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  • Essay On Beadwork

    comes from a history of Cherokee beadwork jewelry, where ancestors crafted handmade beads into rare jewelry. Native Americans created the earliest form of jewelry known to North America, although much of their creations have gone unknown due being undocumented. Some forms of native art are more mainstream to current society, such as the silver jewelry with turquoise beadwork. However, all forms were traded with Europeans, allowing for the assimilation to all Native American forms of beadwork jewelry. Each Native American tribe created a different form of jewelry unique in medium, style, meaning, and method. Cherokee beadwork is normally placed on moccasins, leggings, clothing and bags; however, it was also common to find beadwork worn on garters, sashes, necklaces, bracelets, crown, and the cartilage in their noses (Duncan and Berry). Beads, adela, began as shells, teeth, bones, and claws of animals, while incorporating dried berries and gray corn (Cherokee Indian Art: Beadwork and Basketry). The use of the natural materials is…

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  • Essay On Cultural Immersion

    Cultural Immersion (Native Americans) Prior to the Activity Perceptions, prejudice, stereotypes of Native Indians, prior to the activity were still alive and well. An Indian tribe consisted of chiefs and princess, seen as savages in pursuit of killing those of the European persuasion, scalping, living in tee-pees, stealing horses, and they all dressed alike. They were to be feared. As I matured I began to understand they were an oppressed people. An opinion was formed about this group at an…

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  • Beadwork In Native American Culture

    Beadwork: A Native American Trade Native American beadwork is one of the most well known trades in its culture. Beadwork in the Native American culture dates back to prior to the Europeans coming to America. They focused on weaving and beadwork as mostly for the purpose of clothing. Indians would dress in buckskin and fur that were then decorated with large beads. Shirts, moccasins, dresses, leggings for special occasions, breechclout and headdresses were all of the clothing items they would…

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  • Native American Delaware Tribe Culture

    American tribes, and each tribe expressed their culture through them in a different way. This particular Bandolier bag comes from the Delaware, or Lenape, Tribe. It is estimated that it was created around 1850 C.E., and is crafted with beads on leather hide. This object has two components to it, one being the shoulder drape and the other being the small bag. These drapes and bags were typically worn by the men of the tribe, and only given to the most honorable men. They represented power, as…

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  • Lolita-Exist Analysis

    Most styles are either an all over pattern Existing this movement. Think about three key elements when looking Existing beadwork in metallic, geometric patterns, mixed patterns, and Existing mixed patterns, and classic forms like tea dress length Existing tastemakers of the era. Gustav Klimt and John Singer Sargent pulled Existing gowns of the day. Klimt even went a step further and designed Existing for his friends. He then featured these creations on the Existing notable at the time,…

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  • Indian River Tribe Summary

    skilled at beadwork, carving, pipe making, drums, leather work, wood, feather, stone, powwows saddles and tacks. The artwork were handed down by generation. The beads were made out of shells, pearl, bone, teeth, and stone. You can bead two different ways; string and beaded. Stringing was sinew or threading. It was to make necklaces and fringe. Can make different sizes, shapes, and materials. The second one is beadwork. Can use leather or cloth to make them. By weaving through the material. Their…

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  • Essay On 1920s Fashion

    thing of the past, they needed to have loose clothing with their new found freedom. The women were free with what they wanted to wear, the war was over and women were rising as they gained new freedom. The events of the 1920s were affecting the fashion industry in a big way. “As the economics of Western countries began to recover after the end of World War I, people began to be able to afford more luxurious clothes.” (Tom Pendergast) When the war ended many people were getting their prosperity…

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  • Mardi Gras Day

    According to Thompson, it takes almost an entire year to make a Mardi Gras Indian costumes. The costume making process starts from the Ash Wednesday to next year’s Mardi Gras (Thompson). Additionally, the costumes are made from various materials. The handsewn costumes are made with “ostrich plumes, sequins, brightly colored satin fabric, and intricate beadwork” (Brown 104). Because of all the materials that’s used, the costume can weigh as much as three hundred pounds (Thompson). Furthermore,…

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  • Essay On Native American Art

    that date hundreds of years ago, but their art is innovative and more affordable than the historic pieces. Contemporary Native American crafts are becoming very popular and since they are at a more affordable price point they are favored by collectors. Native American art is very broad and consists of crafts such as weaving, bead work, silver work and pottery. Native American weaving holds a lot of history and is very popular. Another popular form of Native American art is pottery. Pottery is an…

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  • Native American Tribe Beliefs

    The food was usually supplemented with spinach, prairie turnips, and potatoes. When the food was scarce, they would eat dried buffalo meat called pemmican. They would hunt animals and use the left overs for weapons. Their clothing was usually made by the women from deer and buffalo skin. They were usually painted and decorated with porcupine quills or beadwork. They were also always elaborated with necklaces and armbands (Alchin). The remaining Cheyenne Indians can be found mostly everywhere in…

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