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  • Sedimentary Rock Formation Research

    Jessica Vandeventer Science 156 29 September 2016 Sedimentary Rock Formation Purpose/Question- The purpose of the lab allows us to look at steno’s principals and study the process of lithification, transgression, and regression. Hypothesis– If I follow Steno’s principals in making rock layers, then I will be able to see the process of lithification. Analysis Questions - A. Did your sequence of rock layers follow Steno’s three principles? Explain why or why not. The law of superposition says that undisturbed rock layers are going to be from oldest to youngest. The oldest is going to be at the bottom. Original Horizontality is where the layers of rock are going to be deposited horizontaly. The third principal is cross-cutting. This says that…

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  • Ely Copper Mine Case Study

    Mine at the south and the mine site runs roughly parallel to Ely Brook. Bedrock Geology Three bedrock formations underlie the Orange County copper district: the Waits River Formation, Standing Pond Volcanics, and the Gile Mountain Formation. Figure 4 outlines the boundaries of these formations. The Waits River Formation consists of metamorphosed carbonate and siliciclastic turbidites formed during the Early to Middle Silurian age. These deposits are the oldest, as determined by the law of…

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  • Ercall Quarries

    Three minerals that are common are feldspars which can be pinkish grey in colour, quartz which can be grey or white in colour, and It also contains small specs of mafic minerals which are dark. It contains crystals, which are interlocking. Mirco granite are pinkish in colour, but can also be grey at times. Ercall Granophyre is a unconformably overlain by Lower Cambrian sandstones. Micro granite forms in an area with magma and quartz rock. The crystals are smaller than granite, which means that…

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  • The Los Angeles Basin

    Recognized as being one of the richest sedimentary basins in petroleum and gas for its comparatively small size, the Los Angeles Basin is a Neogene age sedimentary basin whose complex formation history makes it a unique marvel of the western continental margin (Ward, 1994). In order to understand the importance that the discovery of oil has had in the Los Angeles Basin, we look to the events that have taken place in the basin itself that created the conditions necessary for the formation of oil.…

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  • Mt. Isa Mine

    contained 123 g/t copper, 5.0% lead and 7.0% zinc at 4.8 Mt. The host rock of this deposit consists of pyritic shale, carbonaceous shale, dolomitic siltstone, carbonate, granite, ironstone and metasedimentary cover rocks (Hutton et al. 2012). Deposit genesis The ore deposit genesis is considered to have occurred in the Urquhart Shale, deep water and black shale environment, shallow water and hypersaline environment (Forrestal, 1990). In the Urquhart Shale, hydrothermal alteration had taken…

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  • Granite Formation

    principles of geology and the principles of stratigraphy to explain the geological reasoning behind each episode that lead to the formation of the rock units in the strata. Using these elements we can construct a comprehensive geological outline of the layers of Vicunia. By the reasoning of Steno’s…

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  • New Zealand Coastline Essay

    sea spray and the waves at high tide are especially distinctive in carving out the pancake feature. The term Pancake is scientifically described as stylobedding. This means that the layers of Limestone are separated by a thin layer of mudstone. The pancake arrangement forms out of the waves and tides eroding the mudstone faster than the limestone (McSaveney, E, & Nathan, S, 2013). Currents don’t play a perceivable part in the shaping or formation of the Pancake rocks. Human The human influence…

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  • Niagara Escarpment

    The beautiful scenery attracts many people to live in this area, creating developed regions in and around the escarpment. Within this escarpment lie Crawford lake, a unique and rare meromictic lake. This escarpment consists of limestone and dolostone which are both very important. Limestone is important because it is widely used in architectural applications for walls, and decorative trim and veneer. The reason that dolostone is important is that it is one of our major sources for concrete,…

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  • Pan African Orogen Case Study

    Gondwana (Stern, 1994; Kröner and Stern, 2005; Fritz et al., 2013). It represents the greatest collision zone which extends from southern Israel in the north to Madagascar to the south. The Neoproterozoic basement of Ethiopia is found at the transition between the northern and southern sectors of the East African Orogen (EAO) namely the Arabian-Nubian Shield and the Mozambique Belt respectively (Kazmin et al., 1978; Tarekegn Tadesse et al., 1999; Asfawossen Asrat et al., 2001; Miller et al.,…

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  • Deerfield Basin Essay

    Introduction On September 12, and October 3, 2016, we stopped at 6 locations north of Northampton in the Deerfield Basin of the Connecticut River Valley (Figure 1). The purpose of these stops is to examine rocks, interpret depositional environments for each rock formation, and discuss the geologic history of the Deerfield Basin based on observations and interpretations. Early Mesozoic lithospheric extension led to the development of a long sequence of rift basins. The Deerfield basin is the…

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