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  • Reflection Of Blog, Blogs, Podcast, And Twitter

    In this lab we learned about tools we could use as teachers; they were blogs, podcast, and twitter. Learning about the tools I learned that the word “Blog” came from “web logs”; I found that really interesting. Blogs are web pages that can be created by anyone. They are similar to a personal journal. To start using a blog, you create a website. Then when you have that created, you are ready to write whatever you please to write about; videos, writings and pictures. Its like an online diary that everyone can see. Blogs are more meaning full then podcast and twitter accounts. In a blog you choose to talk about something that you are passionate about. An example that I saw that caught my attention was, Ms. Cassidy’s classroom blog. I liked how…

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  • Importance Of A Successful Blog

    You probably want to create a successful blog that inspires and influences a ton of people. You may know what topic you want to blog about. You may even have a content schedule in place and already know what your first 50 blogs posts are going to be about. But, do you know exactly what tools are needed to start a successful blog? If not, keep reading. Just like everything else, blogging requires tools to help you get your blog up and running smoothly. It requires tools to help you reach an…

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  • The Evolution Of Travel Blog

    invention of blogs, there has seen an increase of not just specific topics but an abundance of ideas to help or show people how to live better. Blogs are online databases that someone creates not just of their life but could be helpful tips or ideas. They have started in the early 2000’s and has grown to have multiple websites on specific topics. One of the topics that has grown so much from its original idea is the idea of travel. Throughout history travel has not always been fun or as…

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  • College Freshmen: The Influence Of Blogs

    According to dictionaries, “a blog is a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. There are also blog posts included on blogs, and those are defined as a single entry or post on such a website,” ( Blogs have continued to become more popular as the years have progressed. There are millions of blogs on the Internet, and thousands of different topics. If there is a topic…

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  • Stop Trying To Niche Me: Blog Analysis

    Stop Trying To Niche Me My life is not a set niche why should my blog be any different? Stop trying to niche me, I am Multifaceted. Target's sales come from many different kinds of products. Kroger sells more than groceries. Even libraries provide the public with more than just books. Do you know why they are successful? Because they did not limit themselves and realized that to be successful you have to expand and grow beyond your initial vision. You have to grow, expand and change things…

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  • Analysis Of Andrew Sullivan's Why I Blog

    In Andrew Sullivan's, "Why I Blog", he explains blogging is a free form of writing. It does not require revising and editing. A good blogger tries to connect to the reader by blogging on the topic that shares the same idea and opinions with the reader rather than going against to their idea. In Mona Eltahawy's, "Twitterholics Anonymous", she talks about her love and hate relationship with the Twitter. She loves the Twitter for the fact that she can connect to the world on the other hand, she…

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  • Reflection On Blog Entry 2 Dixie: The Power Of Words

    A poem or a story begins with a word. But how do you begin? The writing process is just as important as the products that result from it. What methods, habits, and approaches do you find helpful as you write? What is already working for you, and what would you like to do differently? For a week or so, take note of your own writing habits. Think about these questions as you write is what I used to do my blogs for seminar one. I kept all of this in mind will I was writing my blogs for the first…

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  • Writing Class Analysis

    worried about, especially with my major focusing on mathematics and programming, it is something I noticed was not challenged throughout the class. I found that the lack of hard writing assignments helped me to focus once again on what was most important, the blog. I think that having interviews early with people in our discipline and the blogosphere helped for me to see what people from the outside where looking for and learning from their past experiences and probably helped the most when I…

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  • Analysis Of Internet Troll By Lisa Selin Davis

    Research on the Debunker After reading the article “Internet Troll” by blogger Lisa Selin Davis. I started to wonder about internet trolls. While anyone can write a blog. They are more commonly used by writers who want to reach out to a certain audience about a specific topic. In Ms. Davis case, she writes about real estates. The blog itself has the ability to allow readers to write a response about the article posted or written if the author permits it. Some responses are kind, other are…

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  • Reflection On Social Customer Relationship Management

    tools will need to be used. A blog is an example of a social customer relationship management tool. Blogs are used to encourage conversation between customers and employees of an organization(Greenberg, 2010). In addition, blogs allow customers to speak their mind about ideas, questions, comments, or concerns that they may have about the organization. Overall, a blog acts as an organization’s journal;…

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