What Is A Sensitive Component In A Barometer That Measure Absolute Pressure Of The Air

ANEROID – sensitive component in an altimeter or barometer that measures absolute pressure of the air. -Sealed, flat capsule made of thin corrugated disks of metal soldered together and evacuated by pumping all of the air out of it. …show more content…
ABSOLUTE PRESSURE – measured from zero pressure or vacuum.
RIGIDITY IN SPACE – characteristic of a gyroscope that prevents its axis of rotation tilting as the earth rotates. This is used by directional gyros and gyro horizons.
HEADING INDICATOR – a gyroscopic instrument that gives the pilot an indication of the aircraft’s heading.
TURN & SLIP INDICATOR – a rate gyroscopic flight instrument that gives the pilot and indication of the rate of rotation of the aircraft about its vertical axis.
DEVIATION – an error in a magnetic compass caused by localized magnetic fields in the aircraft.
ATTITUDE INDICATOR – A gyroscopic flight instrument that gives the pilot an indication of the aircraft attitude relative to its pitch and roll axes.
GYROSCOPE – a small wheel with its weight concentrated in its rims. When it spins at a high speed, it exhibits two interesting characteristics: Rigidity in space and precession.
COMPASS ERRORS * Variation * Caused by the fact that the earth’s magnetic and geographic poles are not at the same location. In land this called declination error. * Deviation * Caused by localized magnetic fields in the
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MAGNETIC COMPASS - one of the simplest of all instruments and is one of the oldest
TACHOMETER – Indicates the RPM of the engine.

COMMONLY USED SYNCHRO SYSYEMS * DC Selsyn System * A coil od resistance is wound around form, and two wipers are driven by the device whose movement is being measured. * AC Magnesyn System * An AC remote-indicating system that uses permanent magnets for the moving elements and toroidal coils wound on highly permeable ring type cores for the stationary elements. * AC Autosyn System * Used for many of the same purposes as the magnesyn system, but it uses an electromagnet for its rotor.
SYNCHRO SYSTEM – A remote-indicating system in which the needle of an indicator moves in synchronization with the device whose movement is being monitored.
GAGE PRESSURE – measured from existing atmospheric pressure.
DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE – difference between two pressures.
MERCURY BAROMETER – most accurate instrument to measure to measure absolute

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