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  • Elgin Marbles Research Paper

    The Elgin Marbles are part of one of the longest cultural rows in Europe. They are comprised of sculptures, inscriptions and architectural features. Lord Elgin who was ambassador to the Ottoman Empire (which Athens was a part of) acquired the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens between 1801 and 1805. The Greeks have demanded that they be returned to their homeland and displayed in Athens. The Greek government claims that the Elgin marbles were taken illegally during the country's Turkish occupation and dispute the British Museum Trustees’ legal title to the sculptures. Some Greek officials believe that Lord Elgin bribed Turkish officials to obtain the marbles. The British have a different view; they believe that Lord Elgin obtained the Elgin Marbles legally through the Ottoman empire before Greece won its independence. Another belief of the British is that if the Elgin Marbles are returned it would set a disturbing precedent for major museums. In today’s society many British historians consider the Elgin Marbles relics of an Athenian civilization rather than the modern Greek state If every country, asks for the return of their artifacts every cosmopolitan museum would be emptied of their major exhibitions. The Elgin Marbles are the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Elgin Marbles

    from their homelands while the museums that these items now occupy shout back that their ownership is inarguably legal and honest. The beloved Elgin Marbles of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece have become the epitome of both judicial and moral grey area in the arena of repatriation. The British Museum, where these marbles are now housed, and Greece both have strong cases for their desire to respectively retain or regain these artifacts of the Parthenon.…

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  • John Keats On Seeing The Elgin Marbles Analysis

    pursue poetry, to caring for his dying brother, and falling in love. When he caught tuberculosis in July of 1820 many of the sonnets he wrote contained his recognition of mortality. The sonnet “On Seeing the Elgin Marbles” tells the reader how John Keats struggles with mortality and that struggle brought this sonnet to express that accepting fate exceeds denying an inevitable death. John Keats’ sonnet begins with a statement about mortality. He states how he knows that his mortality means that…

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  • Kickstarter Project

    the “Fidget cube”, and the second project is called “Superb Wooden Marble Run”. I will be explaining these in the following paragraphs. First let 's start with the Superb Wooden Marble Run. This is there first project to ever start on and are hoping for a great outcome in there project with lots of backers and potential funding for their project to take off. Their goal is to reach $31,852 dollars. The inventor of this project is named Nicki…

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  • The Importance Of Parthenon In Greece

    components including a cluster of buildings on the highest elevation of the territory, and it served as a fortress for protection as well as the center of worship for the patron god or goddess. The layout is extremely functional, and dually purposive. The location, on a hill or mountain, allows a far view of approaching enemies, as well as the opportunity to possible reach the ear of the patron god since it was the closest structure to the Heavens. The Parthenon is the most famous example of an…

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  • Parthenon Marbles Essay

    The Parthenon’s Marbles Belong to Greece Parthenon’s or Elgin’s Marbles have been the talk among historians and politicians for quite some time now. The official name of the marbles are Parthenon because they were made to adorn the Temple to Athena Parthenos in Athens. However, they are also known the Elgin’s marbles because they were removed by the British lord Elgin, who removed the marbles from Greece and shipped them to England. Parthenon’s is a group of marbles that were created in the 5th…

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  • Sperlonga Sculptures Analysis

    Tiberius himself was responsible for their installation. While the date and origins of the Sperlonga sculptures are debated, they exemplify the style of late Hellenistic baroque. This point will be argued by comparing the Sperlonga sculptural groups to The Dying Gaul which is a commonly accepted example of late Hellenistic baroque. It is probable that the Sperlonga villa was originally constructed by M. Aufidius Lurcone who was Tiberius’ great-grandfather on his mother’s side. Its ruins show…

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  • Essay On Cycladic Figure

    done in the Cycladic style by a Bastis Master from Greece, belonging to the Keros-Syros culture. It dates between 2600 and 2400 BCE, is made of marble, and can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in gallery 151 under the accession number 68.148. The Status of Aphrodite is a Roman marble copy of a larger bronze Greek sculpture, created in the Imperial or Hellenistic style in the Italian Peninsula, belonging to the Roman culture. It dates between the first and second centuries AD, is made…

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  • A Bag Of Marbles Analysis

    In the memoir, A Bag of Marbles, Joseph Joffo recounts his and his brother, Marurice’s, journey of survival as Jewish children who spend World War II hiding from Nazi soldiers in France. The movie Sophie Scholl – The Final Days, directed by Marc Rothemund, tells the story of the founding members of the White Rose resistance group, established during World War II, Sophie Scholl and her brother, Hans Scholl. They were student activists against the war and Nazi propaganda and wrote and distributed…

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  • Essay On The Marble Chop

    The Marble Champ Literary Essay All around the world, people struggle with lack of hard work, but whether it’s sports, school, or your job, you should always work as hard as you can. Gary Soto, the author of ¨The Marble Champ¨, teaches us that hard work does pays off. Lupe was not a very athletic girl, therefore she knew that she would have to give her all to become a winner. Although it may have been hard, Lupe did work as hard as she could, and not only did she succeed, but she also learned…

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