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  • Butler Cemetery Essay

    camps and oilfield companies of Bayou Little Caillou. The cemetery marks the property line of the Elpege Picou Plantation, which farmed over 100 acres of sugar cane. Gray and white tombs rest on the slopes, thought to be a sacred mound possibly used for ceremonies, high ground, or burials dating back to 1000 AD. Members of the local Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe believe ancestors lived on the mound and a chief was buried under a large oak tree on the north side. On the mound’s front side, several letters on an old metal sign are chipped away, but the blue words clearly spell out "E. Picou Cemetery." A newer marker also stands, closer to the road, describing the mound’s origins and the cemetery as having graves from 1901 to the 1990s. In a Houma Courier article recently, the cemetery was…

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  • Gabriel Montegut Research Paper

    and every man at the gun killed or wounded, except himself and Sgt. Duren.” (Clement Anselm Evans) The battery was abandoned after the death of all the horses and all but two individuals, Montegut and Duren. Later in the day, the position was over run and used against the confederate soldiers. Over 1100 men were killed in the Battle of Averasboro. The Civil War ended less than three weeks later. Private Montegut, listed as a guidon, appeared on a paroled muster roll dated April 26, 1865. After…

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  • Importance Of Tourist Attraction

    by defining classification or the background of Mapu ‘a Vaea blowholes, typologies and also the roles of all the factors that contribute to the success of the chosen attraction. These types of factors are the organisation and its resources, the product, market and the management of the attraction and the importance of the local community that helps to enhance the success of the attraction. Mapu ‘a Vaea or Whistle of the Noble because of the whistling sound made by the geyser-like spouts…

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  • Posigen's Services Case Study

    Availability PosiGen has a fairly wide service area which includes New York, Louisiana and Connecticut. More specifically, Albany, NY, Baton Rouge, LA, Bridgeport, CT, Houma, LA, Metairie, LA and New Orleans, LA. If you live outside of these service areas and are interested in PosiGen 's services, you will need to contact them to see if they would be willing to serve your area. If you live in a state outside of PosiGen 's service area, then you would be better off finding a local solar company…

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  • Longhorn Steakhouse Analysis

    paintings and photos to better complementing the western theme. The restaurant is best known for serving various kinds of mouthwatering steaks. There are locations throughout the United States and if you looking for a welcoming environment to eat. The waiters treat you well, the portions of food are generous, and it will leave you wanting more. I have always been a fan of western restaurants they are appealing to the eye, and the environment may not always be clean but its inviting. I have never…

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  • My Conception Of Environmentalism

    facing near rupture, wetlands are degrading away, individuals are facing forms of environmental racism as they are forced to live near polluted areas and yet only very few are concerned about what the sate of our world will be like in future decades. “Well I won’t be here” is a common response that most people give or think when asked about their concern or the future environment, however they fail to acknowledge that their kids, and grand kids will be forced to live with the environmental…

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  • Analysis Of Possible Capture Of The Mississippi By The Atchafalaya

    1824 to spend seventy-five-thousand dollars on the removal of this problem along the Mississippi River and later they ended up spending about $3,093,000 on the project (Higby 10). As for the impacts of diversion, according to Higby, the major ones were the water supply, navigation, and many other environmental impacts. Salt water also has an impact on the streaming of the Mississippi and this lasted about fifteen miles above New Orleans (Higby 59). As for the diversion into the Atchafalaya…

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  • Atchafalaya River Research Paper

    completely it would divert it enough to where the salt water would make its way upstream so far that cities such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge would no longer have a ready supply of fresh water to use. This would have a negative effect on many different industries that are located in this area. The negative impacts that diversion could have on the Atchafalaya Basin would be in areas such as flood damages, natural gas…

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  • French Vs Creole Research Paper

    certain location in Louisiana is known for more than their seafood, the location is referred to as Cancer Alley. An area of approximately 85 miles along the Mississippi River that is located between the cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans known as the “petrochemical corridor” is the headquarters for this Alley. The location received this name in 1997 after 15 cases of cancer was discovered in a two-block radius of one street. Later it was discovered that another seven cases of residence that…

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