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  • State And Federal Governments: State Vs. State

    The Federal versus State governments hasn’t been equal since the writing of the Constitution and is still going on present day. The state and Federal governments have been affecting lives since the beginning. The constitution granted the Federal government with more superior powers, while the state governments have the lower side of powers compared to the federal. There has been a court case which reduced the states powers, Such as in Sturges v. Crownshield, where the chief justice John Marshall let the states pass bankruptcy laws but couldn’t be applied to debts brought upon oneself before the ratification of the law. John Marshall had many cases which reduced the power of the states. Nullification also played a role with the feud between…

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  • Girls State Reflection

    the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Maryland Girls State program was an eye-opening occasion. I went to Girls State knowing little to nothing about the government in the state of Maryland. I had no interest in running for any type of government office. Girls State was originally just a place to get away from my parents for a week, but once I got there I realized it was so much more. The first day was not a full day because of registration but it felt like it because of all the…

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  • World States Vs United States Essay

    the World State, people lead “happy” oblivious lives with laws they chose long ago when they were plagued by war. While they might not realize what they are missing now, they are happy behind their wall of ignorance which they had chosen to build. Alternatively, people in the United States lead lives that can be sometimes filled with hardships and for some even misery. However, their lives of hard work can be rewarding for those who strive and work for a better future. United States’ citizens…

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  • Communist State Vs Islamic States Essay

    Comparison between an Islamic state and a Communist state. Islamic State The basic principles of Islam are that human beings must, individually and collectively, surrender all rights of lordship, legislation and exercising of authority over others. The main characteristics of an Islamic state are God is the ultimate sovereign: God alone is the real sovereign; all others are merely his subjects. No person, class or group, not even the entire population of the state as a whole, can lay claim to…

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  • State Memorial History

    New Berlin United’s season ended after losing 1-3 in the State Semifinal game against Catholic Memorial. United lost the first two sets 17-25, 20-25 but gained some momentum and took back the third set by winning 25-23. Catholic Memorial came back and won 25-19 in the fourth set. After winning this game, Catholic Memorial moved on to the championship game to beat Marquette and win the State Championship. Although they didn’t pull off the win, United didn’t perform poorly, according to…

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  • Welfare State Model

    The role of the state in the economy is a very current and debated issue. Should the government be narrowed down as an institution and an observer, or should it have an active role as a regulator and intervener? Especially the financial and bank crisis of 2008 raised the question of the government’s role within the economy – people wondered could the crisis have been avoided if we would have had stronger government intervention. Some people argue against a strong economic state, stating that too…

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  • State Band Festival Essay

    An unknown author wrote, “It’s only a failure if you don’t learn something.” State Band Festival, a big question revolving in our mind is should we go or not? Many things factor in this debate, but the pros outnumber the cons. We have to go to State Festival because it would benefit the students as a unique learning experience and the Lee High School Band is evolving. Going to State Band Festival serves a unique learning experience for the students participating in band. Going to State is not…

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  • In-State Manumissions

    emancipation, the state assembly of South Carolina passed yet another act aimed at curtailing the manumission of slaves in 1841. This time, manumission was banned out of the state. The 1841 act titled, An Act to Prevent the Emancipation of Slaves, stated the following: “That any gift of slave or slaves, hereafter made, by deed or otherwise, accompanied by a trust, secret or expressed, that the donee shall remove such slave or slaves from the limits of this state, with the purpose of…

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  • Separation Of Church And State In The United States

    Separation of Church and State When it comes to religion there are multiple beliefs and faiths. There are 192 nations in the world including the United States which all have their own faith and share them as well with others. Separate nations as well as religion has been around just as long as the other. The United States are a mixture of cultures and beliefs and causes many issues within its government. Formation of one’s laws should not be dictated on form of religion or the other. Religion…

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  • State Capitols

    United States architecture over the years demonstrates the variety of architectural styles, politics, religion and culture from the region but also from around the world. The State houses throughout the United States still all show some of these styles. State Capitols are known to be some of the most important and influential building types found in the United States. The architectural design must display the capitols wealth, location and culture from the surrounding region. These buildings all…

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