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  • Motivational Speaker In Jeffrey Locker

    Jeffery locker is a notable motivational speaker with a self-help guide. For this reason, he co-authored a book called, "Teachings for a new world." The book speaks of human potential. It teaches methods of connecting with your loved ones. Obviously, Locker is a man of his word and took his own advice. Later, Locker went on to give a multitude of sermons on how to handle workplace stress. Locker was an adamant speaker on how success is built on hard work. He stated in one of his lectures, “Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, without taking no for an answer.” Jeffrey Locker experienced great success being a motivational speaker. Locker also had a radio show called ‘Vibrations for success. Many people should listen to his presentations because he attempted to complete one of the most interesting Kevorkian schemes known. Unfortunately, he falsified his success, money, career, and in the end was caught. Nevertheless, Jeffery Locker went out with a bang- or a stab. On everyone’s account, Jeffery Locker was a devoted family man. He truly loved his wife and children. Locker attempted to make sure their lavish lifestyle continued on without him in the picture. His love for his family was so strong, he was willing to take his life for their happiness. To have the ability to brutally kill yourself for the financial stability of your family is incredible. While Locker committed a selfless act within his own eyes, his family may not be as admirable. There is…

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  • Ponzi Scheme Case Study

    Introduction The purpose of this research paper is to consider the ethical issues related to the business operations of Agape World, Inc. and its founder Nicholas Cosmo. Nowadays, it seems the story of the failed “Ponzi” scheme seems to be the inescapable in the national news. From Bernie Madoff, Kenneth Starr to Nicholas Cosmo, we are inundated with stories of the collapsed financial scheme. Unfortunately, the stories worthy of broadcast news represents a fraction of the actual convictions…

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  • Bernard Froff: The Case Of The Bernard Madoff Case

    The Bernard Madoff case is a great example of how a person will continue to commit a fraudulent act until they are caught. It is also a story that will forever be told and used as a learning guide for investors and others within the financial industry. The term “Ponzi scheme” is one that is often heard in the world of finance. It comes from the fraudulent act committed by Charles Ponzi in the early 20th century. ( Ferrell, 2009) Charles Ponzi is believed to have been the first to successfully…

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  • Age Differences In Online Relationships

    The online world is an atmosphere that people often imagine as reality. Online social websites offer the ability for people all over the globe to connect and communicate with one another, ultimately transforming the meaning of being in a relationship. Modern romance is becoming significantly different than what people experienced in the past. Before, people would often meet one another at a hangout place or through mutual friends. Everything has changed since dating websites made its appearance.…

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  • Home Improvement Contractor Scam Essay

    The home improvement contractor scam known as the "Traveler" has been around for decades, and consumer advocate Courtney Yelle estimates that they bilk consumers out of more than $20 million annually. Since home improvement contractors often work out of their vehicles, this scam can appear quite benevolent at a glance, especially since professional scam artists don 't seen like solicitors first. But once you fall for the Traveler 's scam, you could wind up losing thousands of dollars. This home…

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  • Crazy Eddie Research Paper

    just the beginning of the fraud schemes that untangled around Antar. His initial crime spree is broken into three phases. The first phase occurred from 1969 to 1979 when Antar was under-reporting income before he took the company public. This phase was considered tax fraud and skimming. The next phase took place from 1980 to 1984, in this phase Antar gradually reduced skimming to make a larger profit growth in order to take his business public. This phase is known as the securities fraud in…

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  • Voice Intonation Essay

    Summary In theory, the researchers main goal in this study was to establish if there was a correlation in the intonation of someone’s voice and the desire to influence another individual to buy a product or answer a set of questions. How willing are we to just listen to someone based on the pitch or tone of their voice? Our brains don’t have any visual cues to know if we can trust this person or not, so that’s why when companies are trying to sell you something, they should be very particular on…

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  • White Collar Crime Research Paper

    Extent of white-collar crime in the United States One of the biggest problems in understanding the extent of white-collar crime is access to data. Gathering data can be very difficult to do, as there are so many different types of white-collar crimes. Estimates of the cost also vary greatly depending on which crimes are included in the list. These crimes are also increasing when compared to street crime. (Desilets, 2014) The skills required to commit these crimes are becoming more common.…

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  • Analysis Of Juggler By Richard Wilbur

    In his poem, “Juggler,” Richard Wilbur describes a juggling performance in which his speaker is attending. The speaker, like the rest of the audience, is captivated by the performer’s raw talent. In order to provide his readers their own seat at the performance and to convey an accurate description of the juggler, Wilbur relies on an array of poetic devices which, in turn, help reveal the speaker’s internal conflict. Wilbur uses imagery, personification, tone, and diction to disclose to readers…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Love

    by two people, mainly a boy and a girl when one seeks the love of a person and the other a friend 's mistakes can ensue. Letting a simple hello from one to the other become chaos of missinterpations and a failure on communicating the true meaning of that hello. With a loud bang and clash from the high school band the halftime show began, leaving my cold metal seat, I set off in search for a hotdog and drink of water. The night was warm and the air was filled with the scent of grilled burgers…

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