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  • Cultural Identity And Culture

    Race is associated with biology of human beings, whereas ethnicity is associated with the origin and culture. An individual coming into a society where his ethnicity and race is unfamiliar, an opportunity is open for both the individual and the population of that society to learn and get to know each other. It is imminent that the people of different racial backgrounds, especially multi-ethnic groups, will face all kinds of stereotypes when coming to a new society that is completely unfamiliar with the physical features, culture, traditions and world view of that ethnic group. However, that can be rectified with positive involvement and communication in different areas of that society. Individuals coming from various ethnic and racial backgrounds have an advantage, by representing themselves and their ethnic background into new societies through various platforms such as public speaking, active involvement in events and most of all direct interaction with the local community. Individuals can create a positive influence over the people of a new society by sharing knowledgeable content from their culture and explain how it relates to others, it will not only make sure that the society around them has gains understanding of their background but also help to form a mutual trust. There are many ethnic groups that are unfamiliar to the societies around the world and there is a high probability that misconceptions related to their culture or belief is present. However, it does not…

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  • Summary: Ethnic Identity Search

    Stage 2 - Ethnic Identity Search (Moratorium) The main process of exploration occurs in the second stage and requires the most effort to advance from. Phinney & Appelbaum (1990) described this stage an “intense process of immersion in one 's own culture through activities such as reading, talking to people, going to ethnic museums, and participating actively in cultural events” (p. 503). A person going through ethnic identity search is expanding himself/herself through interactions with…

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  • The Importance Of Citizenship In Modern Society

    citizenship within the nation-state. However, while state-building and nation-building went hand in hand in the past, there are obvious problems and challenges in drawing too tight a connection between citizenship and the nation-state because it is estimated that there are between 5000 and 9000 ethnic-cultural groups in the world, and only around 200 states, over 90% of which contain more than one ethnic group. (Bellamy 2008:71). According to this fact, the best way to tackle the pluralist…

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  • Contemporary Asian Studies Final Exam Questions

    Contemporary Asian Studies Final Exam (675)Question 1: In Anderson’s text, the comment made by Ernest Gellner defines the important difference between the falsity of the national identity in contrast with the “imagined’ national identity in terms of creating a nation state. After the comment made by Gellner is critically evaluated on the semantics of nationalism in regards to the issue of nationality as a being a false basis for nationalism, yet within Anderson’s own critique of this identity…

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  • Ghanaian Movement Essay

    decided to turn things in a different way which eventually led to a great struggle within Ghana. Nkrumah concentrated not only on the building of Ghana, but he was focused on Africa as a whole. Nkrumah’s idea of creating a union of African States of the sort didn’t find support among the majority of African countries. He was fighting for the liberation of Africa to create the United States of Africa, instead of focusing on the economy and affairs of the nation. He played a key role in the…

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  • Rhetoric Of Multiculturalism In Germany

    racial—descendent, as signified by unified language and culture that was most prevalent during Nazi times, made it almost impossible for Germany to rebuild a traditional form of nationhood, especially during the East/West division. Indeed, Joppke writes that West Germany had to rebuild itself upon the rhetoric of self-denial (Joppke 2011: 45). West Germany was a nation that was not a nation. In the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the “New” Germany was faced with the question of how to…

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  • Stereotypes In Diaz's This Is How You Lose Her

    When biologists look to determine whether two organisms are of the same species, one of the things they often look for is whether or not these these organisms can mate and produce fertile offspring. If they can, then they are considered to be of the same species. Humans are no different; however, when it comes to the actual act of sex, so much more goes into it than the simple ability to produce offspring. Sex involves an attraction, a connection, a spark, and, as Diaz and Alexie point out, it…

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  • My Identities Essay

    The identities I think about the most would be my race, ethnicity, national origin and socio-economic class. The 1st two I have thought about more and more in the last few countries especially in light of the publication of more and more African-Americans. As I see the media every day I feel like I am always reminded of it and how I have to always make sure that I act in a way that others cannot use to discredit my race or try to undermine my achievements to “oh you only got that…

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  • Economic Freedom Research Paper

    society on earth. There are ways, however, to improve conditions for even the poorest of the poor. There is a proven direct relationship between poverty and economic freedom. Each year the economic freedom of the world report shows that countries with high levels of economic freedom experience less poverty than countries with low levels of economic freedom. Furthermore, the intensity of poverty in countries whose economies are mostly free or moderately free is only about one-fourth the level…

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  • Ethnic Identity Stage

    In the beginning, there was only Adam and Eve, one people and one identity. At the eleventh generation came Noah’s and that was when we saw the first signs of different people groups. The people all spoke one language on the earth and when they tried to build a tower to reach God, God humbled them by confusing their language so that they did not understand each other and was forced to abandon the project. People dispersed over the face of the earth and hence we saw the separation of people, the…

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