Francis Ford Coppola's Movie 'The Outsiders'

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Have you ever thought about what life in the 60’s? Well if yes then let Francis Ford Coppola’s movie of The Outsiders take you there. A book written by S.E. Hinon is called The Outsiders. It is a story about a greaser named Ponyboy and his story about what happened when he and his friends fight against the rich kids called the socs. When Pony and his friend walk 2 girls around, a car pulls up and it turns out to be socs and so are the girls. So after some fighting all the socs and greasers get into a big fight. Francis Ford Coppola’s movie does support the book when you look at the symbols, characters, and places. To enjoy the movie The Outsiders, you must look at the symbols, characters, and places closely. The symbols are bobs rings and

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