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  • My Life In A Band Essay

    motivated to join because of my brother and friends. After I joined the group and began playing the tuba, I always felt like I had a place. Being in band, I felt like I was a part of my community. First, I was drawn to band because I was interested in being a part of a team. Band was a lot of people coming together to create music, like a team. Not only had some of my friends joined, my brother, Pedro, had previously enjoyed playing in band ensemble. He encouraged me by stating, “I met some of my closest friends in band.” It was a new experience he highly recommended me to try. They gave a mandatory choice at our middle school between choir and band, opting for the latter. For seven years I played tuba, and the variation version for marching, sousaphone. Although, I hated being in band at first because I felt band was tedious. Always had to practice, or had to use my study hall, or had to go in before or after school. In time, after getting used to my instrument, I started to enjoy it. I got to learn how band was truly fun, listening and playing music brought me joy. Most of the music we learned that ranged from popular 80’s to the today’s music or playing songs that are related to movies. We played Yellow Submarine from the beetles and soundtracks from movies such as, How to Train Your Dragon. Next, is self-progression and some lesson I learned through band. From sixth to eighth grade I was shy and nervous to play in front of anyone besides playing as a group. During my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Musical Performance

    I now have mastered the basics of the clarinet, somewhat of the saxophone, and the sousaphone. I have also been in a traditional Mexican band for more than five years and have performed for all types of occasions. For example birthday parties, baptisms, parades, and many more occasions. When I found out that Unity was hosting a school talent show, my mouth dropped. I immediately informed my friends about it because it was my objective to perform for everyone at school. I had to prove to myself…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Incident In Room 308

    In room 308 lies the darkest, most terrifying ghost in all of history. NICK BOO! He is an Islamic suicide bomber who goes by the nickname boo-sama boo-laden. He was responsible for 7-11. 7-11 was a sad day where negative 8 people died. This is where BOO died. The first encounter I had with him was at band camp. He would come into the barracks at night and raid our belongings. We didn’t notice until 5 days had past. He started with small things: soap, toothpaste, and non-perishables. But…

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  • John Philip Sousa Essay

    and the next day, he was discharged. Later, he had The Sousa Band organized. It took over a month for Sousa to select his musicians. Finally, on September 26th, 1892, The Sousa Band performed for the first time at the Stillman Music Hall in Plainfield, New Jersey. Sousa’s band toured from 1892 to 1931, performing over 15,000 concerts all around the world, including at the World Exposition in Paris, France and at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Through The Sousa Band, John Philip Sousa’s fame…

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  • John Philip Sousa

    John Philip Sousa is one of the most famous music composers. Born in Washington D.C in the mid-1800s, this music inventor is very well known by marchers. Mr. Sousa has composed 136 military marches. Not only was he a terrific song writer, but he also invented the widely used sousaphone The son of two immigrants, John Philip Sousa was born in Washington D.C. on November 6, 1854. John was thee third of ten children and his parents’ names were Antonio Sousa and Maria Elizabeth. He began his musical…

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  • Marching Band

    I get on my old school uniform, which looks amazing on me, I played with my sousaphone, a marching tuba. When it was our time to perform for the half time it made me upset because the football crowd, was loud, rowdy and truly very rude. They were screaming, laughing, and thought that we were all losers. I was semi nervous for our first competition which was the next day. We have football games on Friday, and competitions on Saturday. I realized that they were just the dumb football fans, and…

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  • Gender In A Marching Band Analysis

    certain stereotypes with the way band kids are looked at. Personally this puzzled me. I wondered, why would he say that? Why would he think like that? What influenced him to say something like that? More questions came to mind, but those were the main questions that came into first. I wanted to know what was going on in his mind and why in his opinions he felt that way. I also wanted to get opinion of Sandy because she is a girl who is in the band. Plus it would have been good to see the…

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