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  • Waterjet And Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

    coupled FEM/SPH modeling technique was investigated for the numerical simulation of the quasi-static axial crushing of polystyrene foam-filled aluminum thin-walled aluminum tubes [33]. The stress peak in the surface of a bilayer coating system can be significantly lowered by using high-modulus bottom layers. For the bond layer thicknesses of 0.25 and 0.50 m, stress reduction improved by 1.8% and 3.3%, respectively [34]. However, most of the previous studies focused on rock cutting with pure waterjet or abrasive waterjet, not the particle waterjet, which is different from them in using steel and spherical particles with larger diameter and smaller particle concentration. In a typical abrasive waterjet, the shape of abrasives is irregular, garnet, or quartz is usually used as abrasive with diameter ranges from 0.06 mm to 0.3 mm. Because of these characteristics of abrasives, parts (i. e., nozzle, pipe) of an abrasive waterjet wear seriously. However, in a particle waterjet, the equipment will wear slightly. In most of the previous studies, the effect of waterjet was not considered, and the FEM/SPH method is rarely used to investigate the particle waterjet rock breaking problems. This technology can significantly enhance the rock breaking efficiency owing to the larger kinetic energy of particles. In practice, a multilarge spherical steel particle impact is required to quickly cut rock. In addition, most of the previous study only used the theoretical calculation or experimental…

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  • Keeper N Me Reflection

    voice and strong literary capabilities that are contributed to the world around him. Wagamese beautifully poured his soul into his debut novel, Keeper‘n Me; this story has a way of weaving into the reader’s heart peacefully and effortlessly, leaving just enough room for one’s own interpretations of the morals and themes discussed. In Keeper’n Me, Richard Wagamese successfully took the reader on one’s journey of self-healing. The novel began with a young man, Garnet Raven, who did not yet know…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Henry Highland Garnet's Speech

    This comparison entails the speech by Henry Highland Garnet delivered In Buffalo, New York, August of 1843 and Sojourner Truth’s speech that she delivered at the Women’s Convention of 1851. In the speeches mentioned above, there exist differences concerning how they were written, addressed, intentions and their target audiences. In the following paper, we will look at an in-depth comparison while at the same time contrasting the entire speeches. It will encompass more on the literary devices…

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  • The Importance Of Identity In Lives Of Girls And Women By Alice Munro

    relationship with Garnet French. Aligning with Rishoi’s perspective, Del experiences her growth into adult life as a time to “assert the embodiedness of identity,” (Rishoi 12) by enjoying the sexual activity she and Garnet engage in. Del revels in the sex initially, but later finds that she is unprepared for the entanglements that Garnet expects to come along with the sex. In her experience, Del does not align with her mother’s opinion, but also does not submit to Garnet’s expectations, allowing…

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  • Leo-Quay David Wagamese Analysis

    Soo-Wanee-Quay Introduction “Soo-wanee-quay” is the third story in the novel Keeper’n me. Garnet has settled into his life living on the White Dog reserve, although, he feels torn between his new life and his past life in the city. Concurrently, the White Dog reserve has launched a new radio station. The novel Keeper’n Me consistently has concentrated on the theme of Garnets finding of his identity. However, throughout Soo-wan-quay, Richard Wagamese focused on the importance of balancing…

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  • The Importance Of Fusion In The Steven Universe

    the small city where they reside. Young Steven is only a half-Gem, half-human, and has the gemstone that his mother Rose Quartz passed on to him when she gave up her physical form to give him life. The three women/Gems who take care of him, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, have to teach Steven to use his powers and protect others in the ways he is meant to. The Gems can magically “fuse” together to increase their strength and fighting ability and succeed in their missions. At first glance, the…

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  • The Role Of Sexual Orientation In Rush Hour 2 And Love Is Strange

    Sexual orientation is ones sexual identity in accordance to their sexual and erotic affections and attractions. According to Garnets, “sexual orientation is determined by multiple influences, including a wide range of sociocultural factors.” (Garnets 297) She notes that you must incorporate these factors including race, gender, and class when you consider one’s sexual identity instead of examining it alone. These factors play an enormous role in the portrayal of sexual orientation in film. This…

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  • How Did African Americans Fight For Freedom?

    freedom and equality. In 1843, prominent free black abolitionist Henry Highland Garnet, gave a famous speech that opposed the idea of pacifist abolitionism, where he took a more unique approach to employing the freedom of African Americans. Garnet believed that resistance was the only way to find emancipation of slaves, he encouraged every man to act for himself is he truly wants freedom, like he says very blatantly in his speech, “Rather Die Freemen, Than Live to Be Slaves.” Garnet often used…

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  • Themes In Keeper N Me

    A major underlying issue within many cultures in the world is the struggle to either hold on to traditions and values or to move forward with modernization. In the novel Keeper N’ Me by Richard Wagamese, the cultural traditions of the Anishanabe become very important to Garnet Raven who is a disconnected member of the tribe. The major theme in the Movie, The Last Samurai, directed by Edward Zwich is this very issue: tradition versus modernization. The protagonist of this movie Nathan Algren…

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  • Analysis Of Anti-Slavery: Are All Men Treated Equally?

    is true, would their creator be uplifted by the mistreatment of slaves and the abandonment of his regulations? This is a subject that many anti-slavery abolitionists like Frederick Douglass and Henry Garnet argued against. There was a lot different anti-slavery with different arguments during the nineteenth century. Douglass and Garnett spoke different messages, but were fighting the same battle, the battle against slavery. Slavery is a system where people are treated as property. Slavery is…

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