Should Professional Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Could you imagine making millions upon millions doing what you love? Well that’s what professional athletes do. They make more money than they know what to do with. Professional athletes should not be paid as much as they are. The people and fans going to watch them and support them, can hardly afford a ticket. Don’t forget about the famous ballpark hot dogs either, but those will cost you an arm and leg. Of course, you need a souvenir so people know you were really there. It will all start before they turn 10 years old. A little boy picks up a bat and his life will be changed forever. He will be the first one on his t-ball team to catch a pop-fly and the first one on his little league team to hit a ball out of the park. This kid will be determined to become a professional athlete.
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Many athletes give to charities or have their own charities. David Beckham helps with the Unite Against AIDS Campaign, he also has his own charity that gives children wheelchairs who are in need. Albert Pujols has a charity that helps families who have down syndrome children (Scherer). Albert Pujols was a baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals and when the Angels offered him more money, he up and left St. Louis. A city that loved him. Pujols is obviously in the MLB for the money and not the love of the game. The athletes that stay true to their team and truly love the game they play and are not in it for the money, deserve to be admired.
People say that athletes deserve to be paid so much because they have a special gift, they are incredibly talented. What about the eighteen year old boy who has an incredible shot and a brave soul? Or what about the surgeon who has saved so many lives? Or the teacher who would do anything to help her students? Why don’t they deserve to get as paid as much? Athletes are great at what they do and I believe that they should be paid, but not millions of

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