M03 Case Study: Hypertensure Is A Cardiovascular Disease

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Yocasta Mercedes
Xiaopeng Zhou MD MED 115-M03
Summer 2015


Is a cardiovascular disease, in which the blood pressure is abnormally high. For a person be Hypertensive the blood pressure has to be higher than 140 over 90 mmHg, this means the systolic reading is over 140 mmHg or the diastolic reading is over 90 mmHg.
The blood pressure, in mmHg:
 Normal blood pressure is less than 120 systolic and when the diastolic is less than 80.
 Prehypertension is 120 to 139 systolic or when the diastolic is 80 to 89.
 High blood pressure stage 1 is 140 to 159 systolic or 90 to 99 diastolic
 High blood pressure stage 2 is 160 or higher systolic or 100 or higher diastolic
 Emergency care needed is when blood
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Your sleeve comfortably rolled up.
Mercury sphygmomanometer: is the most accurate and less prone to errors. To use a stethoscope is required.
Sphygmomameter air: Is the most widely used and is also a necessary instrument. Also you need a stethoscope for use.
Electric Machine: It widely used for self-control, no need stethoscope that carries a pulse detector built and is easy to use. However, it is very sensitive to noise and movement apparatus, so that the values obtained are accurate, it is necessary that the arm does not move and did not speak. It is important that the machine is in good codition and is regularly reviewed.
Hypertension can affect you health in four main parts:
Hardening of the arteries: the pressure inside the arteries it may cause thickening of the muscles who use the arterial Wall to narrowing the arteries. If a blood clot blocks blood flow to the heart or brain, it can cause a stroke.
Enlarged heart: The high blood pressure make the heart to work more. Like any other muscle in the body that overwork. The heart get bigger to performe the additional work. The bigger the heart, more oxygen-rich blood needed, but les sable to maintain adequate

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