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  • Essay On Virtual Reality

    video games, however with film there are many problems that are ultimate detrimental to the possibilities of immersive filmmaking. Humans are natural storytellers and a key part of the appeal…

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  • Importance Of Software Developers

    and others immediately resume where they left off last night with their favorite game. Even though all of these people are doing different things, they all share one thing in common: they are only able to do what they are doing because of software developers. Software developers are people who design and program software that makes our applications and bundles of hardware function. I’m interested in researching this occupation because, as a child of the information era, I was exposed to several…

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  • Easy Code Collaboration Paper

    The internet and modern day computers have made the idea of productive team collaboration incredibly simple and efficient for many people. For software developers, technologies such as GitHub and BitBucket has given teams the ability to perform version control for their collaborative projects. The following proposal aims to give another take on software collaboration, utilizing the abundance of powerful computer and internet based technologies to help do this. This proposal, called Easy Code…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Business Model

    However, I have a particular coworker who I consider more of a key partner than others. He trained me when I first got hired and still helps me a lot when I have questions. I would be lost if I did not have coworkers like him who are willing to help me out. I run into walls where I have no idea what to do all of the time. I ask for help and that is how I learn and become a better developer. Also, it has been extremely difficult working full time and going to school full time simultaneously. I…

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  • Female Characters In Video Games Essay

    Video game popularity is rising each year. But with all the popularity people are noticing how few of games portray a leading female role. Even if a female character has a leading role, almost all of the females are portrayed with fantasy body types to draw in a crowd. These women characters deserve to have a chance to entertain gamers just like any other male character, but it doesn’t have to be where their body is drastically overhauled to look fake. These things degrade females not only in…

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  • Lightning Wild Essay

    MinBet: 40.00 MaxBet: 10.000 Bonus Round: N Free Spins: Y Gamble Feature: Y Can you play on Mobile: Y Software Provider: Novomatic Lightning Wild Review Novomatic is an online casino software developer that has certainly been around the block a few times over the years. Since launching in 1980 it has gone on to become synonymous with industry on a whole. Sadly, it does appear that the industry has been slightly unkind to this age-old developer, as it’s not been able to run off hit game after…

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  • LEGO Harvard Business Case Group Analysis

    company and the industry is based on trends that are constantly changing to the next big hit. The porters can also be used to better understand the make­up of the building block segment inside the toy industry. Porter’s Six Forces Analysis of the Building Block Segment Supplier Power ­ Low Low switching cost Cheap molds to mass produce building blocks Threat of Substitution High Video Games Outdoor Games Electronic Games Action Figures Dolls Threat of Entry Low LEGO…

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  • Personal Essay About Video Games

    Video Games Video games. You know, the games you like to play on your phone, or on your tablet. Those little games that you find almost no enjoyment playing, but just because you have to wait for the bus for another five minutes you open it up. Wither it is “Angry Birds” or “Trump Dump”, you have most likely played a video game. There are a million topics in the world to write about, but I have chosen to talk about video games. Why? Because I believe that in-between presidential debates and…

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  • AAA Studio Analysis

    Video games are the ultimate art form; with everything from music to complex stories and even cinematography, they bring more to the table than most other art forms. This form of art however takes years to create, and usually takes fifty to even hundreds of people from conception to release, these are AAA companies (Pronounced Triple-A). In the recent years, games have been surfacing being made by only a handful of people to even just one single person, these are the Indie developers. It is the…

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  • Diablo III: Video Game Analysis

    The game that I played and recorded a game log on was Diablo III. Diablo III is a popular action role-playing video game that was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The highly anticipated video game was first released for PC in 2012 and then rereleased on the major video game consoles in late 2013 and 2014. The lead designer of the game is Jay Wilson and he was assisted by other designers Josh Mosqueira and Leonard Boyarsky. This game exemplifies a lot of different aspects and…

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