Gamete intrafallopian transfer

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  • Infertility Advantages And Disadvantages

    involve biological eggs and sperm from the partners or it can be done through known or unknown donors. This form is known to be the most effective form of reproductive technology when treating infertility (In Vitro Fertilization). A second method of reproductive technology is ICSI, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, this form of treatment is most commonly used when infertility is due to a problem with the male sperm. The procedure is done by injecting a single healthy sperm into a mature egg, which is then placed into the uterus. This is usually attempted after IVF has failed (ICSI). A third option is a GIFT, Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer, this is a process in which the egg and sperm are combined in a laboratory, and inserted into the fallopian tube before fertilization as to allow for the process to be more natural. Another choice ZIFT, Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer, which is a similar process except the the egg is inserted after fertilization instead of before. These both used to be popular and more common methods of reproductive treatments, though have decreased in use with the success of IVF (Zaldivar). A fifth form of treatment is donor eggs in which, if a woman’s eggs are not viable, then eggs that have been donated from another woman can be used in one of the processes mentioned before and implanted in the uterus. Finally, there is the last form of treatment which is surrogacy, which is a process where another woman is the carrier for the pregnancy. Surrogacy can…

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  • The Importance Of Male Mates

    Male preference in choosing a potential mate is important knowledge for people trying to find a male mate. Research conducted by the University of Konkuk department of economics member Kitae Sohn indicates that the age of the potential mate plays a significant role in males’ preference, stating that men seek out younger mates. Claiming that the reason behind this is that men seek young women because they are fertile. Kitae Sohn explains reasoning behind this with results of the study in the…

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  • Sexism In Japanese English Textbooks

    This journal proves that the actual state of sexism in English textbooks used in Japan. The object of ten textbooks is published between 1989 and 1992, which is divided introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. This article examined the sexism from nine aspects: the number of female and male characters, the number of female and male sentences, main characters’ qualifications, the image of occupation, adjective usage, activities, pronounce of animals, others and original written year of…

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  • Male And Female Gamete Differences

    What is mate choice? How did it evolve and why does it differ between sexes? To answer these questions, we first have to understand what it means to be female and what it means to be male under evolutionary standards and how the two sexes contribute to reproduction. Under biological terms, a female is the sex that produces the ova or egg, which is the larger sex gamete. The egg is large because it contains nutrients and material needed for the development of offspring as well as the DNA of the…

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  • Parade Day Observation

    A Bird’s Eye View of the Gender Specific Parade Day Experience The following reports on the behavior of female University of Scranton student’s interactions and behaviors during the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade festivities, relative to their male counterparts. Reader discretion is highly advised. This study was conducted from the not so structurally sound observational deck of an old apartment’s window fire escape. The investigators consumed approximately two, twelve ounce Blue Moon bottles for…

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  • Courtship Behavior

    This study 's findings, while interesting - males with more complex copulatory courtship behaviours being more likely to influence female choice – may not be entirely accurate. Shuker et al. defined their measures of success as "copulation duration and mount duration" (2002); as outlined by Eberhard, these events do not necessarily signify fertilization (1994). However, Shuker et al. performed another interesting experiment with respect to copulation duration and the timing of insemination in P.…

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  • The Importance Of Sexist School Dress Codes

    Sexist School Dress Codes Changing clothes, embarrassed faces, and angry students have been a result of the dress code. All around the country, the school dress codes are getting harsher and harsher each year. Many of these rules have caused discomfort in many female students across the nation. The school dress code is unfairly directed towards females, it sexualizes the female body, and humiliates students whenever they get chastised for breaking the rules. As the school dress codes get more…

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  • Masculinity And Fitness Experiment

    Introduction At almost every gym today you’re likely to find a sanitary wipe dispenser placed around the gym to wipe down machines before and after usage. Most exercisers go to the gym to stay healthy or to get physically fit. But the question is do all gym users consider the health of others? This is an epic battle of the sexes to see who has the best gym etiquette. Will the men finally overcome the win, in this battle? Or will it be the other way around. The researcher wanted to determine the…

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  • Themes In Sylvia Sylviah's Mirror By Sylvia Plath

    Sylvia Plath had a troubled life. She tried to commit suicide once, but failed. She ended up marrying and having two kids, but the marriage ended in divorce. She later tried to commit suicide again, this time she succeeded. As seen in the poem Mirror, if we aren’t content with our reflection or focus too much on finding ourselves through the mirror, we will end up losing ourselves and never find happiness, just like Plath. We need to find ourselves without looking in the mirror, because if…

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  • Kleinfelter's Syndrome Research Paper

    In 1942, a doctor named Harry Kleinfelter, working in a general hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, documented abnormal symptoms in males that had not been cited before. Dr. Kleinfelter was treating males suffering from undersized testicles, gynecomastia, incomplete puberty, reduced body and facial hair, as well as other sexual developmental issues such as infertility, hypospadias, and cryptorchidism. The condition was named Kleinfelter’s Syndrome, though what brought about these symptoms was…

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