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  • Example Of Improvisations

    Various prominent cells of the motive are articulated, particularly the interval of the major 3rd, which is passed around in various registers. At 2:19 a cell of the motive is used as an accompaniment figure in the L.H. At 3:35 the fuller melody returns in several tessituras. At 3:56 a small apotheosis of the theme occurs. At 6:23 a key change signals a more straightforward return of the entire melody, which soon fragments again. An unexpected entrance occurs at 8:12, where the motive makes a brief entrance, followed by further fragmentation. At 8:42 a melodic cell becomes an octotonic accompaniment pattern in the R.H., accompanying the motive in the L.H. Hints of the motive return around 11:23; then those hints solidify into clearer statements around 11:37, culminating in a full recap of the theme at…

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  • Lyric Poem Fragment 31

    People have tried to describe love in many different ways throughout history. Thousands of years ago Sappho wrote many love poems to express the impression of falling in love. Her lyric poem fragment 31 is a specific example that presents the inconsistent and complex emotions of lovers. In this fragment, when the speaker discovers that her loved one was chatting with an unknown man, she develops mixed feelings toward the man and wonders about her own encounter with her loved one. The honesty and…

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  • Personal Experience In The Song Fragments By An Unkindness

    Naturally, us humans can become scared. Fear can’t just be limited to traditional “spooky” things like spiders, as things like large crowds, adulthood, school and mental concepts terrify people. The most terrifying thing I’ve experienced, with my subjective fears in mind, was my all-too-sudden move from California to Michigan in late 2016. The song “Fragments” by An Unkindness, which I recently discovered, presents the fear I had with social perfection, rejection, and loss of relationships.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of DNA Profiling

    the identification process of suspects during criminal investigations. Despite the intention to do good, the concept of a DNA database is vulnerable to a number of complications and repercussions, affecting the government, general public and crime detectives. Biological Significance DNA Profiling is a forensic process utilised to identify individuals by the characteristics of their DNA. It differentiates from other forensic identification processes because it remains the same overtime, unlike…

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  • Dna Polymorphism Lab Report

    The experiments covered in this report are based on the topic of DNA polymorphisms, these according to Houseman (1995) are differences in the DNA that occur between individuals. The polymorphisms under investigation here are classified as VNTR’s (variable number tandem repeats) and RFLP’s (restriction fragment length polymorphism). The first experiment is concerned with DNA polymorphisms that are known as VNTR’s, sections of DNA which have repeated nucleotide base sections in which the repeats…

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  • Biotechnology Research Paper

    see how well a suspect’s blood or any bodily material is closely related to evidence that may have been found on the crime scene, DNA fingerprinting allows investigators to evaluate just how well they match. Established in all states, there are DNA fingerprint databases, which all states require the collection of DNA from convicted felons. In order to insure that the information is accurate, there is a procedure that has to be completed in order for it to be a reliable forensic tool. For proper…

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  • Vaccine Analysis Case

    Discussion When comparing the banding patterns of the crime scene to those of the suspects, the resulting gel indicates that Suspect 2 was at the scene of the crime. Although enzyme 1 produced identical DNA fragments across the gel, enzyme 2 did not. This is evident in lane D and possibly indicates that this enzyme was unable to bind to recognition sites similar to the crime scene DNA in well B. Thus, it produced a DNA fragment smaller in size that travelled further. Since the DNA evidence in…

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  • Difference Between Pcr And Gel Electrophoresis

    RESULTS Transformation: the transformation of the ade2 gene to the kanamycin resistant gene (ade2::kan2R) cause the cell to become red and grow on mediums containing G418 or kanamycin resistant mediums was observed to have occurred. PCR and Gel Electrophoresis: Figure 1 is the product of gel electrophoresis containing the wild type and transformed PCR products, either being or not being cut by HindIII. From the left (reader’s left) of the gel to the right the lanes are; 1.Ladder, 2. transformed…

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  • Recombinant Plasmid Case Study

    the recombinant plasmid was the desired one or not because no fragments appeared on the gel that allowed for identification of the fragments involved in the recombinant. The only lane that contained a band was lane B which contained the BamHI and HindIII digest of the pAMP plasmid. Due to the location of the single band, its molecular weight falls between 4000 and 5000 base pairs. Since the pAMP plasmid is known to be 4539 bps, it is likely that this band occurred due to some of the pAMP…

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  • Deeper Than My Shadow Marbles Analysis

    highlight each character’s growth and progress from their illness. This is achieved by both the overall juxtaposition between the fragments as well as the different levels of interactions between the two entities. Each comic involves a fragment of the main character communicating with themselves. In both Lighter and Marbles the presented fragmented self lacks many of the qualities of their respective disorder and this contradicts with the true self who still suffers from the disorder. This…

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