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  • Athlete Dying Young Poem

    “To an Athlete Dying Young” & “Ex-Basketball Player” In Both, “To an Athlete dying Young” and “Ex basketball player”, We experience several poetic devices that compare and contrast eachother in these fairly similar poems. In the poem written by John Updike, “Ex-Basketball Player”, Flick a fictional character is stuck in a loop and his daunting past wrecks his current future. In this poem flicks past shows a young basketball player is praised for setting several records and being a country legend, but when his renown fame dissipates he is left with nothing to do, due to his lack of focus in high school and determination to be the best player. Hence his distractions in the past we observe him being a tall guy next to five idiot pumps this is taken as imagery and we can interpret this as him working at a gas station.…

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  • Ex Basketball Player Analysis

    When I first saw the title of this poem, I automatically knew it was going to be about someone that use to play basketball, but I never knew the guy in the poem would end up the way he did. This poem is about an ex-basketball player, named Flick Webb, who use to be the best in his town. The third stanza talks about how he was an outstanding player and some of his accomplishments. However, the two stanzas at the beginning and the two stanzas at the end tells the life of the basketball player…

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  • Edmonton Grads Analysis

    known as the Edmonton Grads. They were a women’s basketball team in the 1920’s until the mid 1940’s and they originated in Edmonton, Alberta, hence the name. This photo was taken in 1923, after the Grads won the Underwood International Trophy. The team roster of 1923 was Dorothy and Daisy Johnson, Noel Robertson, Winnie Martin, Eleanor Mountifield, Nellie Perry and Connie Smith. The head coach of the Edmonton Grads was J. Percy Page, originally a teacher at McDougall High School. This photo…

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  • John Updike's Poem Ex-Basketball Player

    closer and closer to the sun. His wings began to melt from the extreme heat and he started to fall from the sky to his death in the now named “Icarian Sea.” The reason I bring up this story is to show the how happy and free Icarus was for a moment but ignoring reality and what “could be” he fell from the sky and reality struck soon after with his death. In John Updike’s poem “Ex-Basketball Player” we are introduced to the world of Flick Webb and his life. We get a brief description of his area,…

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  • 94fifty Basketball Technology Analysis

    94Fifty Bluetooth Smart basketball. Named after the dimensions of a college basketball court, contains a nine-sensor gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass device that is miniaturized and totally concealed within the ball. It is the first smart basketball and was released March 2013. This computerized basketball looks and feels like a regular basketball. It is made of synthetic leather, waterproof, and meets the regulation size and weight required but is loaded with technology. The designers…

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  • Creative Writing: The Berserk Family

    This didn’t surprise you to the least bit, you were well aware that he would pull something like this to favorite his favorite children, and you had tried to not let this idiotic stuff phase you but you sometimes got a little angry. You were known to be the best female basketball player in the small town you lived in, yet still the bald-headed man never once looked at you like he looked at your…

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  • Soccer Vs Basketball Compare And Contrast

    Soccer or Football as it’s known in Europe and South America, and Basketball both are sports that are played in Olympic Events, and they also played in high schools and colleges. Physical body contact is a part of these two games. Although that they’re played in different ages and they’re for both genders, the way that each game is played makes them have different fan bases. They both have different popularity around the world, and that causes a difference in the finical power. Soccer and…

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  • The Love Of Basketball

    what he wanted to do with his life. He didn 't have any passion for anything until he was exposed to the love of basketball through his older brother. It was then when he finally realized what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. “ Mom! Dad! I want to play on a basketball team just like Daniel, " said young Johnny. "Well what made you so interested in basketball all of a sudden," said Johnny 's Mom. "I don 't know, but there 's just something about this sport that…

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  • Love And Basketball Film Analysis

    My favorite movie is Love and Basketball. The way Sanaa Lathan plays the part of Monica is like they were one in the same. Hearing the name of the movie may have you thinking it is about the love of the game of basketball, when I'm reality it's about the love two high school kids have for each other and the love they share for basketball. Their love for basketball and one another are connected In a way. When they're on good terms they both have good games, but when every thing is wrong it…

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  • Golden Age Of Sports In The 1920's

    Because it became so popular so quickly. During the 1920's the NHL was formed for Canadian and American hockey players. The NHL became an instant hit because many people enjoyed watching the high paced sport. When WW1 had ended many soldiers were excited to finally watch the game. Hockey became a sport that every Canadian loved to watch. Hockey is considered to be a part of the Canadian Culture. In the 1920's, the sport of basketball became popular due to many unemployed men. Unemployed males…

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