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  • Mission Statement Of Apple Inc.

    technological companies need in order to stay viable. However, not everyone is open to new ideas from employees down the hierarchy. That is something Apple is leading on. On their corporate site, they even have a page on creating new ideas. They make sure that their company is dedicated to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. This is one topic they break down with a list of partnerships that they have with other organizations, college funding, supporting diversity in their supply chain companies that they buy from, to supporting the movement of more women being in the IT world. Along with innovation, comes social responsiability. Apple has a choppy past with it, as many feel that their work with Foxconn is not right. However, Apple is making waves by setting the example of being greener by using recylcled materials and using solar powered techonlogies to cut down on their carbon footprint. This topic is slightly buried on their corporate site, but can be found when you seek the About page. Global This is one area that is hard to find on their corporate. The diverstity tab does provide some numbers and facts about how they are working globally with different ethic groups and locations. However, it does not touch on fact that they sell their services across the globe, which was their point on this topic for the company mission. Technology Products Beyond their innovation of newer technology products, they do not seem to cover their…

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  • Abuse At Foxconn

    Q1. The Abuse at Foxconn From watching the video on the Foxconn abuse of workers it was easy to see the abuse that was being carried out on the Foxconn employees. The company has over 500,000 employees and supply 50% of the world’s electronic components. (Chamberlain, 2011) The factory is basically like a prison with the cramped living conditions and the military like security on the factory site for starters. Sometimes there could be 24 employees to the one dorm room. The research which was…

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  • Foxconn Case Study Business Ethics

    Foxconn Technology Group, Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturing company, earned US$136 Billion in Year 2016 (EBL News, 2017). However, behind this remarkable figure, employees were slaving away in factories. Foxconn’s workers are mandated to work a maximum of 60 hours weekly including overtime (Fair Labour Association, 2012). Yet some workers were reportedly working up to 14 hours a day, seven days a week (Forbes, 2016). Due to labour shortages and high employee turnover, the…

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  • Organizational Behavior Case Study: Foxconn Technology Group

    have cited all resources from which I used data, ideas, or words either quoted or paraphrased. Ronald E. Stewart This report analyzes the perceived negative organizational culture of the Foxconn Technology Group, the largest consumer electronics manufacturing corporation in the world with almost 1.2 million employees on multiple campuses ("Foxconn 2016 Social and Environmental…

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  • Apple Inc Case Study Essay

    share based on market capitalization is not strong enough to bargain against Apple since Apple can easily find another supplier to substitute the supplies from ADI. According to the Porter’s five forces, the power of supplier is determined by the number of suppliers and the uniqueness of supplier’s product. In this case, there are many other competitors and substitutes in the market. Therefore, ADI is not a powerful supplier. Another supplier of Apple to be discussed here is Foxconn, whose…

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  • FOXCON: A Case Study

    Tragedies at FOXCONN were due to poor working conditions whereby workers who took their lives saw suicide as the only escape from the horrific conditions they were subjected to. The factory made employees work for extended hours without any time for rest except for breaks to sleep or eat. In addition, the employees were paid poorly and worked overtime without pay. The Chinese government could have averted these tragedies by ensuring that companies, especially manufacturers accorded their entire…

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  • Donald Trump's Negative Impact Of Globalization On The US

    The parties involved in the different stages of supply chain may have conflict of interest. In order to minimize the cost, they will try to shift the cost to the downward parties with less bargaining power. As a result, supply chain will be lack of coordination. Without doubt, Apple has big bargaining power and may shift the cost to the suppliers and request them to set the factory near Apple. Foxconn and Pegatron are the two larger iPhones assembler in China. Foxconn complied to move in the U.S…

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  • Utilitarianism In Business Ethics

    In this case we are questioning if Apple and Foxconn are treating all their employees correctly. Human dignity is the belief that people have value in and of themselves, while things/ objects have value for the sake of something/ someone else (O’Brien). Human dignity would believe that Apple was unethical. Human beings have moral value simply by were human and not because of any purpose. “As a person, man is therefore the subject of work. As a person he works, he performs various actions…

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  • Fox Coon Case Study

    to be reviewed and changed in terms of employee health and safety. Without a proper employee relation to be established, the business operations of Fox Coon cannot be sustained for long. 4.1. Actions to Employee Remuneration Issue In order to be successful in an organization is necessary to identify the weakness of the process that affect the performance of the company and find out the solution for those. In the case of FoxConn where its employees complaint about their low salaries this…

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  • Business Analysis: Apple Inc.

    needed to be followed for their business relationship to continue. Nevertheless, it was not until the company began facing huge criticism from the world’s press, that they began auditing and assisting their suppliers in the implementation and enforcement of these standards. Apple’s Abuses in the Early 2000s Apple currently outsources its manufacturing to multiple suppliers in different emerging markets around the world. The company’s largest supplier is a Chinese based company…

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