International Court of Justice

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  • Maintain International Order

    In 1996, the International Court of Justice extended an Advisory Opinion as a response to the inquisitive anomaly between international states, organizations, and special agencies. The General Assembly (GA) and World Health Organization (WHO) were the contributors of the question regarding the “Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons by a State during Armed Conflict.” Agencies such as these rely on political actors in order to function as organs in maintaining International Order. These international agents are often referenced as International Governmental Organizations or IGO. It would appear that they maintain International order through their granted authority derived from established norms. Essentially, their ability to request opinions on a…

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  • Doctrine Of International Law Essay

    as the doctrine of international law of sources refers that the two means in making international law the first being international agreements i.e. treaties and the second state practices accepted as law i.e. “Federal regulations, Federal court decisions, testimony and statements before Congressional and international bodies, diplomatic notes, correspondence, speeches, press conference statements, and even internal memoranda” (Janis 50). This was expanded upon by article 38 in the ICJ creating a…

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  • International Law Vs Realism

    International law is a broad body that operates within an anarchic system. It contains two sections of law as well as a multitude of organizations that work within the laws. These laws also are enforced, or attempted to be enforced, by international courts in which states hold each other accountable for their actions. International law contains two types, public and private. Public international law is legal norms such as treaties that apply to interactions between states or states and other…

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  • Case: Would It Help The ICC If A New Asian Criminal Court

    10. Would it help the ICC if a new Asian Regional Criminal Court will be created? Could such a new court harm the interest of the ICC? In my opinion, creating a new court would not help the ICC, rather it would harm its interest in a way that it would totally undermine the judicial powers of the ICC. 11. Can the facts exposed by the ICC help to improve the international community even if the ICC itself doesn 't put many criminals in prison? Even if the facts are exposed by the ICC, it would…

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  • Case Analysis Of Facebook

    Due to its ground breaking nature, the database is an intellectual creation and is protected under the WIPO Copyright Treaty per article 5. Furthermore, the company is based in America and should only have to comply with U.S. regulations. It would be unreasonable for another state to interfere with the sovereign and domestic law of the United States. To do so would be a violation of the United Nations Charter Article 2(1). Under 1 U.S.C. § 1 any Act of Congress that uses “person” and “whoever”…

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  • Promotion And Enforcement Of Human Rights

    Certain measures have been implemented to deal with the promotion and enforcement of human rights on an international level. Those bodies that are not able to enforce decisions or laws primarily deal with the promotion of these rights. These include non-legal responses such as the media and non-government organisations. They must work in conjunction with courts and tribunals that do have adequate power to enforce their findings although these are often very costly options. Each response has at…

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  • Who Shall Be Judge Jamie Mayerfield Analysis

    In “Who Shall Be Judge?: The United States, the International Criminal Court, and the Global Enforcement of Human Rights,” author Jamie Mayerfield breaks down international crime by discussing topics such as: the United States dispute with the International Criminal Court (ICC) on a proper model to achieve human rights enforcement to the various controversies that have stemmed from the International Criminal Court. The International Criminal Court was ratified by sixty countries in 2002, and…

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  • The Importance Of The ICC

    The International criminal court was created to create peace in the world by enforcing law and arresting those guilty of crimes again human rights. The ICC is not only for third world countries, dictatorship ruled countries, war ridden countries; it is also for first world countries. ICC attempts to or catches criminals that revoke human rights by enacting in illegal activities; such as LRA militants that take children from their homes, make them pick up guns and kill their parents. In third…

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  • Self Interest In International Tribunals

    Self Interest in International Courts and Tribunals International justice and law is a tool used by powerful states directed against smaller states. I would go even further and argue that international bodies, when controlled by powerful states, is a tool meant to intervene specifically in conflicts where those same powerful states could benefit. International tribunals, specifically the ICC, have motives that make the pursuit of justice desirable. Through the lens of a realism, I see the ICC…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of The International Criminal Court

    ratify, the Rome Statute of the International Court (Plessis, 2007). South Africa was one of the earliest supporters for setting up the court that would be known to try extreme cases of human rights violations. The International Criminal Court (ICC) was in fact created to take care of any atrocities and punishing them within the international borders, ones that cannot be dealt with within their own territories. The ICC stands as a last resort to any criminal events still standing, within the…

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