Confined space

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  • Much Ado About Nothing Film Analysis

    Windows are often a symbol of passage and freedom, and almost always help to make a confined space seem bigger, brighter and more amiable to be in. This conflicts with the original feeling of gloom and dishonor associated with the room; however, these windows also help set the mood of being confined and also having to endure and view what exactly you are missing. The windows in the scene provide a large amount of space which allows Conrade and Don John to see out of, getting a great view of the guard on duty, but there is a thick, dark colored lining around every window, seeming as though it is there to reinforce the windows from being opened. Using this idea of the windows as part of the scene helps solidify the notion of completely sealing off any type of inappropriate and unaccepted activity that goes…

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  • Creative Writing: Utter Silence

    of them spoke. One woman kept her eyes trained on her cell-phone, scrolling through an endless feed of videos and tweeted thoughts. The man in the business suit held his body straight at the front of the small space, eyes trained on the door, waiting impatiently. The second woman, who had situated herself at the back of the space, leaned against the wall, trying to make herself as small as possible. She kept her eyes on the ground and her arms pinned at her sides. The teen stood right in front…

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  • Le Corbusier's Architecture Analysis

    modern roots (Salmon, “Concrete Jungle”). The building itself is structured largely around a central courtyard space, which merges interior with exterior to create a closed off, separate space that is still open to the sky. Through…

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  • Azar Nafisi's Essay 'Project Classroom Makeover'

    as it is in anything we experienced” (Davidson 55). Imagination plays a key role in the human’s ability to associate with other people’s constructed spaces, whether it is through watching, listening or even reading it; it allows people to connect with seemingly unrelatable content. They can only do so, however, by latching onto relevant components as a base where their own imaginations can originate. Using the results from her iPod experiment conducted at Duke University, Davidson focuses on how…

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  • Crows And Sparrows Film Analysis

    representations of how the main characters live. In Crows and Sparrows, the Chinese New Year scene is the most accurate representation of how Kong and the tenants live in a physical space. If we are to understand this film’s consideration of the home, then we must look at the most honest portrayal of Kong, which would logically occur in a state of personal freedom, since oppression constrains the character’s perception of the home. Under the Hou’s oppression, the dark lighting and confined…

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  • What Is Leibniz's Theory Of Substance Dualism

    As seen in this essay, they argue that the mind and the brain are two distinct entities. Since the mind is not located in physical space according to Dualists, then one is left wondering how then it can cause or affected something that is located in physical space. Again applying Leibniz Law, this would seem to mean that if A causes B, then A must be located somewhere in space and B must be located somewhere in space. For A to affect B, they must be physically next to each other in some way.…

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  • Citizens And Nation Analysis

    Citizens and Nation: An Essay on History, Communication, and Canada studies four historical epochs through the stories of ordinary Canadian citizens (Friesen). Print capitalism, the third epoch, occurred during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and was the time of several technological innovations – the telegraph, railway, the daily newspaper, sound recordings, the photograph, radio, and film (Friesen 108). The print capitalism era, told through the stories and experience of Phyllis Knight…

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  • Pheddo: The Affinity Argument In The Phaedo

    [Step 1] In the Phaedo, Socrates makes an argument that the soul must be immortal (78b-84b). This argument is referred to as the Affinity Argument. It begins at 78b in the Phaedo, when Socrates asks to which class of things the soul belongs. What Socrates means by the “soul” is the self; the mind (Phaedo 65c & 66e). What Socrates means by “class” is class of existence. This is best illustrated in another of Plato’s accounts of Socrates, The Republic, where his standard of measurement of…

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  • Personal Statement Essay: My Studies In The Architectural Field

    Architecture is more than steel and glass. The edifices that humans have built throughout history stand as a testament to the people and the ideals that embodied their society. Buildings are places where people live, work, and play. Architects play a vital role in how humans will interact with their structures. They will also have an influence on the way people behave within the space. Architects play a role in shaping the future of society by the structures that they create. By creating the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Unlimited Spirit

    What is the Unlimited Spirit, Limited Spirit and Corporeal Bodies? We differentiate three distinct types of beings here. One is the highest good in which nothing can surpass. This highest good is God; God is the only unlimited spirit with no end, no beginning and is not limited by space or time. The unlimited spirit has always been and will always be. The limited spirits are all the angels and human spirits that have a beginning, no end and the human spirits are limited by space and time…

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