Internal combustion engine

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  • Diesel: Internal Combustion Engine (SI)

    The NOx Problem 1. History of Diesel The diesel engine is a Compression Ignition (CI) Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) that was invented by Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer in 1892. Unlike a Sparked Ignition (SI) engine, Diesel designed the engine to run on vegetable oil, more specifically peanut oil. 2. CI vs SI, the difference As its name suggests, the CI engine’s ignition of the air-fuel mixture is caused by the mechanism compression rather than a spark from a spark plug of SI engine. This difference of operation gives very different characteristics to these engines and thus allows the CI run more efficiently by having a higher compression ratio. 3. Its strength is also its weakness: NOx is a challenge for Diesel Due to the higher compression ratio of the CI engine (14 to 23…

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  • The Advantages Of Electric Cars

    cars are the future, this however is not the solution. Electric cars are making progress admitting, however they are still lacking practicality as well as affordability. Despite the fact electric cars produce zero emissions, they are not a suitable replacement for internal combustion engines for the sheer fact that electricity still requires a production source behind the outlet, moreover, battery technology is not advanced enough yet. Relying solely on electricity has numerous drawbacks. The…

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  • The Impact Of Electric Vehicles In Today's Society

    2304). When looking at the environmental impact of these vehicles, it is important to consider their whole life cycle: whether it is the increase in battery production to supply the electric cars or the impact of extraction of natural resources to make the fuels for the internal combustion vehicles (Hawkins et al. 997). One study showed that Lithium-ion batteries do not have as great of an environmental impact as internal combustion engines as far as emissions from every day use; however, they…

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  • Hybrid Vehicles

    A hybrid vehicle uses two or more distinct types of power, such as internal combustion engine and electric motor. While there are many types of hybrid vehicles, this paper will mainly focus on hybrid electric vehicles. Hybrid cars are a combination of electric and gas powered engines, and combine the best of both to be much more practical than just a simple gas powered or fully electric car. In the world today there are hundreds of ways to travel, like trains, planes, boats and cars. The most…

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  • Growth Of Electric Cars Essay

    traditional combustion engined cars. The combustion engine overtook the electric engine in popularity due to being more convenient to refuel and Henry Ford mass producing the Ford model T. This leads to internal combustion engined cars to be very cheap. In present time, internal combustion engines still triumphs over the electric car, but they are becoming more mainstream as people around the world are becoming more concerned about the effects of global warming. Electric engines with their…

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  • Henry Ford's Use Of The Assembly Line

    is still being improved on. Another big effect the automobile had was the creation of the American automobile culture. The mid 1900’s were all about automobiles, with automobiles being the status symbol of the time. The ability to travel long distances cheaply, quickly, and easily also led to people being able to spread farther and farther apart (“The Automobile – Effects”). This even led to an increased migration of people moving to the suburbs and urban areas. Despite all these great…

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  • Accomplishments Of Rudolf Diesel

    Introduction “The automobile engine will come and then I will consider my life’s work complete” – Rudolf (izquotes, n.d.) Now common place everywhere, automobile engines are small achievement on the list of accomplishments for Rudolf Diesel. The inventions he made helped shape the world we live in today and possible our future. Rudolf Diesel, his name is now synonymous with the invention he made but also engineering itself. Diesel was the first man to patent the diesel engine and the first to…

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  • Fuel Assessment Research Paper

    Fuel assessment I am investigating the implications of the use of carbon compounds as fuels on humans and/or the environment. I am going to investigate three fossil fuels which are Petrol, Diesel and Ethanol. Petrol is a light fuel oil that is obtained by distilling petroleum and is used in internal combustion engines. Petrol is a fossil fuel which can be known as a natural gas, petrol can also be referred to as propane. Propane is liquefied petroleum gas, its a product of both crude oil and…

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  • Differences Between Hybrid Vehicles

    What if I told you, you could get over 100 combined miles per gallon in your vehicle? This is true if you acquire the Hyundai Ionia electric. Technology has allowed this to be feasible for us, but there are many differences between hybrid cars and fossil fuel cars. Some differences are how they operate, how their engines, energy sources and batteries work ,and the emissions they produce. After all we do view both types of vehicles on the road, but don’t you want to know how they are different? …

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  • C. I Engine Using Plastic Pyrolysis Oil For Low Nox Emissions Using Taguchi Method

    Parametric study and Optimization of C.I Engine Using Plastic Pyrolysis Oil for low NOx emissions Using Taguchi Method Abstract: Fossil fuel shortage and severe environmental problems have attracted great attention on the exploitation of clean renewable energies. The utilization of lignocellulosic biomass resources will play an increasingly important role in the future. The objective of the study is to optimize the parameters such as plastic pyrolysis oil diesel blend %, injection pressure and…

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