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  • Francis Ford Coppola's Movie 'The Outsiders'

    Have you ever thought about what life in the 60’s? Well if yes then let Francis Ford Coppola’s movie of The Outsiders take you there. A book written by S.E. Hinon is called The Outsiders. It is a story about a greaser named Ponyboy and his story about what happened when he and his friends fight against the rich kids called the socs. When Pony and his friend walk 2 girls around, a car pulls up and it turns out to be socs and so are the girls. So after some fighting all the socs and greasers get into a big fight. Francis Ford Coppola’s movie does support the book when you look at the symbols, characters, and places. To enjoy the movie The Outsiders, you must look at the symbols, characters, and places closely. The symbols are bobs rings and…

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  • Personal Narrative: A New Way Of Traveling

    There is a place where everything is possible, where the wildest dream dwelt, and where all desires begin. This place of limitless potential resides closer than a lot of people thinks, but at times, we get totally blinded by the fast pace of a crazy world full of advice about how to live our own lives. If we consciously or unconsciously decided to follow this hectic rhythm of life, we may ending losing our capacity to find this wonderful place. Even though we may lose our way to this paradise at…

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  • Film Techniques In The Conversation By Francis Ford Coppola

    The Conversation, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, follows Harry Caul, an expert in the field of surveillance, as he becomes obsessed with trying to decipher a distorted audio of a conversation between two people that he thinks are in danger. He is already wracked with guilt after his work on a previous project led to a person's death, and this guilt fuels an obsession to prevent it from happening again. This obsession contributes to a disconnect from reality and Harry's tendency to distance…

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  • Sound Design Used In Francis Ford Coppola's 'Apocalypse Now'

    ABSTRACT In this paper, the role and function of Walter Murch’s sound design used in Francis Ford Coppola’s film Apocalypse Now (1979) will be described and analyzed through specific scenes throughout the entire film, which I consider important so to understand the narrative of this film. Sound Design elements will be covered such as: usage of sound, styles of sound, diegetic and non-diegetic sound, acousmatic sound and foley sound. INTRODUCTION Sound, is frequently made submissive to image…

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  • Apocalypse Now Analysis

    Apocalypse Now is produced and written by Francis Ford Coppola and co-written with John Milius. It stars Martin Sheen who plays Captain Benjamin L. Willard as well as a U.S. Navy patrol crew that are set out down the Cambodia river on a top-classified reconnaissance mission to assassinate a rogue colonel after the Vietnam War. Apocalypse Now is based on and mirrors the novella by Polish-British novelist Joseph Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness” it implies that the separation of people from…

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  • Differences Between The Outsiders Movie And Book

    They both told a story in their own way. The movie is for someone who doesn’t like to read, and the novel is for somebody who loves to read. They both can have you on the edge of your seat, with the thrilling action and amazing details. If you have never heard of the novel written by S.E. Hinton or the movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola, then you must read or watch the incredible novel or film. If you watch the movie, you will probably end up reading the book, if you read the book most…

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  • The Godfather Film Analysis

    Chuqian Lin Instructor: Karen Smalley FTV122D-1 Spring 2016 The Godfather Film Editing Analysis Paper In the movie The Godfather directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Coppola uses a variety of brilliant and distinctive editing techniques to cleverly capture the story of the Corleone family. The famous baptism and murder sequence, in particular, includes parallel editing, use of sound, camera angles, subjective point of view, close-ups, and extreme close-ups to elicit dramatic and profound effects…

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  • River Journeys In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness And Apocalypse Now

    Joseph Conrad’s novella, “Heart of Darkness” (Originally published by Blackwood’s Magazine, 1902) and Francis Ford Coppola’s film, “Apocalypse Now” (Produced by Francis Ford Coppola and distributed by United Artists, 1979) both told through a journey down a river to find a man named Kurtz and along the way, the men that are apart of these journeys discover the darkness of the human condition. In both, “Heart of Darkness” and “Apocalypse Now,” have river journeys that delve deeper into darkness…

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  • Apocalypse Now Vs Heart Of Darkness Essay

    Deep in the heart of the African Congo in the late 1800’s, the Belgian Government was on the hunt for power. King Leopold ll took over to help the natives become civilized. However, this help soon turned to greed and lead to death and destruction. Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, shows through the eyes of an innocent, naïve man named Marlow, the horror and devastation the Congo was facing. Nearly a century later, director Francis Ford Coppola released a movie rendition of Conrad’s iconic novel…

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  • The Outsiders Movie Vs Book

    The Outsiders was written in the 1960’s to describe the struggle between the upper and lower classes in that time period. S. E. Hinton, the author of the book, wrote it when she was in high school and published the book when she was a freshman at the University of Tulsa. She became known as “The Voice of the Youth”. This pressure brought her writer’s block that lasted three years. Hinton broke the block by writing two pages a day, which led to her next novel, That Was Then, This Is Now. She has…

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