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  • Analysis Of Kernel Of Lies

    My personal role heading into the production of “Kernel of Lies” was essentially to handle all the post-production as well as some voice-acting. This involved several steps from bringing the script, storyboard and VO assets together, modifying the animatic’s timing based on feedback, re-recording some of the VO and sending it to the animators before editing all the material afterwards. I spent some time speaking with the animators about what was achievable in post-production and the best ways to reach an ideal result, with the next step being to receive the source files, colour grade them, run the graded clips through further effects, adjusting the timing and then re-synchronising with the animatic. I’d ideally like to extend the final result beyond 90 seconds, because the script was 3 pages long, and the result is currently very condensed. The first step was to grab the animatic from Bridget and convert it to a first-draft for submission. I only received the source files the night prior to submission so it was a bit rushed, though there was plenty of time to create something more usable for the animators. The images weren’t timed to any audio, so I had to manually synchronise all the voiceovers within the 90 second limit and I had to cut some of the frames because it would have been far too many scenes to animate. I then took the animatic as it was for refinement, cutting out some of the drawings, recording a fresh VO for Steve (Michael did the original performance) and…

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  • Color Analysis Lab Report

    Introduction In color reproduction, gamut or the color gamut is a certain complete subset of colors, which can be accurately represented in a given circumstance such as given color space [1]. In another words gamut literally means the total range of possibilities that can be accomplished from red, green and blue (RGB) for a particular device [2]. If certain color cannot be reproduced accurately there is a way how to calculate the color difference by adequately describing the color by numerical…

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  • Fukuyama's Argument Analysis

    one’s natural talents are all accidents of birth relegated to the class of nonessential characteristics.” Fukuyama also states that we make decisions ourselves based on our friends, work, or our loved ones. Humans are not humans based on physical appearances but how they react to certain events and the emotions they shows towards it. Emotional intelligence like respect and dignity, the feelings being shown to other people determines if the person is human. In addition, Robert Wright expands on…

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  • When Rain Clouds Gather Analysis

    When Uncas is caught by the Hurons, Hawkeye effects his escape and Alice's through disguise and all go for Delaware village where Cora is. Magua follows and demands his prisoners. Uncas reveals himself as a chief to the patriarch Tamenund, and Magua is allowed his only rightful prisoner, Cora, though the protagonists and the Delawares vow to follow and regain her freedom. Coming out of hiding in a beaver pond, Chingachgook and Munro join the ensuing battle, in which the Hurons are defeated.…

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  • Theme Of Alice In The Last Of The Mohicans

    James Fennimore Cooper, the character of Alice is presented in accordance with the gender roles expected of women during that time period, which can be seen in her personality, her demeanor, and the way her character progressed and grew throughout the story. Alice’s personality is shown in the story as this archetypal woman of the eighteenth century. She is portrayed as a weak and frail woman. This is seen in chapter 25, “Alice trembled violently, and there was an instant during which she bent…

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  • Role Of Deception In The Great Gatsby

    an avant-garde quarrel befalls, it cannot be eschewed. Hence, this forges a fraudulent actuality; which is what dallies within the delineation of the Encephalon of myriad individuals within the delineation of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Opening to everything, one of the supplementary exceptional illustrations of deception espied whilst actuality within the delineation of The Great Gatsby presupposes the inscription individual himself; Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby (withal overt existing…

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  • Walmart Situation Analysis Paper

    operate on all levels it is hard to pinpoint one specific competitor. They have both direct and indirect competitor by domestic regions (Jurevicius 2013).. Target and Costco are their direct competitors in the local and national market. Target is a direct competitor of Wal-Mart and Costco is a direct competitor of Sam’s Club. Target has expanded their market share with adding produce to their product offerings. Target has been utilizing the same marketing strategy as Wal-Mart (Jurevicius…

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  • Who Is The Protagonist In The Last Of The Mohicans

    Colonel Munro were to be escorted from Fort Edward to Fort William Henry through the woods filled with Indians. Throughout their journey they encounter a man named David Gamut who becomes on of their companions, also Indians and lot of fighting in the beginning with Magua being the cause of it by leading them on the wrong path. The mohicans try to capture Magua but manages to escape. Hawkey leads the group into a cave for safety after they got chased by Hurons and Magua. The next day Magua comes…

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  • Kitchen Granite Research Paper

    resilient and economical choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The term “granite” originates from the Latin root word “granum”, which means "grain." Granite is often brought in from Europe, Brazil, Africa and other areas across the globe opulent in natural stone. Granite is a gorgeous natural stone that will contribute color and cordiality to your kitchen. It is an enormously hard material that will not blister, scrape or crack. The solidity of granite is equaled only with the solidity of diamonds.…

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  • American Sign Language Problems

    the important information. Many children struggle with eyesight as well. If the teacher is writing the information on the board and the student can't see, they're automatically placed at a disadvantage. In this case, it's also important to make sure they get an eye exam. Once the eye exam is complete, they'll be able to get their right prescription and see clearly. 4. Home Matters If the home is a tumultuous war zone, it's hard for children to separate their home life from their school life.…

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