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  • Brushless Dc Motor Physics Report

    Brushes, coincidentally are used in brushed dc motors, as opposed to brushless dc motors, in which they are not used. there are two main types of motors, Brushed DC Motors, and Brushless DC motors. Brushes are the main reason why Brushed DC motors are in constant need of repairs as the brushes create a large amount of excess friction, thus meaning the brushes, commutators and armatures will be more susceptible to damage Key parts of a brushless DC Motor Armature Commutator Why use a Brushless DC Motor? A Brushless Dc Motor is far superior than its Brushed counterpart as, which you can guess by its name, It is Brushless. This is beneficial because as there is the less amount of parts, meaning that it is less prone to malfunction, meaning that it can operate for a longer amount of time without being maintained. This means it is more reliable, meaning that it is prefered when installing it in a high use machine. Brushed Vs Brushless Brushless Brushed Fewer Ways for Motor to Fail (No brushes, or an physical…

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  • Electro Mechanical Actuator Case Study

    How Electro-mechanical Actuator Works? A Rotary Electromechanical Actuation system with an Electric Motor, a gear box & an elastic spring to absorb peak torque loads experienced during operational life. The Schematic below describes the system. Fig. 1.1 Rotary Electro-mechanical Actuator Gearbox Requirements: The Gear Box at the Motor Output is intended to amplify the torque output of the Motor with reduction in speed. The tentative ratio is set at 10:1. Functional Requirements of…

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  • Case Study: Direct Current (DC) Motors

    The electric current and the magnetic field will therefore interact resulting to a force, which pushes the coil to move in its direction. Figure 2: Torque production in a DC motor (Hambley et al., 2008) In a real DC motor, there are many such coils wounded on the rotor, and they will all be pushed in the direction of the force causing their rotation. The current flowing in the coil is directly proportional to the magnetic field produced and sequentially the rate of the motion. In…

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  • Brushless Dc Motor Effect Essay

    The coils are activated automatically one phase after the other by the drive electronics as organised by the hall effect sensors. This motor acts in a similar way to the three phase synchronous motors that utilise their own variable frequency drive. Contrast to this system, the Brushed DC motors use a rotating set of wire coils which is commonly referred to as the armature, and this acts as an electromagnet with two poles. A mechanical rotary switch known as the commutator, is used to switch the…

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  • Aci Acid Rain Research Paper

    electromagnetic induction which means that whenever a flux passing through the circuit changes, an EMF is induced in it and a current begins to flow (R.Nave, AC Motors and Generators). A generator consists of: 1. A magnet with concave cylindrical poles that create a radial magnetic field. 2. An armature which is a soft iron core with insulated copper wire is wound tightly around it. 3. Two metal slip rings that are insulated from each other. They are at the end of the armature and rotate…

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  • Compare The Construction And Operation Of A Ni-Cad Battery With A Lead-Acid Battery

    are all connected in one complete loop (a series circuit) (Wood.D,2003). It occurs when resistive and inductive are equal in magnitude however it cancels each other because they are 180 degrees apart in phase. When Appling alternative voltage to an inductor, capacitor and resistance Q3.Describe the construction and operation of a brushless ac generator. What are the advantages of this design? a/ construction: Figurer.2 shows the component of AC brushless generator. The AC brushless…

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  • Sun Autoelektrik Case Study

    rigorous quality control as per industry norms to meet OE specifications. Critical products are being tested by the special testing tools to check and make sure of the performance and durability. Technical drawings and details of all product components are maintained by the CAD/CAM techniques, to keep them update with specified norms. Sun Autoelektrik keep check on each and every part of company’s working to maintain our promises of best quality for our customers. Sun Autoelektrik is also…

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  • Youtube: A Few Competitive Forces Facing The Movie Industry

    This is an ongoing issue for the movie industry that they must battle head on. 2. The business model of YouTube is differentiation. YouTube came about when the internet speed was increasing and allowed to download larger files. Before YouTube there was no place really for armature film makers to put their videos so the world could see. They not only came out with a better product, but it was new at the time. There were other places where you could post videos, but there wasn’t a site at that…

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  • Chapter 4: Modelling Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

    Cooling is required for the rotor as the magnetic material is sensitive to temperature [35]. 4.4 Mathematical Representation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator in Machine Variables Fig. 4-1 (a) and 4-2 (b) shows a their phase two poles PMSG and its equivalent circuit respectively. It has 3 phase Y-connected stator windings and a permanent magnet in the rotor. The stator windings are identical windings displaced 1200, each with a turns number of Ns and resistance Rs. For our analysis we…

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  • Chokwe Mask

    left was used during the inauguration ceremony of the king. The ceremony is an important investiture event. During the ceremony sacrifices are made to the ancestors. According to Chokwe belief, ancestral spirits play the crucial role of providing for living descendants. The ancestral characters also protect the peoples from intruders or evil (wanga) supernatural elements. The Chokwe people influenced the art of many neighboring tribes, including the Lunda, Mbunda, Lovale and Mbangani. The most…

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