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  • Color Criticism And Differences: The Microstate Theory Of Color

    Color skepticism is the belief that nothing truly possesses colors, since they are merely appearances to the perceiver. Although this is a sole belief on its own, there are many ways in which people have attempted to prove its validity. Some points of view include considering the scientific process behind the perception of color, while others, through a scientific lens, concentrate on what color really is, including its potential properties. However, I believe that the theory that is the most logical and best describes color and its many natures is the microstate theory of color. The microstate theory of color supports that colors exist as microstructures on the surface of an object, rather than existing as a characteristic automatically…

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  • Theories Of The Tri-Chromatic Theory Of Color Vision

    Theories of Color Vision The visual abilities of human beings are incredibly fascinating. We can view a large range of color from a small choice of wavelengths along the electromagnetic spectrum, 400nm-700nm. Our understanding of this perception of color comes from two major theories Tri-chromatic theory of color vision and opponent-process theory. Both theories have their merits and one actually grew out of the other. The first theory proposed was the tri-chromatic theory. The tri-chromatic…

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  • Female Infanticide In Gustav Klimt's Hope II

    All of the women’s heads are bent looking down, their eyes are closed and their hands are raised as if they were praying. The difference between the pregnant women and the women beneath her is that we cannot see their bodies, only their heads and some parts of their arm. Instead of their bodies showing, there is a continuation of the patterns from the robe. Their hair colors differ, the higher women has blonde hair with a hair like accessory on top of her head. The women beneath her has long and…

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  • Nightlife Analysis

    exciting, dynamic, and purely their own” (Harlem). He expressed their culture by creating the piece, Nightlife, right after the Harlem Renaissance. To start, the vivid colors are what draws people’s attention at first. The paintings colors give off an energetic and joyful feel. The rich colors the artist uses helps set up the mood and tone of the oil painting. The mood is energetic and fun ,while the colors compliment and help set the uplifting and somewhat care free tone of the piece. During…

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  • Van Gogh Starry Night Analysis

    start, van Gogh’s depiction of a landscape is different and similar to what I thought a landscape would look like. I imagine a landscape to be sunny and have a pretty sky with bright colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows. Also, I imagine buildings and homes to be in a landscape. To add, green grass and rolling hills would be beautiful in a landscape. Basically, I think of a landscape to make someone feel happy. My thoughts of a landscape are similar to van Gogh’s because he has buildings,…

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  • Three Kitchen Jar Analysis

    ceramic piece is Shino-glazed stoneware with slips done in 1996. The jars are down in desaturated colors. Two of the jars are browns with a hint of red mixed in with the other jar being a crème color. There are imprints of a stick on each jar which were filled in with a rich brown. The jars themselves were created with a small neck on top but no other movement throughout, not even a visible base for the jars. This piece did not catch my ear at first viewing but I was intrigued by the name, Three…

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  • Brutus And Portia Painting Analysis

    care for each other. Brutus is going through a lot and Portia wants to be included in what Brutus is going through. She can see it is weighing heavy on his mind. Even though this was a time period where women were seen as less than man, Portia saw herself as better than the average female because she was the daughter of important people. Portia made many pleads on why Brutus should share his burdens with her, saying that if you do not share with me your secrets I am nothing more than a…

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  • Angela Wright Theory

    are the implementation of colors to promote a particular product or service. First introduced by ancient Egyptians in the sixth millennium BC, color has been utilized to capture one’s attention and to inspire emotions within the observer. Although a lack of scientific research exists, the research that is in existence supports color theory. It has proven that there are definite cognitive reactions that trigger emotions when various reflections of wavelengths are perceived by cones- and in…

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  • Pissarro's Painting 'Peasants In The Fields'

    painter that would draw from real life and always do landscapes and street side painting of what was around him to study how the color was affected by the time. The way climate, area, and time of day would be his specialty in his career. He was a great influence to others during his painting…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Funny Boy

    [11:09 PM, 10/31/2017] Funny Boy: The scene demonstrates us figures in a rectangular room with coffers on the roof and woven artworks on either side of the room. The room ends at three windows on end of wall and through the windows we can see the scene setting. the scene out of sight ends in a sort of misty, grayish skyline. This painterly device, in which the color of the horizon of the sky turns out to be more dull and dry, is known as aerial perspective and was utilized by Renaissance…

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