Spanish Civil War

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  • Spanish Civil War Causes

    Origins and Causes of Wars • Long-term Causes The Spanish Civil War was a culmination of the internal civil unrest of Spain. Spain was divided by various groups with extreme beliefs from Fascism to “militant anarchism”. These groups provided the basis for societal unrest, as extremists clashed heads in opposing ideals. Poverty was also a striking aspect of the unrest, as poor masses were neglected by the Catholic Church that found identity with “wealthy landowners than with the Spanish People” (Spanish). To add insult to injury, the Catholic Church, who was responsible for providing education, withheld it from women and peasants, deeming it a danger for the masses to be literate (Spanish). Riots ensued, ending many lives, rather than destruction…

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  • Spanish Civil War Franco Analysis

    The years leading up to the Spanish Civil War were marked by social and economic instability. The War lasted from 1936 to 1939 and resulted in a new leader and a new government. Conditions in Spain continued to decline creating a poor social, political, and economic state after the establishment of autarky. The new regime and barriers like censorship made it difficult for filmmakers to produce new movies, especially with the emergence of CIFESA. Raza and Locura de amor were two films in…

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  • The Negative Effects Of The Spanish Civil War

    War always has its negative effects, some are seen right away, while others take more time to appear. Whatever the size of the war there are always those who are affected by the negativity that the war brings. Many men and women were negatively affected, both physically and emotionally, from their experiences fighting and helping in the Spanish Civil War. George Orwell gave his first-hand account, of his time spent fighting in the war in his book Homage to Catalonia. In his account Orwell tells…

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  • The Causes Of The Spanish Civil War

    Civil War In Madrid, 1936 the Spanish Civil War broke out. The war lasted three years, it caused thousands of deaths and a great impact in Europe. This war was caused by many different factors, some of the most important are: the differences between Nationalists and Republicans, Spain’s corrupt government, and the massacre led by Francisco Franco’s army that helped unify the people. Francisco Franco led this Revolution alongside other Nationalist leaders. Before the Civil War began, Francisco…

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  • Economic Consequences Of The Spanish Civil War

    The Spanish Civil War was a social and political conflict that that later had an impact in the economic crisis. Spain used to be a catholic monarchy, ruled by kings and queens, and was one of the World’s most powerful countries, as it conquered a lot of territories, such as Latin America and Philippines. Spain was basically an agricultural country. In Spain, since the 19th century the owners of large lands held the power. There was an oligarchy based in land. The economy was unable to meet…

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  • Causes Of Spanish Patriotism

    Spanish Patriotism: Exploring the Causes and Effects of the Spanish Civil War In the 1900s, Spain encountered various international difficulties which included the commencement of nationalistic and communistic ideological repertoire. The Spanish Civil War started in Morocco when a unit of the Spanish militia commanded by General Francisco Franco, challenged the appointed Republican government. Manuel Azaña, the presiding officer of Spain, did not have lucid commitments with other supporting…

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  • Spain's Political System

    strikes were treason against the state (U.S. Library of Congress. “The Franco Years: Franco’s Political System.” Passed in 1942 was the Constituent Law of the Cortes in which it revoked the power of the Spanish Parliament and their right to interfere with politics in initiating legislation, and voting against the government. The law restricted the Spanish Parliament and only gave them the power to approve of laws already presented by the executive branch. This was a…

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  • Cría Cuervos Gender Analysis

    Cría Cuervos is a Spanish film written and directed by Carlos Saura in 1975, at the same time as the death of Franco and the beginning of the end of Francoism. Throughout Cría Cuervos there are many prevalent themes; such as death, imagination and women. This essay will be looking at the theme of women within Cría Cuervos which is interesting because the film seems to challenge the Francoist ideals and the values of Spanish society by providing centrality to female characters, which gives them…

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  • Absolutism In Spain Essay

    after the Second republic came to power. The creation of a coalition government of the left wing parties in 1936, sparked a revolt by the nationalists resulting to an attempted military coup against the elected government of the second republic. The war lasted from 1936 to 1939, killing over 500 000 civilians. The 2 general causes of the…

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  • Labyrinth And Devil's Backbone: Film Analysis

    Written and directed by del Toro, Pan 's Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone focus on the innocence of children, and their interactions with the supernatural. He created a new type of horror films, which are similar in narrative and structure as they are based off of fantasy and gothic aspects. While Labyrinth mixed fairy tales with a war storyline, Devil’s Backbone replaces the fairies with ghosts. Pan 's Labyrinth concerns a little girl named Ofelia who discovers a magical faun that commands…

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