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  • Switch Robot Essay

    with a Base. To do that, I pick 2 base blocks and connects them with one another using a 2 in 1 connector, to enlarge the base I am attaching another 2 base blocks to it with the help of 2 in 1 connectors. Now, I am going to attach the 2 in 1 connectors to the corners of the base blocks from all the 4 sides. The extended base block should strong, so that, it can hold the whole robot on it. I have connected the 2 in 1 connector’s at the edge’s of the base. in the same way, I am attaching the another 2 in 1 connectors to the reverse side of the base like this. Well, the base is ready. Now, I am going to pick a motor block, attaches it to the robot towards the down like this, We should make sure that it is fixed well. in the same way, I have attached another motor block on the other side as well. These motors are used in the robot movement. Now, I am picking a wheel and a motor shaft and I am attaching it to the wheel, after that, I am closing the otherside of a motor shaft with a circlip, in the same way, I have prepared one more wheel. As you see, I am going to attach these wheel blocks on both the sides of robot towards the end of 2 motor blocks, These wheels will push the robot to move. Let me pick a ball caster and 2, 30 ext blocks, Then I am attaching and closing them with a straight connector, like this. Now, I am going to Fix this ball caster to the front side of the robot, towards the down, since this ball caster has a ball on top of it, it makes the robot movement…

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  • Automatic Door Mechanism Report

    Automatic Door Mechanism Introduction : We often visit, shopping malls, airports and other retail business stores, for shopping and other needs, In order to enter into the mall, or to come out, we should PUSH or PULL the door, in spite of carrying heavier shopping bags in hands, we feel uncomfortable to do so. But, this was the case earlier, now it’s all different. The technology is evolving day by day and we have come a long way in inventing a Robot to do all these sorts of things. Are…

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  • Why People Are Attached To Cell Phones

    The technology advancement of today is primarily why people are so attached to cell phones. Cell phones are portable and provide immediate access. Users can now engage in activities such as accessing the internet, taking part in diverse forms of social networking including; text messaging, playing video games, watching streaming video, and viewing a wide selection of software applications as most people knows as apps, nearly anywhere and anytime. Cell Phones have indeed taken over the way we…

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  • The Importance Of A NAS Structure To A SAN

    Area Network can span over any amount of distance by networking routes between the two locations. In this way the servers are never out of reach from the data they require. An Example of a Network Attached Storage I need to have more sources before I dive into the concepts of a NAS. Although I understand the basics, I do not know whether going into a full out explanation of how a NAS works in both theory and practice will help the reader understand how they relate to a SAN. I have built my…

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  • Detached Garage Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

    inconvenient whenever you have to carry your child or groceries to and from the car. You would also need a separate source for your basic utilities. Some homeowners associations are also strict when it comes to the construction of detached garages so better check with them to ensure that you comply with their regulations. Also, if budget is a concern, a detached garage is more expensive to build than an attached garage primarily because you are building a separate small house which would need…

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  • Attachment And Attachment Theory

    In the experimental situation, securely attached babies freely explored the environment, using their mothers as a ‘secure base’. Also, they were less angry and co-operative, and they responded positively to being held by strangers (Ainsworth, 1979). Insecurely attached babies were further categorized into three sub-groups; insecure avoidant babies, insecure resistant babies, and insecure disorganized babies (Santrock, 2012). According to Ainsworth (1979), those babies were more angry and anxious…

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  • Explain Why Propan-2-Ol Is Formed During The Reaction Between Propane

    you account for the fact that poly(chloroethene) is much stiffer than poly(ethene)? (2.4) It believed that the main difference is the Cl molecule that has caused the stiffness in the chloroethane. This is due to bond between carbon and chlorine which is more polar bonds than the carbon and haydron bonds.Therefore there are more polar attractiopn between strands of monomers. The carbonyl group, C=O, occurs in two homologous series, namely aldehydes and ketones. What is thestructural difference…

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  • Competency 319.1-4

    Task: A. Calculate each of the thirteen indicated ratios for Year 11 indicated in the attached “Statement Analysis Template.” Complete the attached spreadsheet with this information. B. Complete a horizontal analysis of the income statements using the attached spreadsheet with this information. Note: Round the percentages to the nearest hundredth of a percent, i.e. 6.84%. Answers like 6.80% or rounded up to 7% are not acceptable. C. Complete a horizontal analysis of the balance sheets…

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  • Commitment In Relationships

    partner. When researching this topic it is also important to highlight that increased perceived conflict may not be caused by anxious attachment but anxious attachment may be caused by increased perceived conflict. It is important to highlight what the implications are for all these factors to properly identify a solution. My study will highlight the implications of being too dependent on one’s partner. Some implications I will take into consideration are: the inability to depend on oneself for…

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  • Classification Essay: Should We Use Cell Phones?

    out of awkward situations. I inspect myself and contemplate on whether I am a victim of this mainstream path. I fall short at certain times and find myself attached to my cellular device. I work hard not to fall in this category of individuals. I have benefitted from my hard work and perseverance and I want my peers and friends to benefit from this as well. Therefore, we should not be using our phones all time even if we are in a private situation. Our device use should be limited because, at…

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