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  • Essay On Women In Gaming

    Should gaming be gender inclusive? One could argue that girls in gaming is unnecessary and not nearly a problem, they’d be wrong. It’s extremely concerning that so few girls are into gaming. Being attentive to girls in gaming can prove essential, unless done in a derogatory way which can prove discouraging. Females in the gaming industry can prove helpful to both the gaming society and themselves. Their presence in the gaming community can be beneficial to everyone involved. With proper encouragement they can make some real changes. Without encouragement the opposite can occur. Discouragement can both chase them out of the gaming society and technology based learning. This can in turn limit their career options. Luckily, there are many solutions. There are many examples of how girls in gaming can successfully have a positive effect on society. Sara Grimes of Getting (More) Girls into (More) Games gives the example of “entire schools built around game design” (209). Girls were uplifted and inspired to get into gaming thanks to the efforts of the 3Gs: the Future of Girls, Gaming, and Gender. This made it possible for Katie Salen to build Quest to Learn. Quest to Learn is a school built around game design and basic education. With this tool of learning, students can both get a basic education and get a leg up in the competitive field of…

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  • Importance Of Gaming As A Hobby

    Gaming Is Just A Hobby Gaming is a hobby that I have been interested in since I was in elementary school. As a boy my family did not have a ton of money, but eventually we could afford a gaming system to entertain my two brothers, two sisters, and I. Gaming as a whole should be seen as just another harmless hobby, and not something to blame when people commit crimes or act a certain way. Being able to call myself gamer made me proud, until accusations of violence, immaturity, racism, sexism,…

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  • Case Study: Umbrella Gaming

    Implementation Once the database had all the variables set up, Umbrella Gaming is allowed to input customer data and run tests. Real customer data is needed for accurate analysis results. Umbrella Gaming should strive to obtain accurate data through an individual’s registration process, and tracking of online information. From this point on, the company is able to use the database to achieve its marketing objectives. For instance, Umbrella Gaming could run a one sample t-test to see the average…

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  • Essay: Why Competitive Gaming Should Be Considered A Sport

    Sports have been known as physical activities such as football, soccer, hockey, and baseball. Gaming has been around for quite a while now, and now people are trying to turn it into a sport. Competitions are held worldwide between professional gamers and have become a career for many. Anything that is requires skill and is competitive should be considered a sport. Organizations have been created with different teams for different games and have acquired sponsors to support them. Gaming should be…

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  • Droktarr: Video Game Analysis

    The clanging of my sword against the armor of my enemies rings across the field of combat. Surrounded by the carnage of the battling gods, I push forward with my friend Droktarr (Gage). To the left, the Norse goddess Freya blasts magical swords in our direction. On our right, the Hindu goddess of destruction Kali, is using one of her four arms to swing a deadly scythe towards us. Simultaneously, another of her arms is wielding a menacing trident. Death surrounds us. We dodge. We parry.…

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  • Are Video Games Becoming More Popular Essay

    Over the past few decades, people claim video games are becoming more popular; through personal experience I intend to tell whomever reads this why video games have become so popular. Through the years, video games have went through many different changes. A few of those changes are as follows: in video games now you can do more such as beating the game, scoring a high score,discovering the various types of games, relationships can be gained from games, the evolution of graphics, variety of…

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  • Male Vs Female Gamers Essay

    Ladies are not new to the world of gaming by any stretch. However, even in 2016, there seems to be a great divide in the gaming world between male and female gamers. It seems to exist partially to ignorance created by what I like to refer to as wacked out misconceptions of the lady gamer. I asked members of gaming groups that I am in, friends, co-workers, and every other random person I could think to ask…”What are some stereotypes you have or have heard about girl gamers?” I was not very…

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  • Video Games Feminist Analysis

    all around the globe consider video games as a mass media variant (Jackson-Brown). In the modern days, e-sports has created a big impact on society, since it was introduced to the public. Moreover, video games have their own competition sports that are now considered to have the same amount of fans as the sport hockey (Jackson-Brown). Video games bring people closer together like regular sports do. With the modern technology, many people tend to produce income over streaming or creating YouTube…

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  • Sympathy In Video Games

    them do see and are concerned with the underrepresentation of minorities in videogames, as well as the racism and sexism often involved in the production and gaming communities. Kimi Johnson acknowledged these problems during her presentation for the class, but she’s hopeful for the future of gaming. She pointed to indie games as a step in the right direction. This War of Mine requires moral decisions to be made and encourages empathy on the part of the player. This type of gaming encourages…

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  • Female Video Games Character Analysis

    Image Even some of the first characters like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man although they were not human, they were male. Games like Link and Mario Brothers also had principal male characters and a weaker female character that needed to be saved. Even more recent games include Splinter Cell and the remade Prince of Persia. This large disparity of strong female characters has alienated women gamers. However now female characters are becoming stronger and more equal to their male counterparts. New…

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