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  • Commercial Garage Doors

    Garage doors have more commercial applications than residential and must be versatile enough to handle these applications and the high demand of a commercial environment. The various purposes for commercial garage doors requires that they be made different sizes and from different types of materials. Each commercial door is built with a specific purpose, making them a highly customizable product to suit a client's needs. There are plenty of factors to keep in mind when looking for a commercial garage door such as material, insulation, thickness, opening mechanism, inclusion of windows, location, and clearance needed. Unlike residential garage doors, commercial doors are held to much higher standards to ensure continuous and safe operation in a commercial environment. Commercial doors must be secure but also have to comply with OSHA requirements and local codes. They typically include heavy-duty locks for security and they can be configured into a building's security system rather easily. One safety…

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  • Torsion Spring Research Paper

    assemble and make lifting super heavy garage doors an easy job. Extension springs vs. torsion springs - While buying extension springs the buyer might come across the term torsion spring. The main difference between torsion spring and extension springs are as follows, Extension - Extension springs extend completely when trying to open the garage door while torsion springs as the name suggests simply turn to achieve the same task. Since extension springs extend completely they lose their…

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  • Garage Door Research Paper

    Lifespan of your Garage Door and Opener The question of how long a garage door will last depends on the type of door you have in place and the level of usage. The type of garage door is defined by its quality, type of construction material and the product model. It is estimated that a garage door that is well-maintained can last over 10 years. Other estimates indicate that a good garage door can last between 25 to 30 year, if it is not backed against a car or any hard obstacle that could…

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  • Garage Door Repair Cost

    HOW MUCH DOES A GARAGE DOOR REPAIR COST? So it happens. Every now and then, there are defects and damages that happen in any part of your house for that matter. So much so for a part of your house that you use very often, like your garage door. Your garage door is one of the most used portions of your house because of the number of times you take your vehicle in or out of your garage. That is why it is no surprise that it is subject to the usual wear and tear and subject to damages and…

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  • Garage Door Short Story

    The garage door hasn't opened in 2 days. I feel like just an old piece of wood with wheels. I don't like this feeling. Last week I was ridden every day. It felt so nice to be stepped on and ridden on the street. The street was kind of rough though. My whole body vibrates when I ride on the street. I used to be ridden in a smooth wooden path with ramps that were fun to go down. I was craving that feeling. Suddenly I was blinded by a ray of sunlight. I noticed that it was the garage door. It has…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Automatic Garage Door

    If you're the frugal sort, you want to use everything you own until it essentially falls apart. To you, there's nothing a little paint and a simple repair job can't fix. However, the team at Automatic Garage Door Repair Service in Rochester knows that, when it comes to your garage door, at some point it just needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs that you have a truly broken garage door on your hands: Broken Parts or Faulty Wiring: Some parts are easy to replace, but others are directly…

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  • Faulty Garage Door Case Study

    A faulty garage door can cause a lot of anxiety for most people, considering that most garages hold important possessions like cars. Leaving them exposed to bad weather and potential thieves is not an option to consider. You will find that most people prefer to call it in whenever there is a problem as opposed to fixing it on their own. Why is it advisable to call a repair service? 1. Risk of injury A garage door is a heavy item and a small mistake could bring the whole system crashing down.…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Roller Garage Doors

    Garage doors, initially used and installed to provide safety to your cars, have become quite popular in the past few decades and due to the rising standard of living and improvement in the aesthetic tastes of the people, they have also started to serve the purpose of enhancing the looks of the house besides providing safety and security to your valuable possessions and why should not they be as they are normally the most apparent, prominent visible and the most front part of any structure or…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Leaving Your Garage Door

    Has your garage door track become warped over time? Has one or both springs broken so that the door is impossible to open? When your garage door breaks down, you may be tempted to try to fix it on your own. Unfortunately, that probably isn't a good idea. Here are some important reasons why you should leave your garage door repairs to the professionals: Safety: Many garage doors are much heavier than they might appear at first glance. This can make them unwieldy or dangerous to work with. If the…

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  • Personal Narrative-Sacrifice Or Immigrant?

    confused on why I was so scared. That’s when he sat up and asked me what happened. I froze in a dead because I was too scared. Then I started stuttering because I was trying to explain it. “I I I saw a guy in our backyard and he he looked like he got burnt” I said “Just calm down I will go look and see what’s going on” he said As he goes out and looks I follow behind him. He takes a look out the window and he seen a bunch of people running down the street while being chased. The he…

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