERVICES 4 III. CONCEPT OF BUDGET BOUTIQUE HOTEL 4 A. CUSTOMER ORIENTED 5 B. PROFITABLE BUSINESS MODEL 5 SUGGESTIONS/ RECOMMENDATION 7 CONCLUSION 7 REFERENCE 8 BUDGET BOUTIQUE HOTEL: “ Alternative of high services at affordable price ” INTRODUCTION Luxury five-star hotels were dominating the global hotel industry for a very long time, related to business segment. Guests were enjoying the services of a high quality accommodation by paying the equivalent amount of money. Over the last years though, five-star…

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  • P1 Hotels

    Hotels A hotel is a place that provides accommodation and meals. Facilities may range from a basic bed and storage for clothing to a luxury feature such as en suite bathrooms and larger hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pools and conference rooms. What all hotels have in common is that they offer rooms to their guests in Exchange for payment. There are 12,000 hotels in the UK, the UK hotel industry employees 248,000 people. Hotel ratings are often used to…

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  • The Success Hotel Case

    The Success Hotel for the loss of her property valuables on the very last day of her stay in the hotel. The general principle of law relating to this issue is the exemption clauses being put up by the management of this hotel. This hotel has many signs that tells the management will not be responsible for the valuables lost if these items are not given to the front desk for safe-keeping, these are the exemption clauses made by the hotel which is a contractual stipulation that seeks to exclude…

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  • Seashore Hotel History

    periods. There is no doubt that this location is desired by many hotel owners. The narrow part of the island offers sound and ocean views along with small southern town charm. In 1897 the Seashore Hotel open their doors to the public in 1897 on 275 Waynick Blvd. This hotel had 150 rooms and 100 rocking chairs available to their guests on an Oceanside porch. A porter was hired to constantly keep the chairs in line. Each room was also equipped with a fireplace. This hotel was a colonial style…

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  • Efendi Hotel And The Dan Hotel Chain Summary

    comparative analysis of the Efendi Hotel and the Dan Hotel Chain as potential alliance partners and an entry approach strategy versus a sales approach determined that an alliance with Efendi Hotel would be more suitable for WWC’s rather than partnering with Dan Hotels. Furthermore, the entry approach strategy was chosen rather than the sales approach strategy. An alliance with the Efendi Hotel using an entry approach strategy was chosen because it allows WWC to create a stronger luxurious…

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  • Importance Of Security In Hotel

    carry out, is that of Hotel Security. The complex organization of a modern hotel, clubbed together with the necessarily ever-changing population–mix, means that ensuring the safety of the guests/staff and the protection of the contents & fabric of the building, is one of the most demanding in the security industry” Hotels are high-risk organizations, whose staff, contents, buildings and ever-changing population / nationalities of guests, require round-the-clock protection. Higher the star-rating…

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  • The Blue Hotel Swede

    shaped by taking responsibility for their mistakes. While the others in the hotel do contribute to the Swede’s death, it is ultimately the Swede who is the main cause of his demise. The Swede’s perception of the changing environment leads him hopelessly to his death. His prediction of being killed elicits the events which result in his death. In Stephen Crane’s “The Blue Hotel”, the Swede’s death is inevitable due to his fear of the West, the acceptance of Scully’s drink, and his aura of…

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  • The Importance Of Hotels In London

    pleasure, the city 's hospitality industry offers a wealth of options for hotels. Where you stay when traveling abroad will definitely impact how enjoyable the rest of your trip or vacation will be. The following are a few of the newest and hottest hotels in London, and any one of them is worth considering for your next trip there. Ham Yard Hotel – The first thing that hits you when you walk in is its stylish, nontraditional décor. It is more hip than staid and would probably appeal more to a…

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  • Technology In The Hotel Industry

    hospitality field titled: “Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel Sets The Bar As The City’s First Living Digital Hotel” (2016). This article also talks about the importance of keeping up with the digital age in the hospitality industry. Once I found the academic and news articles, I read them thoroughly and determined that they were credible and informative…

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  • Hotel Advantages And Disadvantages

    as a soccer player with a successful team, we traveled a lot. Often times the team decided to stay at a campground compared to a hotel. However, in high school as a part of the Speech and Debate Team, I traveled to hotels a lot. Each definitely has its own benefits and disadvantages. Deciding on the nature of the event in which a person is traveling for should open up their eyes to which option to take for their best interest, either camping or a hotel. Tough girls who played in the pouring…

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