South Asia

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  • Sikhism In South Asia

    Marlenis Rey Asia 152: Final Paper Prompt # 5 Over the past three millennia, the South Asian subcontinent has seen the arrival of various immigrant groups, who have all shaped the political structures and cultural forms of the region in various ways. With this in mind, compare and contrast the belief systems of two or more philosophies or religions that have started in or traveled to South Asia, noting, where relevant, their connections to empire and culture (literature, theater, dance, music, art, and architecture) The history of South Asia countries have been shaped through centuries by the influence of different immigrant groups such as, Islam including (Sufism as a mystic variant of Islam), and Sikhism. India’s ability…

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  • Human Diversity In South Asia Essay

    The major cultural elements that contributed to the human diversity of South Asia are the two main religions in the region. These religions are Hinduism and Buddhism. Both are similar but have differences that make up the diversity in South Asia. Hinduism is mainly in India; which includes worship of many gods related to varied historic experiences and is associated with a caste order. A caste order is a social class system based on supremacy of people. The top of the caste order are the…

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  • Cultural Differences In Europe And South West Asia

    occur. In the western side of the world we see people living in more developed countries such as the United States and Europe. As in the eastern side there are countries that are a lower developed countries for example South west Asia and south Asia. To have a comparison between two countries that I will be explaining about are Europe and South West Asia. Those two regions have a lot of differences in their physical geography, how many people live in the region, what type of culture background…

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  • Pig Farming In South Asia

    BACKGROUND Pigs have been essential to human’s life even before wild animals were domesticated. Ancestors of pigs comes from Asia and Europe 25 million years ago, however its domestication pigs began 6000 to 8000 BC. Pigs were highly produced in Asia especially China which is the highest pig producer even currently. Pigs arrived in South Africa in in 1600’s with the European settlers. South Africa’s indigenous breeds are the Windsnyer (Ramsay, 2002). Breeds which are also found and commercially…

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  • Kashmir Conflict Case Study

    Kashmir to have the choice of picking whether to join either India or Pakistan. Maharaja Hari Singh, the pioneer of Kashmir, was Hindu, while an extensive bit of his subjects were Muslim. When he chose not to join Pakistan and rather stayed in unbiased status this came about to a Muslim uprising upheld by Pakistan. Battling amongst Pakistan and India brought about there now being a line of control where limit settlements are found. To illuminate this issue I would choose certain perspectives…

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  • Birth Spacing And Malnutrition Essay

    Das Gupta and Bhat (1997) showed that in India falling fertility increases the bias against girls. Bhat and Zavier (2003) presented that preference for sons also declines with lower desired fertility. In South Asian countries some parents think having boys will give more social and financial advantages than having girls. As women are less in numbers in the workforce, a son is more likely having a source of income for the family. Moreover, if the first child is male, the parents tends to space…

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  • The Global Epidemic Of Human Trafficking In Nepal

    the village and helping out her parents with house hold chores like weaving, cattle herding and farming on her fields. Like any other teenage girl, she used to dream of going to the big city one day and see the tall building, dazzling lights and may be see one or two movie stars and their glamour that she so hears and sees in the movies. Brought up in a small and closely knit community, she knew nothing of the outside world and the dangers that lay hidden in the streets. Now she is alone in the…

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  • The Importance Of Climate Change In South Asia

    South Asia, is the home for one fifth of the world’s population and is known to be the most disaster region in the world regarded as world’s poor region. In South Asia, bout 456 million people are estimated to be undernourished. In the recent past, climate change appeared as most critical issue facing by the society on a global basis, with serious problems of food security of billions of people in the developing countries. The inter-annual, monthly and daily distribution of climate variables…

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  • Spread Of Islam In South Asia Essay

    The Spread of Islam in South Asia: A Contested History When Islam receives widespread attention in Western media, it’s most often in the wake of domestic terror or in reference to atrocities abroad. Mourning and enraged, afraid and uninformed, Westerners too quickly condemn Islam as a religion of violence and repression, assuming that acts of extremism are representative of the entire religious tradition and all its practicants. Moreover, historical narratives pit Muslim conquest and…

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  • How Did Islam Influence South Asia

    Islam is said to have ‘interacted’ with its Indian environments in various ways. First off, South Asia, the region known as Hind, has one of the largest Muslim populations of any region in the world. According to the 2010 figure, India has a Muslim population of about 177 million, identifying as the second largest religion in India behind Hinduism. Islam began to spread through maritime trade, Arab merchants would go to south Asia and settle there, learning the local language and marrying the…

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