Brushless Dc Motor Physics Report

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Brushless DC Motor Physics Report.
Isaac Mills.

Motor: A machine powered by electrical current or the explosion of gases inside chambers that will provide movement for a vehicle.

When an electric current, magnetic field or external force acts on a coil found inside of the motor, it will provide force to it, thus causing the coil to move, the coil rotates on a half turn basis otherwise the motor is forced to stop and will not move.

The Motor Effect
Motor effect refers to a current carrying wire in place of a magnetic field, the wire experiences a force, instead of the magnetic field producing it. You can measure the force by using the formula: F=lBISinθ
F= Force. I= Current flowing through wire. B= Strength of Magnetic Field. l(L) = Length
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Brushes, coincidentally are used in brushed dc motors, as opposed to brushless dc motors, in which they are not used. there are two main types of motors, Brushed DC Motors, and Brushless DC motors. Brushes are the main reason why Brushed DC motors are in constant need of repairs as the brushes create a large amount of excess friction, thus meaning the brushes, commutators and armatures will be more susceptible to damage

Key parts of a brushless DC Motor

Why use a Brushless DC Motor?
A Brushless Dc Motor is far superior than its Brushed counterpart as, which you can guess by its name, It is Brushless. This is beneficial because as there is the less amount of parts, meaning that it is less prone to malfunction, meaning that it can operate for a longer amount of time without being maintained. This means it is more reliable, meaning that it is prefered when installing it in a high use machine.

Brushed Vs Brushless

Fewer Ways for Motor to Fail (No brushes, or an physical
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More Costly
More Reliable

Cheaper In long run

Left hand Rule

The Left hand rule applies to the current in a conductor that generates a magnetic field. The left hand rule is used for determining the forces in a motor. The thumb is used to determine the force of the current. The index finger is used to determine Magnetic or electrical current as well as other flux in the system. And lastly, the middle finger is used to find out the direction of the force.

To Conclude, throughout this report i have demonstrated the purposes of Motors, as well as describing the differences between the Brushed DC Motor, and the Brushless DC Motor. I have also gone over the advantages of using the Brushless Motor over the Brushed Motor. The reason why DC Motors are used in computers is simple - They are quieter, and more

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