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  • Turbochargers

    more efficient than supercharging. New techniques such as twin-turbo/biturbo (whether parallel or sequential) setups and twin-scroll turbocharger, in combination with technologies such as variable valve timing and direct fuel injection, have cut down on turbo lag. • A turbocharger is basically an air pump. Hot exhaust gases leaving the engine after combustion are routed directly to the turbine wheel side of the turbocharger to make it rotate. That turbine wheel is connected by a shaft to a compressor wheel. • Some systems also include a tip turbine fan which draws air across the charge-air cooler to further reduce the temperature of the compressed air generated by the turbocharger. • A turbocharger, or colloquially turbo, is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine's efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.[ This improvement over a naturally aspirated engine's power output is due to the fact that the compressor can force more air—and proportionately more fuel—into the combustion chamber than atmospheric pressure (and for that matter, ram air intakes) alone.  Turbocharger VS Supercharger • In contrast to turbochargers, superchargers are mechanically driven by the engine. Belts, chains, shafts, and gears are common methods of powering a supercharger, placing a mechanical load on the engine. For example, on the single-stage single-speed supercharged Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, the supercharger…

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  • Jet Engine History

    A jet engine is a sort of engine that releases a quick moving jet of gas to produce thrust as per Newton's third law of motion. This expansive meaning of jet engines incorporates turbojets, turbofans, rockets, ramjets, pulse jets and pump-jets, yet in like but in common term usage, the term commonly refers to a gas turbine Brayton cycle engine, an type of engine with a revolving compressor fueled by a turbine, with the remaining energy providing thrust. In today’s modern age of aviation, jet…

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  • Performance Analysis Of Centrifugal Blower

    To identify the preferred rotation direction, a blower performance analysis is needed. A blower is usually an enclosed multiblade rotor that compresses air to a higher discharge pressure. Blower is also known as fan, but, traditionally, blowers do not discharge air at low pressure as some fans do. Figure 1.6 – CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER Dryers use centrifugal blower, where air is radially discharged from the impeller, (or fan wheel), so turns 90° from its inlet to its outlet (Figure 1.6). Air…

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  • Reflection In Gas Turbine Combustor

    When studing liquid fuel combustion in gas turbine combustor, complicated principals including reactive flow, spraying, turbulent flow, multiphase flow, convective and radiative heat transfer and their interactions should be considered. In recent 40 years combustion chambers have continuously improved structurally. Present combustion chambers are generally devided to three main groups: Can type, Can Annular type, and Annular type chambers. Combustion chambers consist of components such as…

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  • Turbine Test Rig

    size models also allows the rotor mechanical radial and axial clearances to be accurately replicated, and the aerodynamics to be analyzed accurately as well. Figure # : Turma Test Rig UTRC Blowdown Turbine/Fan Test Facility The blowdown research facility was intended for the aero-heat transfer study in just the turbine and fan section. The test rig uses a short duration testing style which is able to produce parameters such as Reynolds number, unsteady wake effects, free stream and turbulent…

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  • Experiment Of The Marcet Boiler And Boyle's Law

    higher the saturated temperature. For the Boyle’s law experiment, it was found that pressure is directly proportional to volume, despite using non-ideal gas for the experiment. 1 Introduction and Theory The aim of this lab demonstration is to get familiar with operating pressure systems in order to investigate…

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  • What Is A Sensitive Component In A Barometer That Measure Absolute Pressure Of The Air

    airspeed. DIFFERENTIAL BELLOWS – popular instrument mechanism used to measure absolute, differential, or gage pressure. 3 Temperature Measuring Instruments * Non Electrical measurement * Used for measuring outside air temp. And oil temp. In small gen. av. Aircraft. * Resistance * Electrical instruments for measuring low temperatures. * Thermocouple instruments * For measuring high temperature. WHEATSTONE BRIDGE CIRCUIT – used to measure temperature. 2 types of ratio…

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  • The Advantages And Limitations Of Gas Turbine

    (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and that's where I came in across this topic "The Gas Turbine". What is a Gas Turbine? Where are they being used? Why don't we have Gas Turbine cars out there for sale? How does a gas turbine work? I guess from my…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Fracking

    In many people’s minds, the term “Fracking” only applies to the controversial extraction process and the environmental impact surrounding that process. Hydraulic Fracturing or “Fracking” for short is a process where chemicals and water are injected into wells to breakup rock formations that have gas or oil trapped in the rock itself. This process is specifically used for developing and extracting oil and natural gas from shale. While most people have heard the term “Fracking”, very few…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Ice Skating

    Ice skating is a recreational activity that can also be a part of high level Olympic competition. It seems natural when watching someone on the ice gliding so effortlessly, but why is this possible? They are gliding on a solid surface after all. When thinking about solids, slippery is probably not a common word to associate with. However, in the case of ice this happens to be true. Looking at the properties of states of matter, properties of water, and experiments of water and ice, there is…

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