Fourier transform

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  • Color Analysis Lab Report

    Introduction In color reproduction, gamut or the color gamut is a certain complete subset of colors, which can be accurately represented in a given circumstance such as given color space [1]. In another words gamut literally means the total range of possibilities that can be accomplished from red, green and blue (RGB) for a particular device [2]. If certain color cannot be reproduced accurately there is a way how to calculate the color difference by adequately describing the color by numerical values. Delta E (∆E) is the mathematical difference between two samples and is computed as distance in CIELAB space between two colors. The CIELAB color space is used as the basis of most color difference systems because the axes of CIELAB are orthogonal, color difference can be defined as the distance in three dimensional space between the coordinates for two colors [3]. The aim of this project is to find the color difference between the two displays and visualize the gamuts. In addition to that an attempt to make color match between the two displays by applying matrix based ICC profile of the phone to the laptop was performed. Matrix-based profile carries out only two computations to convert data from one color space to another. The first is a (TRC) tone reproduction curve, which spaces out the input data evenly, avoiding bunching in the light or dark regions. The second is 3x3 matrix, which is used to multiply the RGB values to convert them into CIELAB or CIEXYZ…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 2 Bsk System

    2. QPSK: When a data is transmitted using BPSK technique the channel bandwidth required is 2fb. The QPSK technique reduces that bandwidth to fb. It is a multilevel phase modulation. In this two successive bits in a bit stream are combined together to form a message and each message is represented by distinct value of phase shift of a carrier. The QPSK signal is represented as. Since there are 4 phases it is called as 4-PSK or Quadrature PSK systems [6][7]. 3. QAM: QAM improves the noise…

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  • Filter Design And Harmonic Analysis In Power System

    devices. The presence of harmonics in power system is a major concern to power engineers for many years. Harmonics lead to industrial plant downtimes and power losses. Harmonic is the signal whose frequency is a multiple integer of the fundamental frequency. The highly non-linear devices are the sources of harmonics. Harmonic analysis is used to calculate the impact of harmonic producing loads on a power system [1]. The effect of harmonics on power system can be in the form of power efficiency…

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  • Lefloxacin Cocrystals Lab Report

    Drug content in cocrystals was determined by taking equivalent amount of the powder containing 10mg of levofloxacin, dissolved in 10mL of ethanol, shaken for 10-15 minutes and the volume was made up to 100mL using simulated gastric fluid (enzyme free) of pH 1.2. The samples were centrifuged and filtered through 0.45 µm filter, diluted suitably and analysed using UV-Visible spectrophotometer (Systronics, India) at λmax of 227nm. All observations were done in triplicate. Fourier Transform Infrared…

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  • Comparison Between STFT And SWT

    As discussed in the earlier section, wavelet transform of the signals is recommended due to the limitations offered by STFT. AWT (Analytic Wavelet Transform) provides suitable and adaptive time-scale and time-frequency domains. Zhu [15] found better results using AWT over STFT while analyzing the noise causing human hearing loss. AWT is a type of the Continuous Wavelet Transform that calculates the product of signals and complex Morlet wavelet due to which the resulting coefficients are complex…

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  • Jamal's Transformation In Finding Forrester

    potential. In Finding Forrester, Jamal, a talented high schooler, meets William Forrester, a hermit author. At first they seem to be two sides of the same coin, but as conflict occurs they rise above their fears and grow for the better. In chaotic confrontations, people’s faults become apparent, and they transform into who they really are. During confrontation, people realize their transformation into who they really are. Professor Crawford, the antagonist who could make or break Jamal’s…

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  • Justice In Teacher Education

    P. one student was uninterested in the activity because of the topics like superheroes, dragons, and wizards. So I went over and asked what she enjoyed and she shared about soccer. Therefore, for her I chose the genre of realistic fiction for the next round in the activity. Then had the students act out the characters they would find in a realistic fiction book about soccer. All of the students were excited and that student was smiling and engaged in the rest lesson. A small change due to…

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  • Transformation In Finding Forrester

    In Finding Forrester, an individual's growth and change depends on who is included in their surrounding environment; by seeing how others live helps one make a transformation into who that person will be in the future. People transform into better individuals by whom they involve in their lives. As the main character Jamal decides to take a dare from one of his classmates he breaks into Foresters home. When he breaks in he doesn’t notice that Forrester is still awake, he later finds out by…

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  • Jamal's Transformation In The Movie 'Finding Forrester'

    How is it that people can look around at other individuals and watch them transform right in front of their eyes? In the movie Finding Forrester people are able to watch many characters transform just due to the human beings around them. Jamal has a strong passion for writing but, is always looking for help to improve. William is a writer who has shut himself away from society. These two happen to have a truly unique meeting, Jamal breaks into William's apartment due to a dare, from this point…

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  • Human Nature And Family Transformation In Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

    In Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Gregor is not the only one who transforms but the whole family dynamic transforms due to his metamorphosis into a cockroach. Due to that transformation, there is conflict between family members particularly between Gregor’s mother and Grete, his sister. This transformation helps the readers see another view on human nature and family dynamics. From the start of the story, Gregor is transformed into a cockroach, which leads his family into conflict about how to…

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