History of California

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  • History Of The California Constitution

    So many things transpired between 1850 and 1900 when we talk about the history of the United States. The Civil War (1861-1865) alone is full of significant events that usually fill our history books. Slavery was prevalent and resulted in violation of human and civil rights. In California, started to advocate for statehood, and civil leaders who wanted to develop a growing region and also to gain power were so excited to have a new civil government. Thus, the California Constitution was drafted by 48 delegates in 1849, aiming to enforce a legal order in this vast territory. The first two sections of this constitution highlight the issue of freedom, independence, inalienable rights, defending life and liberty, acquiring property and protecting it, safety, and happiness. Moreover, it stipulates that the Government is responsible in protecting, security, and benefiting the people and that it has the right to change it if it is for the good of the…

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  • The History Of Agriculture In California

    the idea of farming the land and using the natural resources that around to cultivate the land for food. Sometimes it goes as far as farming animals and using their skin to make clothing. California has had a very long history when it comes to agriculture. Before the European settlers came to California, the Native Americans did not see a need to take a risk in agriculture. The land around the Native American tribes had enough richness that there was no need to do so. Hunting, fishing and…

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  • The California Gold Rush: The Biggest Mass Relocation In American History

    Gold Rush: The California Gold Rush was the biggest mass relocation in American history since it realized 300,000 individuals to California. It began on January 24, 1848, when James W. Marshall discovered gold on his real estate parcel at Sutter's Mill in Coloma. The news of gold rapidly spread around. Individuals from Oregon, Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii) and Latin America were the first to hear the breaking news, so they were the first to touch base so as to test their fortunes in California…

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  • History Of Gangs In California

    Los Angeles County is the most dangerous place in California because of the gang culture that moves around it (Bartholomew, 2015). Cholo, ese, vato are all words that hispanic gang members use to refer to one another. Here in California, Hispanic gangs began to form during the early 1920s or as also referred to the Roaring Twenties. These groups started to form and get together in their neighborhoods or as known as the barrios. These individuals who got together in these groups all had similar…

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  • California Drought History

    We observed about California drought. We planned to observe how California drought affected the farmer, because we thought that farmers used water to irrigate their farm, so California drought would affect them severely. We went to farmers market at Oakland. We met with many farmers there and asked several questions. We wanted to know how severe is California drought for farmers, what have they done regarding California drought and what are they going to do if the California drought got severe.…

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  • The Apaches: The Migration Of The Apache Indians

    This migration was important because the Anglo-Americans’ belief in social hierarchy. As written in The Devil in Silicon Valley, the Anglo-Americans who settled in San Jose began to exert their social superiority through racial ideology. “We desire only a white population in California; even the Indians among us, as far as we have seen, are more of a nuisance than a benefit to the country, we would love to get rid of them (Stephen J. Pitti, The Devil in Silicon Valley, pg. 35)” As discussed in…

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  • The Chumash Revolt: Summary

    "military expedition led by Pablo de la Portilla negotiated the return of this group to the Santa Barbara Mission"(Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz). Consequently Father Vicente Sarria, who was Prefect of the Missions, helped to bring the revolt to an end by convincing the Chumash rebels to return to the Santa Barbara Mission is a fact that had long been acknowledged Further details involving the end of the Chumash insurrection can be best illustrated by the following authors. Rose…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Manifest Destiny

    It was Made by Henry clay, and brought before the senate on January 29, 1850. Some of the provisions was the California as a free state, and territorial governments on the rest of the land gained from Mexico, without the restrictions on slavery, and better slave laws. This compromise was debated for seven months. New leaders came in and were able to better decide on the compromise then the old ones. They decided to separate the bill and vote on each measure separately. This would allow each…

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  • San Andreas Fault System Essay

    Part 1 - Overview of the San Andreas Fault System Where exactly is the San Andreas Fault System (SAFS)? The SAFS is located in California, mainly towards the West coast. B) What is the dominant type of fault within the system? The dominant fault within the SAFS is a right lateral strike slip fault. C) Where exactly is the SAFS in California? The SAFS begins in Cape Mendocino (Northern California) and ends in Salton Sea (Southern California). D) Dimensions of the fault? How long? How wide? How…

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  • Narrative Essay Geography

    The geography of the United States changes a lot when you are from California. If it’s south, its Texas. If it’s east, it’s New York. If it 's North, I don’t know, Canada maybe? And of course, California dominates the west coast. Whatever breaking news that was happening elsewhere didn’t matter much unless it happened in the golden state. I grew up in this paradisal isolation. This mentality that you were in the center of the universe, and that everything else was simply revolving. That was…

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