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  • Supreme Court Case: Dusky V. United States

    2015). The standard for competency was set by the supreme court case Dusky v United States. Dusky v. United States was a supreme court case in which the defendant, Dusky, challenged the ruling in his original case that he was competent to stand trial despite an expert testifying he was not competent. The court overturned his conviction stating that the "record in this case does not sufficiently support the findings of competency to stand trial". The court then ordered a new evaluation, as well as a new trial if Dusky was once again found competent. According to the court, in order to be deemed competent to stand trial, a defendant must understand the charges against them, understand how a court operates, and must be able to aid his or her attorneys (Dusky v. United States 362 U.S. 402,…

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  • Supreme Court Case: State V. Fish And Hubbard

    The original case before it went to the Supreme Court was State v. Fish and Hubbard. A fight broke out between Fish and a man named Miller in a bar in Black Eagle, Montana. Fish was with a woman named Skelton who called her brother Hubbard to help. Hubbard also brought his friend Lodge to help in the fight. Miller left the bar and Skelton, Fish, Hubbard and Lodge decided to go to Millers house directly. Miller’s fiancé got home and Fish, Hubbard and Lodge heard Miller speaking to her. Fish,…

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  • Marbury V. Madison: Benchmark United States Supreme Court Case

    Marbury v. Madison was a benchmark United States Supreme court case in which the court formed the foundation for the exercise of Judicial review under Article 3 of the US constitution. The landmark decision of this case, defined the boundaries between the Executive and Judicial branches of the US government. Case Summary The case started with the petition filed to the supreme Court on February 11, 1803 by William Marbury. William Marbury had been appointed justice of Peace in the district of…

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  • Supreme Court Case: Harris V. United States

    of the court seizing it at that time was a legal obligation. Moreover, this type of seize is justifiable under the plain view doctrine and does not violate the rights given to the accused under the Fourth Amendment. Hendrix (2013) explains that “in Harris v. United States (1968), the Supreme Court established that anything a police officer sees in plain view, when the officer has a right to be where he or she is, is not the product of a search and is therefore admissible as evidence” (p.159).…

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  • Canada Supreme Court System

    The Highest Court and Final Court of Appeal in Canadian justice system build up the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court offers permission to over 40 litigants of appeal decisions annually that are rendered by the federal, provincial, and territorial appellate courts. The court gives the ultimate expression of the decision and application of the Canadian law. Besides, the lower courts abide by these decisions. The Supreme Court was created by an act of parliament in 1875. There are cases,…

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  • Government Censorship

    Any online communication is facilitated by multiple layers of intermediaries. Search engines, internet providers, hosting companies and social media platforms keep the machinery running for people to be able to tweet, e-mail or share photos with their friends. These companies are crucial fort the whole internet ecosystem. They are also a “weak link” through which governments can exert control over the supposedly unruly digital world. It’s easier to pressure digital companies then to go after…

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  • Case Of Not Criminally Responsible On Account Of Mental Dilemma

    For an individual to be blameworthy and criminally responsible for their actions, the accused person must have committed the actus reus and the mens rea. In the case of the accused pleading Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder (NCRMD), the court focuses on whether the accused had the mens rea while committing the alleged offence (Verdun-Jones, 2015). If the accused person did not know what he or she was doing was wrong, or did not appreciate the conduct or omission, the…

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  • Analysis Of EEOC Vs. Federal Express

    Federal Express (1995). A courier was harassed by a customer on her route. The customer made such comments as saying she looked better without any clothes on and repeatedly asked her out on dates. She brought this issue up with her supervisor who wrote to the customer asking him to refrain from ?any future conduct that could be perceived as offensive or intimidating?. The harassment continued and the whole building, not just the tenant was taken away from her route. The courts ruled in…

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  • Death Of A Salesman Play Analysis

    You would never expect a man with a similar background as Willy Loman’s children, to one day be a lawyer and present a case to the Supreme Court, but that is exactly what happens to Bernard. Willy went over to Charley’s house to ask for money to pay off his insurance, he ran into Bernard and has a whole conversation with him. Right when Bernard is about to leave for Washington Charley walks in and makes mention of the Supreme Court “How do you like this kid? Gonna argue a case in front of the…

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  • Medical Case Study: Chevron Provider

    The 18th century philosopher Jeremy Bentham defines moral standard as “Utility” requiring us to consider the consequences of an act for all those affected by it. His follower 19th century philosopher John Stuart Mill provided the principle of utilitarianism which states the right way to behave in a given situation to choose an option that produce the greatest overall good. In the case, the decisions Chevron made about Mario’s health problems were reasonable and well-supported by the available…

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