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  • The Door Culture

    and The Jimi Hendrix Experience had gained a massive following from young people all over America in just a few years. But, none of those groups stormed the culture of the time quite like The Doors did in 1967. According to Mick Wall, after only one album and less than year, The Doors had quickly gained popularity comparable to that of the Beatles in a fraction of the time. Why was this? Perhaps…

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  • External Oak Door

    What Size of External Oak Door Do I Need? Oak is an organic, natural and subjectively attractive building material that has been used to build front, rear and interior doors for hundreds of years. There is an unmistakable and unique quality to a solid oak door, which means that, even with their more lofty price tags, they are still the favoured choice of homeowners across the country. Before you spend hours searching for the right door, however, you might want to consider its size, as that last…

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  • Storm Door Research Paper

    a storm door to your house can drastically change the look of your home. It is important to choose the right storm door that fits with the look of your house. When choosing a storm door, there are 5 main things to consider: Price, Material, Size, Handing, and Style. Pricing on Storm Doors First and foremost, you should stick to your budget. Storm doors range in price from around $100-$300 for standard size doors that you can find at Lowe's or Home Depot to around $300-$500 for custom sized…

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  • How Did The Doors Influence Pop Culture

    The Doors Imagine that you are in a front row seat at The Doors concert and you hear the blasting drums of John Densmore and the electrifying guitar of Robby Krieger. The Doors were one of the most successful and influential rock bands during the 1960s era. The Doors were a music band that was famous for their rock music and they were well known for their lead singer Jim Morrison. The Doors were a successful rock band from the 1960s that influenced music and pop culture, The Doors consisted of…

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  • Automatic Door Mechanism Report

    Automatic Door Mechanism Introduction : We often visit, shopping malls, airports and other retail business stores, for shopping and other needs, In order to enter into the mall, or to come out, we should PUSH or PULL the door, in spite of carrying heavier shopping bags in hands, we feel uncomfortable to do so. But, this was the case earlier, now it’s all different. The technology is evolving day by day and we have come a long way in inventing a Robot to do all these sorts of things. Are…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Attending Church Doors

    started very early, too early for it to really set in. A young child is usually preoccupied with the toys clutched to their pudgy appendages, and I was no different. But, alas, my parents insisted on dragging me to church along with them from as young an age as memory allows. One fateful Sunday morning, in 2004, a stubborn 6 year old me, slowly tortured by the droning of the majestically draped priest, asked to use the bathroom. My mother, ensnared by the Holy Spirit, absent-mindedly mumbled…

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  • Personal Narrative: One Key, Different Types Of Doors

    One Key, Many Doors You know the saying that talks about how we take things for granted and we don’t take the time to appreciate what we have? Is it just me or when you normally hear this saying, you don’t think much of it? Well, recently I came to realize how much I agree with this saying. It wasn’t till recently that I realized how much this saying was indeed true. The realization came to me through a small piece of cold metal which lives in my pocket. I came to realize, not only am I…

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  • Lip Injections-Personal Narrative

    the top part of the window. The sun had spotlighted the door as though it was destiny calling. I didn't know where I was or how I got there which drove my nerves crazy. My mouth was covered with what seemed to be 100 layers of duct tape which left my mouth tingling with the unpleasant taste. Both my hands were tied together with rope very securely behind an old wooden chair, my blood in both my hands felt as though it was trapped which caused me to feel the sensation of fireworks in them. My…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dark Images

    forced my body to sit up in bed, my head continued to hang down, pounding, so weighty. Moving as if in slow motion towards the door, my legs were weak and heavy. After, grasping the door handle only to quickly pull away, the handle was immensely hot. The atmosphere was unexpectedly eerie. My equilibrium appeared off, the unusual blanket of darkness impaired my sight. The smell of burnt wood, the heat in the door and the horrible taste of charcoal in my mouth was horrid. There were four children…

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  • Squee Narrative

    She swore up and down she locked the doors and everything, so she went out to ask the neighbors if they’ve seen Bigge, well speaking of neighbors... I’m pretty sure Nny, took him. Nny is our weird, creepy neighbor his actual name is Johnny but he prefers to be called Nny. Nny is in his mid-20s though it seems that he’s still in his emo phase. Though he yells weird things about peoples’ appearance and how most of them don’t deserve it, it’s really weird. One time he even broke into my bathroom…

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