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  • Aristotelian Manipulation

    All these differences may change the main ideas of the source text because Badran gives herself the rights of the author which could produce a new work that may not be the author’s intended message. If the translator has the right to add or delete, the translated text may be different from the original because any text reflects the ideology and thought of its own author which is considered a manipulation. Dukate defines manipulation as: The translator understanding of a text which eventuates in adaptation of the message in target reader, in terms of cultural, ideological, linguistic and literary mismatches among the cultures is done by human manipulation and this entails some impact of individual factors (2007) But using this strategy, the translated text will be related to the ideology of the translator only, and this is a kind of unfaithfulness because the translator’s role is interpreting what exists not adding his or her points of view. The translation of these memoirs is a manipulation of the source text, which may happen for different purposes and which happened consciously or unconsciously according to the translator’s ideology. Hatim & Mason assert that “the translator’s intervention might be consciously or unconsciously filtered” (1997) Farahzad points out,…

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  • Lawrence Venuti: Domestication And Foreignization

    “foreignization”. Domestication is to reduce the foreignness or the strangeness of the foreign text to be used in target language. When a foreign text is domesticated, the reader of target language easily understands it as if it is a part of their literatures, then they are not defamilarized from the text. As indicated by Venuti, domestication is an ethnocentric reduction of the foreign text to target language cultural values. On the other hand, foreignization is to demonstrate how the…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Indian Education By Sherman Alexie

    me gave me insight on what genre conventions that they found throughout the two novels: The Namesake and The House on Mango Street. The second difficult thing was finding what secondary sources to use to back up the contemporary social issue that I mentioned. I was confused on how to integrate my secondary source into my essay and how to avoid being repetitive with my message. However, the peer review session in class allows me to see how my peers deal with the problems that I had trouble with.…

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  • Analysis Of Basrayatha

    Chapter one 1. Preliminaries 1.1 Introduction Translation is the act of rendering a written text from one language into another. It is the action of interpretation of the meaning of a text, and subsequent production of an equivalent text, also called a translation, that communicates the same message in another language, which is why the outcome has to be close to the original meaning. If the goal of the translation is to understand the culture, it is more useful to comprehend the meaning.…

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  • Persuasive Essay Instructions

    is, “a reasoned opinion supported and explained by evidence” (122). A thesis is a concise and specific statement of an argument. Formulating a thesis for this essay will require you to find and analyze evidence (ideas and examples) relevant to your issue. Identify the issue by keywords, and determine one main question and several sub-questions to guide your research. Some of the evidence you use may come from your own experiences or observations. Some evidence may come from sources assigned in…

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  • Writing: 10 Core Concepts Summary

    I chose Chapter 23 “Using Source Material” in Writing: 10 Core Concepts. “Using Source Material” is important and useful information on how to use other sources in your writing effectively. Chapter 23 gives examples for how to: include enough information to back up your ideas, but not so much information that it covers up what you want to say. In addition, it gives tips for how to incorporate it into your writing. Robert P. Yagelski argues that “The challenge for many students is resisting the…

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  • Nutrition Case Study

    With the abundance of information available to the public, deciphering between the legitimate and false material is critical to developing a truthful perspective. This means that every source requires investigation- even for knowledgeable professionals. This is the case in every field; however, in regard to healthcare, not only is it essential for quality improvement to ask the correct questions and conduct the right studies, but it is imperative to appropriately interpret and analyze…

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  • Title IX And Its Effects On Women's Rights

    Identification and Evaluation of Sources: For the historical investigation, I wanted to do something that was relevant to my life but also something that is considered history now. My life includes high school sports and looking at that and history, Title IX was brought back to my attention. In the year 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendments Act, was passed. The basics behind Title IX were that if an activity was funded by Federal means, then no person, on the basis of sex, could be…

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  • Case Study: Australian Curriculum

    each student to gain fluency in the general capabilities. The teacher begins to extend the general capabilities as there are lessons involving researching and locating sources. This incorporates information and communication technology (ICT). There is also much critical and creative thinking that is involved as the students are to then analyse source and as well as making comparisons. They will use their creative thinking towards the end of the unit as they will create a narrative of their own.…

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  • Bailyn, Bernard: The Peopling Of British North America

    Bailyn, Bernard. The Peopling of British North America: An Introduction. New York: Vintage Books, 1988. Thesis: In his preface, Bailyn describes his texts as a "preliminary effort to open up the questions and identify major themes of a very large area of history which we still only vaguely understand (xii). In chapter one he goes onto define the actual idea behind the title: " It brings together the major aspects of life in the American colonies- social structure and settlement patterns,…

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