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  • Example Of Improvisations

    Various prominent cells of the motive are articulated, particularly the interval of the major 3rd, which is passed around in various registers. At 2:19 a cell of the motive is used as an accompaniment figure in the L.H. At 3:35 the fuller melody returns in several tessituras. At 3:56 a small apotheosis of the theme occurs. At 6:23 a key change signals a more straightforward return of the entire melody, which soon fragments again. An unexpected entrance occurs at 8:12, where the motive makes a brief entrance, followed by further fragmentation. At 8:42 a melodic cell becomes an octotonic accompaniment pattern in the R.H., accompanying the motive in the L.H. Hints of the motive return around 11:23; then those hints solidify into clearer statements around 11:37, culminating in a full recap of the theme at…

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  • The Platters Only You Analysis

    is sing by 4 people who are one lead singer and tree vocal accompaniment. This song is about a love story, whole music is in a brisk mood. The lead singer was sing the whole story and accompany were flow the lead singer, deeper voice and with the rhythm of doo and sh- boom. However the main musical instrument is guitar. Shake rattle and roll by Jor Tumer is type of rock and roll. Whole music is solo by a male singer who is Jor Tumer. The music with the dynamic male voice which is kind uses…

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  • Op. 11 By Richard Strauss: Concert Analysis

    Opus 11, mvt 1, mm. 1-5 The piano accompaniment has a I chord tremolo in the key of E-flat in m. 1 to begin the concerto. Then the horn has the opening statement as seen in Example 1. This is uncharacteristic because traditionally the orchestra presents the theme and the soloist reiterates it. The accompaniment echoes this opening motive several times throughout the next several measures. The accompaniment part introduces some triplet figures for the first time in m. 21, 25, and 26. This…

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  • Essay On Renaissance Music

    done through the use of new sounds, or in other words styles, for the public to hear. One very famous sound was the English sound. There were many examples of the English sound during the Renaissance, for example a piece by John Dunstable; Quam pulchra es (Atlas). This piece was done mostly with voices. Some versions have had instrumental accompaniment, but it was designed for voices to make the sound. Voices were used in music very often in the Renaissance and, to most people, more important…

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  • Randy Rivas Concert Report

    had different emotions for the individual pieces were I felt at ease, delighted, and anxious with a dynamic feeling when the pieces go fast paced. This time I remembered the fast parts since I expected than the other first concert. The most memorable was Moonlight, presto movement. For the chamber groups they projected a playful vibe between each other enjoying when it alternates to one another. For the soloists, it was really powerful and seeing Dr. Sung Ae Lee move more than usual. The…

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  • The Friel Sisters

    sometimes with accompaniment on his left hand with chords and harmonies. This album was recorded by Vic Keary at Chalk Farm Studios in London in June 1977. It was produce by Tony Engle and the CD was designed by Mr. Suff. This album was recorded to capture the power of the instrument accordion, as a rather important instrument that brings out Irish traditional music in Ireland. Jackie Daly was known as one of the very important and best accordion player in Ireland for greater than four decades…

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  • Vocal Music In The Baroque Era

    recitativo secco became uncommon and was replaced by a more melodic recitative with orchestral accompaniment. The comic opera was most open to the new stylistic changes. Comic operas The Italian Opera buffa consisted of singers singing parlando-style (talk-song) and dialogue was set in rapidly delivered recitative with continuo. The work consisted of six or more characters with a plot that caricatured the faults of both the aristocrats and the commoners. The French Opera comique consisted of…

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  • Essay On A Cappella

    technology we so eagerly embraced in the past. Musicians have even modernized a cappella today by using their voices to create wonderful rhythms and vocal percussions. As Deke Sharon told Here & Now’s Robin Young, movie musicals and a cappella have experienced a renaissance because “So much in music now has become mechanized, there’s almost robotic tuning and lots of synthesizers, so people respond to the human voice and the connection that people feel when they hear someone singing from the…

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  • Free Fallin Analysis

    Mayer seems to focus on the boy being remorseful and regretful in his decisions about the girl that he thought he didn’t want. This cover has a focal point of the repercussions of the boy’s actions, and not the actions that led him to where he is. October 2, 2017, when news was spread that Tom Petty had passed away, Coldplay and Peter Buck came together to cover the song ‘Free Fallin’’ as a tribute to Tom Petty’s memory as well as to honor the victims of the mass shooting that took place in Las…

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  • The Recitative: Ancient Music And Good Singing By Galileo Galilei

    purpose of the recitative is to heighten the text of a composition, and to clearly communicate the message of the piece to the audience (Hickok, 87). The recitative is usually homophonic in regards to its texture (Ferris, 140). The use of basso continuo serves as a guide for soloists so that they can attempt some sort of rhythmic pattern for the accompaniment to follow. While certain styles of recitative take on a more speech-like melodic line and rhythmic pattern, others are organized according…

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