The Advantages Of Electric Cars

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As the automobile industry evolves, the decision to find a new primary fuel source becomes increasingly important. Fossil fuels, coincidentally named, are an aging method of a power source. Many believe electric cars are the future, this however is not the solution. Electric cars are making progress admitting, however they are still lacking practicality as well as affordability. Despite the fact electric cars produce zero emissions, they are not a suitable replacement for internal combustion engines for the sheer fact that electricity still requires a production source behind the outlet, moreover, battery technology is not advanced enough yet.
Relying solely on electricity has numerous drawbacks. The idea of plugging a car in, charging it up, only to be emissions free is a false eco-minded solution. That electricity required to charge the car still comes from a power generation source of some
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Practicality and affordability are arguably the most important features for the consumer. The alternative to a non-fossil fuel powered vehicle, without going full electric is the hydrogen fuel cell car. Hydrogen fuel cell cars have a pump and go method of operation, moreover, they are not plagued by battery range and lifespan setbacks that electric cars are. Although, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are plagued by a lack of infrastructure as electric cars are, as well as, higher price tags compared to their internal combustion engine rivals. These setbacks may be overcome just the same as with electric cars over time, leaving the benefits much greater than a solely electric powered car. In fact plans are already in work to set up infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles “California Fuel Cell Partnership has plans for 40 stations to operate by the end of 2016 and 100 by 2020”(Can Toyota Overtake Electric

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