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  • The Negative Effects Of Online Dating

    Where will it happen? When will it happen? How would someone know when they have found “the one”? With the influx of technology, the dating game has changed. Nowadays, everyone is using online dating websites or apps like Tinder, eHarmony, or okCupid. “The online dating or matchmaking services industry exhibits great potential with more than 1,300 sites in operation, one where firms such as and generate income worth an estimated £600m a year in the UK” (Xun). Online dating can…

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  • How Online Dating Is Changing The World

    Who would have thought that someone could meet their soul mate online? Ten plus years ago people weren’t using the internet to meet people. You were connecting with people you met out somewhere or someone one of your friends set you up with to go on a blind date with. It’s been reported that one in ten American’s have used or know someone that has used an online dating site or mobile site. Online dating is slowly changing the world. Online dating comes with many different websites, a handful of…

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  • The Responsibility Of Objectification In Women

    objectification in women. Secondly, the media demonstrates that objection is also caused specifically by the internet. The internet is vast and contains many aspects of which in no doubt includes many forms of objectification. Internet can be extremely useful for finding information, however, what can really further the process of objectification is online dating sites and pictures. Online dating sites have been a source of of objectification for as long as one would be able to post their…

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  • Online Matchmaking Research Paper

    Over the last few decades, Online Matchmaking websites have been booming all over the world. Matchmaking websites have been matching singles and divorced couples, making it easier for people to find their true soulmate. Although online dating is making a rise all over the world, divorce rates are also on the rise all over the world. Back decades ago, divorcing wasn’t a common thing. Families usually stayed together rather than splitting apart. In 1960 studies showed that the divorce rate was…

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  • Cause And Effect On Relationships Research Paper

    miserable with their live is not a good reason to make others’ lives like that to. People starting drama is one negative way the internet is used. Another way is people using fake accounts. One major site that 's always being used for fake accounts is Facebook. With Facebook people can be anything or anybody they want to be. People who are twelve or older are pretending to be nineteen or older and people who believe that and go meet up with these kids get put on the sex offenders list or worse…

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  • Worlds Secret Leaders Research Paper

    Arguably, within the last decade social media has become the focus of just about every young person’s world (Luxton, June, Fairall 1). Starting from Myspace, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Snapchat, and the many other social media sites, these sites can be advantageous to reconnect with old friends, or to chat with your friends; however on these social media sites, many people deal with bullying. Investigation Discovery channel had a show where this young girl was friends with a girl who lived…

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  • The Hook Up Culture

    key factor in everyone’s life. Living in a society with different views and values on dating seems to affect certain age groups and minorities. Now a day’s relationships are not taken very serious, but more of a casual compromise also referred as the “hook up culture”. Today many relationships are based off different dating apps that have replaced the old fashion methods of dates. The adaption of this culture has moved in a fast paced manner changing the views of “real dating” and affecting…

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  • Differences In Marriage

    Americans accept dating someone within that same group. Asian married other Asian from the same group and black married other black from the same race. Some people said do not mind marrying someone from another race. Researchers found out the online dating website demonstrated that whites are more likely to date Hispanic. Younger people are more likely to date outside of their race than older people. There are many differences between intermarriage. According to researchers, 11…

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  • Essay On Business Of Love

    We should be magically drawn to another person when we are in love. Love can even be seen as a roller coaster. It includes lust, the extreme happiness and excitement part, as well as attachment. If the relationship is a good one, the brain eventually starts moving toward feelings of attachment. When people get impatient thinking that they will never find love on their own, they turn to things like dating sites, blind dates, and self help books. People need to realize that reading a self help…

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  • Reflective Essay On One Day

    I eventually decided on adapting this novel encompassing the themes of the power of love and ‘the one’ and also incorporating ideas from the Writers Research Module 2000. I elected to explore a topic most talked about today: online dating. To make my novel stand out from the rest, I chose to fuse this with another issue that is still sitting on the fence: organ donation - a subject that speaks closely to the heart. The feedback I received after completing Researcher module CPWT2000 was…

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