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  • Compare And Contrast The World State And The United States

    Laila Elgayyar In the World State, people lead “happy” oblivious lives with laws they chose long ago when they were plagued by war. While they might not realize what they are missing now, they are happy behind their wall of ignorance which they had chosen to build. Alternatively, people in the United States lead lives that can be sometimes filled with hardships and for some even misery. However, their lives of hard work can be rewarding for those who strive and work for a better future. United States’ citizens enjoy many freedoms (many taken for granted) and choices not available to people in the rest of the world. On surface the two societies seem complete opposite. However that is not the case. The World State and the United States…

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  • What Is My Journey To The United States State

    I come to The United State, I was thinking everything for me is novel and amazing also this is my first time abroad. First, I lived in Irvine, California. My aunt came to America two years ago, so my parents agree me to study abroad. I went to many places in California with my aunt and cousin before I went to University of California, Riverside extension. Such as I went to Santa Monica beach it’s one of the famous beaches in the world. There are so pretty and comfortable. Then I went to Yosemite…

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  • Blue State Rich State, Poor State By Andrew Gelman

    The premise of the book Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State by Andrew Gelman is to explain the divided red and blue color map that represents the way states vote in elections, Republican or Democratic. Throughout the book, Gelman presents substantial data, numbers and graphs, to show the voting trends of individuals, counties, and states as a whole. Analyzing all this information, Gelman reveals that how an individual votes relies on many factors that interplay with each other…

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  • Confederation Of The Thirteen States In The United States

    were diverging views from each of the thirteen states…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Nanny State

    There is always the conception that extensive rules and regulation which the Australia government placed among its citizens are slowly taking the personal freedoms to take risk away from the individuals. Although the restrictions placed upon its people have certainly help Australia government to earn its reputation as a ‘Nanny State’. It can be argued that we are not in the danger of becoming a nanny state as long as the restrictions are reasonable. This essay will focus on how the rules and…

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  • Rival Theories Of State

    The state; a universal form of political organization around the world, has many definitions. However people also have different opinions on what the state should be. There are several rival theories of state and each have differing views. These theories are the pluralist state, the capitalist state, the leviathan state and the patriarchal state. The two that will be discussed are the pluralist state which is based on Pluralism; a belief that power in modern societies is widely and evenly…

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  • Federal Versus State: Federal Vs. State

    Federal Versus State Many different aspects of governments go through power struggles, but sometimes it is which government itself is more powerful. The struggle between Federal Government and the state has existed since colonization. Both often feel that one should have more power than the other, but also are unsure which one does in fact have more power. Several events and documents have changed these standings over time in many different ways. One of the first documents created that gave…

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  • State Of Nature Essay

    The state is a system of authority over a group of people, usually in the arrangement of a formal government, meant to organize the people and resolve conflicts between individuals. This paper will explore the ways the state of nature justifies the creation of the state as the state of nature is the world without a government. The state of nature is the alternative to the state since it lacks a system of authority. Specifically, the Hobbesian state of nature will be used for this argument since…

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  • The Islamic State And ISIS

    In 1945, two nuclear bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the sole purpose of defeating Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. At the time, this was imperative, considering all the lives they took in order to fulfill their purpose of purging those who were not part of the “Master Race”. Nowadays, we see the genocide that occurred during the Holocaust as something that you read only in books. It is hard to comprehend that this actually happened. Yet, what we don’t realize is that it is…

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  • The Racial State Analysis

    Michael Burleigh and Wolfgang Wippermann. The Racial State: Germany 1933-1945. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991. Michael Burleigh is a Distinguished Research Professor in Modern European History at the University of Wales, Cardiff. Wolfgang Wippermann is a Professor of Historyat Freie Universitat, Berlin. Burleigh’s and Wippermann’s book, The Racial State: Germany 1933-1945, documents the link between Nazi policies and ideals, with focus on racialism as the most important aspect…

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