Magnets Research Paper

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Magnets are one of the fundamental items in physics. This paper is meant to provide a general overview of magnets and their uses, as well as an in depth look into certain aspects of magnetism and how they relate to everyday life.
Most images of a magnet come to mind as a tiny object used for hanging things on a refrigerator. But other applications are much more useful in our society in general. They are used in all kinds of speakers, in many computer parts including hard drives (for recording and reading purposes) and LED monitors to assist in image stabilization; they can be found in cell phones, car parts and most recently the hope for high-speed transport known as a hyperloop.
Perhaps a more common use that is taken for granted is the magnetic
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Permanent, temporary, and electromagnets. Permanent magnets are the most common ones. Once they are magnetized they stay so (although they can lose much of their magnetic force). They can be metals found in nature. Temporary magnets hold the properties of a magnet while in a magnetic field, but lost these properties once the field goes away. An example of this would be a paper clip that is charged and can act as a magnet for a limited time. Electromagnets are wires wrapped around a metal center (usually iron). The wires have a current flowing through them. An example of this would be a nail with wires wrapped around it connected to a battery. The nail would then be able to pick up metallic objects.
As mentioned earlier, it is important to note that these magnetic fields always travel from the north pole to the south pole. Magnetic fields always radiate out of the north pole and magnetic fields always go in to the south pole. We define a magnetic field with the symbol B. The direction of the magnetic field B at any location is the direction in which the compass needle points at that
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Electromagnetic waves (which naturally involve magnetic fields and electric fields) are predicted by Maxwell 's equations. These equations are I. Gauss ' law for electricity II. Gauss ' law for magnetism III. Faraday 's law of induction IV. Ampere 's law.
The reason the electromagnetic fields is mentioned is so that discussion of the energy in electric and magnetic fields can be addressed. We know both fields store energy. Electric fields store energy in capacitors and magnetic fields store energy in inductors. The equations for the energy densities are shown below.
One thing that nature abhors more than anything is asymmetry. Everything has a propensity to try and attain a state of equilibrium. This is why many scientists believe very strongly that there are such things as magnetic monopoles. If a dipole is able to exist, it would stand to reason that a monopole would be present somewhere as well. As to date, however, a single magnetic pole has never been found naturally occurring. One of the reasons they are so hard to find or make is shown below. As the pictures show if you take a magnet, say a bar magnet, and cut it in half, instead of getting a south pole and a north pole, we are left with two new

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