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  • Obesity In South Dakota

    The current obesity rate for South Dakota high school students is 14.7%, ranking South Dakota as the 12th highest state out of 43 with high school obesity. Historically, the obesity rate of high school students was lower than 14.7% with 1999-2001 being the lowest at 7.5%, but has been steadily climbing year after year to an astonishing doubled rate. With the trend of adult obesity at 30.4% and still rising, there is no doubt that high school obesity is a direct causation to adult obesity. An abstract published in 2011 from the National Library of Medicine states that obesity is a problem in the United States and South Dakota, with South Dakota’s obesity being higher than the national prevalence. South Dakota’s Department of Health has been…

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  • Teachers In South Dakota

    Typically, a nation would want to take care of what develops and keeps the country running right? Well in the case of the United States, this is not true. Teachers in South Dakota last in teacher salary in the United States. When your salary is just above the poverty line odds are you aren’t going to be that motivated to do your job. Not only does low salary for teachers cause lack of motivation but it also causes less people to join the field of teaching. There could be thousands of good…

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  • Smoking In South Dakota

    Smoking effects every organ in your body, examples have been found in the onset of Alzheimer, Pre-aging, Lung Cancer, and heart disease such as diabetes, and heart attacks. Almost all of these diseases contribute to the leading mortality and morbidity rates in the World today. The effected group is everyone that is surrounded by someone or persons that smoke, or any tax payer. This statement will be addressing South Dakota, Minnehaha county young adults ages twelve to eighteen. Smoking effects…

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  • Dakota Tribe Research Paper

    give the reader sort of good view of the Dakota tribe. Essentially, the word Dakota means ally in their language, which is the Dakota Sioux language. The Dakota people are a Native American tribe located in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota and North Dakota. The Dakota people are First Nations band government in North America and the largest division of the Siouan family. The Dakota tribe is divided into the western Dakota and the eastern Dakota. In this paper, I will be explaining…

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  • Mount Rushmore Research Paper

    In the Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, a large granite peak was dedicated in 1925 to be sculpted into a monument. That monument today is one of the most visited monuments in the United States. Mount Rushmore is a staple of the United States. On it, it has the faces of four of the most important Presidents of the United States. According to the Sculptor Gutzon Borglum “The purpose of the memorial is to communicate the founding, expansion, preservation, and unification…

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  • Rosebud Indian Reservation Movie Analysis

    Training and preparation are important aspects to a successful mission trip. Kurt Caddy was the leader of this mission trip and has lead many trips to Indian reservations and other places in the world. I think that his knowledge and experience were greatly appreciated and was helpful. I believe that I was properly trained and prepared for my trip to South Dakota. Kurt had the group read “Neither Wolf nor Dog,” which gave us a narrative of the interaction between the author, Kent Nerburn and his…

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  • Career And Ministry Goals

    Fellowship in South Dakota. I pray God continues to call me to service through CEF and allows me to take up full time ministry with them after graduation. • Your involvement in leadership, service and ministry while a student at Taylor. While at Taylor, I served in various leadership and ministry positions. I was box office manager for the Mitchell Theatre during…

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  • Sioux: Great Plains Native American Cultural Groups

    Shatonyia Davis Where did the Sioux live? “The Sioux are individuals of the Great Plains Native American cultural group.” The geography of the area in which they reside influenced the lifestyle and values of the Sioux tribe. There are three main disunions of Sioux: Eastern Dakota, Western Dakota, and the Lakota. Many Sioux tribes were nomadic individuals who moved from place to place chasing after bison (buffalo) herds. Much of their lifestyle was built around hunting bison. The Sioux lived in…

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  • Environmental Racism

    The situation centered around the construction of pipeline that runs through the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, and Iowa. Aside from the unexplored environmental damages the creation of the DAPL will bring about, deeper examination of the pipeline proves this is another example of injustice. In the early stages of the DAPL initial schematics did not originally run through the Lake Oahe. A previous schematic showed that the DAPL was originally intended to run underneath the…

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  • Case Study: The Keystone XL Pipeline

    things because they are fighting for an integral part of their lifestyle. In order to illustrate this point further protesters arrived on horseback to the National Wall and erected teepees in front. The signs that they are holding, with the text, “President Obama: Protect Our Sacred Water, Protect Our Sacred Land” only reinforces this message. This struggle is so critical to them that they have come to the nation’s capital and are addressing the president; most powerful man in the country. These…

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