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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Beach Drinking At The Beach

    When my body and my mind are at its finest and most content, it is when I’m at the beach swimming in the ocean. The pure sunlight of the beach shines down on my skin and sends warm rays throughout my body that I welcome. After soaking up the sun, I usually spend a significant amount of time in the refreshing and serene ocean. Any ocean on Earth can quickly satisfy my needs of a quick rejuvenation. Along with the replenishing factors that I enjoy at the beach, I also greatly enjoy the various types of animals that exist inside the ocean. Whether it is dolphins, whales, sharks, parrotfish, sea stars, hermit crabs, or various types of fish, I adore trying to view and study these animals. In April of 2017, my family went on a cruise to various islands, one of them being St.Thomas. We had booked an excursion there, and it was to go snorkeling off the boat called the Dancing Dolphin.…

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  • Beach Escapade Essay

    I've been thinking about the beach, waters and the sands for weeks now realizing I haven't even shared our Canyon Cove getaway yet. It is something that is worth sharing for and I can't believe I almost forget to blog about it. So without further adieu, here is the story of our first long drive (just the three of us) and beach escapade. The best part is, it was well an unplanned trip. January was supposed to be a month for our barkada (college friends) outing. Our personal belongings were all…

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  • Beach Destination Essay

    Keywords: best beach destinations in the world Snippet: Do not know where to go during your vacation? If so, then some of the best beach destinations in the world we have put together here are for you. Seven of the Best Beach Destinations in the World If you have tired of seaside recreation, it could only mean that you have not been yet to the heavenly corners of our Earth that we have described here. So, if you love rainbow sands, lonely beaches under stone arches, diving, surfing, or…

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  • Beach Berm Analysis

    The beach has three major parts: beach face, berm and back beach. The area above the water, including the intertidal zone, is known as the beach berm. Beach berm can include vegetation, such as trees, shrubs, or grasses. The most familiar characteristic of a beach berm is its type of sand or rock (, 2014). Along the backshore, accumulations of wind-blown sand may form sand dunes, and when these are sufficiently stable they become consolidated by a characteristic dune vegetation, for…

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  • Beach Morphology Report

    Introduction Beach morphology is a key factor in helping determine the sediment interaction between not only the ocean but the surrounding environment as well. On September 23rd, 2016 at 1500-1645 hours’ group 3 of MSCI 112 collected local data of the morphology of Myrtle Beach State Park, SC, US. With the help of the data collected on site as well as the data collected in the lab our main objective is to able to learn more about the impact on the beach as well as the interactions it has with…

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  • Bermuda Beach Research Paper

    Bermuda Beach Information - A Guide to Sun and Sand Bermuda is a gorgeous place with some of the best beaches in the world, many of which have amazing sugary pink sands. Your Bermuda vacation will not be complete without visiting the beaches. Bermuda is a beautiful jewel in the northern Caribbean, several hundred miles due east of North Carolina, so it is actually in more temperate latitudes. There are more than 34 beaches on Bermuda altogether, and all of them are great for their own reasons,…

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  • Rabbit Beach Research Paper

    list range greatly, with some known for their seclusion and mountainous landscapes and others for their hotels and resorts. The beaches that were ranked highest on the various websites were Playa de Ses Illetes, Rabbit Beach, Navagio Beach, Honopu Beach, Anse Lazio, and Matira Point. From the mesmerizingly blue waters…

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  • Lanikai Beach Case Study

    1. Lanikai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth according to National Geographic. It is famous for its soft white sparkling sand and clear turquoise water. The beach is surrounded by a coral reef which can be explored during scuba diving. There is a chance to see several turtle and fish species. Kayak and surfing board rental services are located nearby for your convenience. However, parking can be problematic due to the shortage of parking spaces.…

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  • Black Sand Beach Essay

    When the tide is high and the waters are rough, a group of blowholes come to life, forcing water feet in the air from the water rushing into the holes. Adding on to the rich history of the black sand beach is the ancient freshwater spring caves. There are many caves of old, volcanic rock, some consisting of freshwater at the bottom and some inaccessible to humans. One of the most famous caves is the center of a local legend that is said to be a rebellious princess who fled to one of the…

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  • Your Beach Wedding Analysis

    Your Beach Wedding Theme Getting hitched in the shoreline is dependably an awesome approach to commend your union. In the event that you are going to commend your union at any point in the near future, one of the best choices is to have a shoreline wedding furthermore make a shoreline wedding subject. This kind of topic is exceptionally well known amid the late spring months and for couples who are taking off to a tropical destination is likewise anticipated that would make such topic.…

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