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  • Franco Francisco Franco And Spain

    put on Spain to join the war, Franco was smart enough to play the system and benefit from everyone. Spain was able to relate to the German Nazis the most, due to past dialogue and a similar political view, yet was still able to receive aid and support from the Americans too. Spain remained uninvolved during WWI because of Francisco Franco’s policies, his dedication to present his country as an honorable…

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  • Murder In Shakespeare's Macbeth And Francisco Franco

    It is clear to the readers of Macbeth by William Shakespeare that Macbeth crossed many lines in his ascent to the throne, what many people don’t realize is that he also crossed lines as ruler to his people. Francisco Franco was also a tyrant, but was very different in his rule. In general Macbeth had a strong sense of paranoia, power, and bloodlust that was lacking in Francisco Franco (Shakespeare; Preston). While Macbeth was murdering and making the common people suffer, Franco was trying to…

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  • Spain's Political System

    nothing more than to maintain power to keep the forces of “Anti-Spain” from ascending (U.S. Library of Congress. “The Franco Years: Franco’s Political System.” The Labor Charter was enacted in 1938, this law stated that all Spaniards had the obligation to work and the state was to provide and assure them with employment. Workers could benefit from this law by receiving fair salaries/wages, paid vacations, and a limit to working hours (U.S. Library of Congress. “The Franco…

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  • Spanish Colonization

    constitution. However in this constitution the government wrote some controversial things. They passed acts that stripped power from the military, church, and property owning elites. Many people opposed these acts throughout the countries. Included in these people were military officials, who began to discuss a coup that would overthrow the government. They determined that the time was not right, and they wouldn’t be able to mount a meaningful opposition to the current government in place. From…

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  • Francisco Franco's El Caudillo: Dictator Of Spain

    Francisco Franco played a very large part in Spain’s military and government history. From his early years, Franco was involved in the military and climbed the ladder to eventually be general and dictator of Spain. At the highest point in his career, Franco lead the Nationalists rebellion against the government which eventually resulted in his position as dictator of Spain. Eventually adopting the name of “El Caudillo”, Francisco Franco would lead Spain into what is now a democracy. Francisco…

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  • Spanish Civil War Franco Analysis

    Franco embraced the politics of autarky because it fit in with his ideals and government actions. Pavlovic explains, “The consequences of autarky were disastrous… leading to problems such as the development of the black market, hunger, unemployment, and increased prostitution.” They were unable to sustain a middle class or a stable economy. Franco’s harsh leadership, war crimes, and alliance with Axis powers Germany & Italy provided cause for international countries to denounce his regime. This…

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  • Global Art Cinema

    Epps and Kakoudaki refer to as a commercial auter. As stated previously, Almodovar’s auteurism engages in frequent use of elements such as, vibrant colors, female heroines, homosexuality, and sexual perversion. These themes are all characteristics representative of a socio-cultural era in Spain, known as La Movida. La Movida translates to “The Madrilenian scene” in English, which Steven Marsh, author of Popular Spanish Film under Franco: Comedy and the Weakening of the State claims was,…

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  • Causes Of Spanish Patriotism

    Spanish Patriotism: Exploring the Causes and Effects of the Spanish Civil War In the 1900s, Spain encountered various international difficulties which included the commencement of nationalistic and communistic ideological repertoire. The Spanish Civil War started in Morocco when a unit of the Spanish militia commanded by General Francisco Franco, challenged the appointed Republican government. Manuel Azaña, the presiding officer of Spain, did not have lucid commitments with other supporting…

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  • El Orfanato Themes

    Due to the amplified “international” aspect in relation with the production of the Spanish horror genre, it is argued that level of internationalism apparent in contemporary Spanish horror greatly alters the narrative and form (Olney 378). While this is a valid point, I argue that the Spanish horror genre still maintains distinctive patterns and themes that separate it from the general Hollywood horror genre. Olney mentions two key patterns that are distinctive in these film, the centrality of…

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  • Absolutism In Spain Essay

    During the 1930s, Spain was deeply divided into 2 groups. The left wing republicans and the right wing nationalists. The republicans consisted of the workers, the trade unions, the socialists and the peasants whilst the nationalists consisted of monarchists, landowners, employers, and the Roman catholic church. In 1929, the military dictatorship that governed Spain collapsed and in 1931 the king abdicated after the Second republic came to power. The creation of a coalition government of the left…

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