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  • African Americans In The Civil War Essay

    African Americans contributed to the Union and Confederate sides during the Civil War (HistoryNet, n.d.). There were over 179,000 African Americans that had positions in the Union Army as well as support from the Navy (HistoryNet, n.d.). The states that were separated from the Union were called the Confederate states and they consisted of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas (Africans in America, n.d.). The states provisional president was Jefferson Davis (Africans in America, n.d.). On the Confederate side, African Americans were slaves and assisted in labor positions. Blacks were used as slave labor force in the Confederate Army (HistoryNet, n.d.). Slaves were brought along to help their slave owners in camp. Free black men wanted to be a part of the Union side to fight the war, in the beginning of the Civil War (HistoryNet, n.d.). African Americans could not use weapons in the U.S Army due to a law and that excluded African Americans from joining the army (HistoryNet, n.d.). On September 22, President Lincoln gave a warning to the Confederate states to give up or he would set the slaves free (Africans in America, n.d.). President Lincoln wanted to keep…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Confederate Flag In The Civil War

    The Pros and Cons of the Confederate Flag The Confederate Flag was the spark of controversy over the course of 2015. People voiced their opinions on whether or not the Confederate should be made illegal in the United States. The Confederate Flag symbolizes the Confederate States of America during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865 when the Southern States succeeded from the United States because of political tension. Ever since Southern States that were once part of this Confederacy fly this flag…

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  • Historical Confederate Monuments

    Not for Admiration, but for Commemoration: Keeping the Confederate Statues Erect With less than one hundred years since it was established, the United States of America split gravely during the historical Civil War. Over the course of four long years, America witnessed the bloodiest battles fought on American soil. After the war was won by the Union and Reconstruction was in full swing, African Americans were given rights previously unavailable to them due to their status in the American social…

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  • Abraham Lincoln: One Of America's Greatest Leader In History

    Abraham Lincoln is undoubtedly one of America 's greatest leaders in history and he left behind an incredible legacy for the nation and the world. Lincoln was elected as the sixteenth president of the United States of America. He saved the union and he was the emancipator of slaves despite rising from humble beginnings and leading his country through a bloodied civil war. Abraham Lincoln was born to Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln on February 12th, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He had an elder…

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  • Essay On Confederate Flag Banning

    Confederate flag banning’s has happened all over the world taking away other Americans freedom and pride from others. I know that the confederate flag was a nation known flag that was flown back during the civil war. It was a battle flag and had 7 stars for all the confederate states that believed in the sacrifice there men gave for others’ lives and freedom and I also believe that the flag was taken away from others believing that it is meant for racism cause it was frown during the racist…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Confederate Flag

    flag, should be taken down or not. The Confederate flag, which shows a red flag with a blue cross and white stars, was the battle flag that flew above the Confederate Army during the Civil War when the South seceded from the Union. The reason for this was because the South believed in slavery while the North did not. After the Civil War, the Confederate flag was flown once again in South Carolina marking the centennial date of the start of the Civil War. However, many people believe that the…

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  • Confederate Statues In American Culture

    the controversy over Confederate Statues. In the article "Confederate Statues and American Memory" by Roger Cohen, he presents a solution to the question of what should become of these statues; suggesting that the statues be removed from pedestals and placed in museums. While in the article "Confederate Statues and "our" History by Eric Foner, he discusses a statement made by President Trump discussing how the removal of these statues will destroy "our" history and heritage. Foner questions…

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  • Was The Southern States Justified In Joining The Civil War

    point in the history of The United States. Between 1860 and 1861 Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Louisiana were the first seven states the seceded from the Union and carried on with their own political affairs and government hence leading to the Civil War. After the War began in 1861, the seven states were joined by four other southern states, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas. These eleven states formed the Confederate States of America while…

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  • Confederate Flag

    In 1861 the Stars and Bars flag was the official flag of the Confederacy. The patterns of the Stars and Bars Flag was very similar to the Unions, and caused a great deal of confusion on the battlefield. The second flag was introduced in 1863, which had the Confederate Flag in the top left hand corner, with the rest in a negative, white field area. It was often mistaken as a white flag of surrender. The third flag was very similar to the second, except it had a red strip added to the right side…

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  • What Were The Causes Of The Civil War Essay

    differently and the Civil War is no different than any other event. You have supporters of the Confederate States of America (those that support the South) and you also have Union supporters(those who support the North). The Confederate supporters don’t see slavery as a primary cause or even a cause of the Civil War and you have Union supporters that support that slavery was the primary and only cause of the Civil War. Confederate supporters cite the reasons for the Civil War as the Lincoln…

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