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  • Gambling In Alaska

    Gambling at the casinos is an enjoyable activity in most US states. Roulette is offered by a high percentage of the US state’s casinos, unfortunately, there are no land based casinos in Alaska that can offer table games such as Roulette. Even the tribal casinos which are available in other states that don’t allow commercial gambling are not present in Alaska. In fact, Alaska is considered to be one of the stricter states in US and excited gamers who like table games and spinning slots have to opt for the online casinos. The closest live gambling casino site in Alaska is an Alaskan cruise ship at sea. There are no online based Alaska casinos as well. They are prohibited as covered by their existing laws. All of the Alaskan online gambling sites…

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  • The Importance Of Gambling

    Gambling is the act of playing games of chance for profit or in simpler words, betting for money. Gambling has long ago become a norm for alternate entertainment throughout the world. This activity is usually played with pokers, slots, roulettes and cards whether in a casino or by online. Gamblers can also be found betting on a sport game. The question is why should we stop gambling? Yes, gambling is one of the shortcuts to get money. Moreover, if the players were professionals, gambling can be…

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  • Gambling And Stereotypes

    Individuals attending casinos do not necessarily imply they gamble; for example, they could be working there and trying to make an income for their family. Communities who disapprove of casinos do not realize the positive impacts these casinos can contribute to there communities. Commercial gambling within British Columbia has assisted with more than $1 billion of revenues to further fund health care, education and community programs across the province (Columbia, 2013). British Columbia also…

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  • Gambling Essay

    Gambling has been a part of America’s history as early as the 1600’s. The Puritans, still under the influence of the crown, were allowed to participate in lotteries to help grow the colonies. “All 13 original colonies established lotteries, usually more than one, to raise revenue. Playing the lottery became a civic responsibility… Lottery funds were also used to build churches and libraries” (Dunstan, 1997). As our country expanded west, the lotteries and casinos only grew more popular. As of…

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  • Pathological Gambling

    Gambling has had a long and deep-rooted history throughout time and even in the founding of the United States. Lotteries were used in the early American colonies to establish and fund themselves along with instituting famous universities, such as Harvard, Yale, and William and Mary to name a few. Beginning in the early 1900’s, states began banning gambling because of its association with corruption and violence. It has long been proposed that gambling from a Christian viewpoint is a sin…

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  • Gambling Pros And Cons

    Jorge D. Leon Mrs. Martinez English 3 3/31/16 Gambling “Casino gambling is colorful and dramatic and theatrical” – Steve Wynn is correct because there is so much more to casinos, and this is all made possible by gambling (Gambling Quotes). Gambling is a HUGE controversial topic, because they are the supporters who see all the advantages of gambling and the critics of gambling who say that it is a bad thing because it can lead to addiction and sometimes even depression. However gambling is a…

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  • Gambling Persuasive Speech

    Gambling In today’s society, gambling is all around us. It feels like there is a casino is almost every town. When there is not a casino to be found, there are convenience stores located in every town. Those are the stores with the scratch off 1-10$ dollar tickets and even have the Powerball tickets. Even when you are in your own house, gambling can find you. Log onto a computer or phone and gambling is right at your fingertips. In 1931 the first casino opened. Since then, there are over…

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  • Labouchere Gambling Strategy

    When playing any gambling game, players need a strategy. Not only does a strategy increase their chances of winning, a strategy gives players the opportunity to get organized. Also, it gives players the opportunity to add direction in their bets. Out of all of the betting strategies out there, the Labouchere strategy remains relevant. For years, numerous players use the strategy to the full out extent. Moreover, the Labouchere system uses a cancellation platform when players make their bets. In…

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  • Gambling: The Power Of Habit

    Wilson Mizner, who was an American playwright, raconteur, and entrepreneur, once said, “Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something.” This quote helps to understand the often results in a person’s life after getting involved with problem gambling. In the article The Power of Habit, author Charles Duhigg explains the outcome of Angie Bachmann as a gambling addict. Bachmann was a stay at home mom, then used gambling to avoid her tedious life. She became gambling addict, and was…

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  • Online Gambling Essay

    features as posted on gambling sites. While searching for sites which provide baccarat via HP, it is the right time for you to make online gambling agents by means of combination. In order to provide gambling account, there is no need for everyone to invest money. It is good to choose a bank account in Indonesia. Banks are already enriched with security feature while you choose the case of Indonesia. It is able to provide convenience under both deposit and withdrawal options. During…

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