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  • Pokemon Research Paper

    A bit of Pokemon history to begin, Pokemon has been around for twenty years. Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri and developed and released by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures or better known as a trio joint company Pokemon Company or Pokemon Company International. Which was not official until 1998. The first sets of games were released in Japan on February 27, 1996, under the name Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the Nintendo Game Boy. While it has been here in the United States under the name Pokemon a shorter version of the original name with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue Versions., Which came out September 30th, 1998. Preceded by the anime or Japanese cartoon, which came out on September 7th, 1998 to get kids in the United States…

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  • The Importance Of Gender As A Social Structure

    social structure. I took a trip to a Wal-Mart Supercenter with one mission; to break down their gender based marketing strategies and attempt to explain why they use these strategies and why society is accepting of them. If you have ever walked down the toy isle of any retail store, you have probably noticed a major difference in boy and girl toys, so that is where I started my journey. The current gender stereotype that women adore shopping is spelled out perfectly by the famous Barbie Doll.…

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  • Ender Character Analysis

    Here is an 6 years old little boy who is so intelligent everyone wanted to call him a weirdo or nerd, but he doesn't care what people say he is a little boy who hates who he is and thinks that he should have never been born and hates that he is a third child, he doesn't get any attention he is not the favorite, but here is this brilliant little kid who get chosen to go to battle school and become a solder this took him 4 years to show them that he is good enough to be a commander for the army at…

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  • Benefits Of Playing On Boy Sports Essay

    Girls have came up from low levels to have what they want and they have fought for what they want as well; so it would only be right to give girls the opportunity to play on boy sports if they want. Playing on boy sports might benefit the boys more than the girls and may even better a team that girls may play on whether its football, rugby, hockey and so forth. Girls playing on boy sports team affects not only the girl but the boys, the team, and the parent of the girl trying to fight for the…

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  • The Characteristics Of Liminality In The Challenge By Gary Soto

    In “The Challenge”, Gary Soto introduces Jose as a young boy who experiences a change in his personality as he undergoes liminality. Prior to liminality, Jose is a teenager boy who is ingenuous and has a lack of experience of loving a girl. Jose is naïve because he thinks that receiving perfect test scores will make Estela notice him. Jose is exited to show Estela his new grades in history class: “Although Jose received another A-plus for his history quiz, Estela did not congratulate him.…

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  • Prior To Liminality In The Challenge By Gary Soto

    Jose’s Great Dilemma Literary thesis statement: In “The Challenge”, Gary Soto introduces Jose as a young boy who experiences a change in his rite of passage in his personality as he undergoes liminality. I. Prior to liminality, Jose is a teenager boy who is ingenuous and has a lack of experience to loving a girl. A. Jose is naïve because he thinks that receiving perfect test scores will make Estela notice him. 1. “But when the quizzes had been returned and Jose bragged, ‘Another A-plus,’…

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  • Boyhood Organized Sports

    “Boyhood, Organized Sports, and the Construction of Masculinities” written by Michael A. Messner discusses the sense of identity placed upon boys at a young age that coincides with sports. Messner interviewed former professional athletes to understand the masculinities of sports on a more micro level. His article argues that organized sports are gendered institutions that are only there to make boys more masculine. This article argues that point very well though displaying the experiences of the…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Adhd In Schools

    cannot handle that. Boys are the ones who can 't do this. This is because school is designed more for girls and their behavior. Boys cannot sit still for an entire period, it is proven that they get lower grades, and they are not taught the way they should be. In school, boys are expected to sit still for almost an hour without causing any distractions. An article about ADHD (which is an attention disorder) says that 13.5 percent of boys aged three to 17 are diagnosed with this disorder while…

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  • The Gift Of Innocence In Chickamauga By Ambrose Bierce

    The Gift of Innocence As a child you never truly understand the gift of innocence, you are too focused on looking up at the greater things. In the book “Chickamauga” Ambrose Bierce illustrates a young boy getting driven into experiences he would never have dreamed of. Everything was harmless before his misery, just like life was simple before you grew into a young adolescents. Innocence is something you don't realize you have until you lose it. During our class reading of “Chickamauga” a young…

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  • Stuart Baum's 'The Boy Who Could Turn Into Things'

    “The Boy Who Could Turn Into Things” By: Faith Foster Look around the world, what do you see? People, of course, but who are they really? Everyone walks around with a face, a face that makes them look prominent. But, that’s NOT who they are. In the story, “The Boy WHo Could Turn Into Things,” by Stuart Baum, Brian, the main character, puts on a mask to be noticed the accepted and older kids. He turns into the other objects just to be noticed. He isn’t exactly popular, he isn’t noticed, and he…

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