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  • Marco Polo Thesis

    Marco Polo was an explorer who sculpted the world we live in today. He traveled from his Venetian home to China along the Silk Roads. In China, he worked for one of the most powerful leaders in his time, Kublai Khan. This gave him a firsthand experience with one of Europe’s powerful leaders. His travels were later recorded into a book called the, II Milione, which gave Europeans insight of the world beyond them. His book inspired other Europeans to travel to unknown lands. Marco Polo is important due to his travels from his home to China along the Silk Roads, working for China’s leader, and recording everything he saw into one of the most controversial books of its time. Marco Polo was born to a wealthy Ventian family in 1254 (Burgan 7 & Gefen…

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  • Marco Polo's The Travels

    The Introduction of "The Travels" states that "to western Christendom the world [Marco Polo] revealed was almost wholly unknown." However, in the introduction he mentions the Franciscan travelers we’ve already encountered this semester. Ronald Latham, who wrote the introduction and is the translator of the book, acknowledges the two Franciscans and their journeys, but states that their finding were interesting but not very encouraging. Marco Polo was not the first to travel to Crimea (known as…

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  • Research Paper On Marco Polo

    Marco Polo Marco Polo was an amazing explorer. He traveled to extremely distant places. As well as traveling far, Marco was one of the first Europeans to reach china. The Mongolian and Chinese people had a great impact on Marco's life. The travel was extensively long but Marco persevered and reached china at last. Marco Polo was born in Venice Italy in 1254. The polo families were nobles. As well as being noble they were also jewel merchants. Marco's mother died when he was young…

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  • Marco Polo Book Report

    Marco Polo Marco Polo was a journalist and an explorer. Throughout his life, he went on many journeys. A very important journey that he went on was to China. Marco Polo also had a book written about him. This book was written when he met a prisoner named Rustichello who was also a writer while they were prisoners of war. The book spread through different countries quickly and made Marco Polo famous. More people could now read about his many journeys and experiences. If that book had not…

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  • How Did Marco Polo Influence The World

    There were numerous renowned individuals who were known for their incredible enterprises and their awesome finds of different nations. Marco Polo was one of those men who have braved dangerous oceans and steaming deserts. He voyaged all over India and China. He about looked all of the lands around Europe. His father had a great influence in his future when he was a child on the grounds that his dad was a merchant and his father traveling all over the world influence Marco Polo to wind up the…

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  • Marco Polo's Invisible Cities

    In the book “Invisible cities”, Italo Calvino described 55 different cities from Marco polo’s memory. Towards the end of the story, the fifty-five cities made me more and more troubled, as if they were just a city of different character. Marco polo visited Kublai Khan when he was 21 years old at 1,275 A.D. In 1279 the Yuan Dynasty unified the whole China to establish the seventh Chinese Dynasty. Western countries have send numerous messengers to meet with Kublai Khan, but Khan only put Marco…

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  • Compare And Contrast Marco Polo And Ibn Battuta

    Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta are two very famous explores who are known for traveling great distances during a time when such a thing was unheard of, and who kept detailed logs of their journeys. Ibn Battuta’s journey was based off of his religion, and his desire to visit all of the major religious sites and meet important religious leaders. He traveled a total of 75,000 miles over the course of 29 years. Marco Polo was an Italian traveler who claims to have met and become close to Kublai Khan,…

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  • Fedora Compare And Contrast Marco Polo And Calvino

    the book 's accuracy against time and progress. When Marco Polo/Calvino begins to name real cities that are famously known around the world presently, he does not go into exquisite detail of the buildings or behavior of people. A brief description of the characteristics of streets in New York City is given, and slight mention of the skyscrapers as "towers of glass…

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  • How Did Marco Polo Influence Columbus

    Marco Polo as history goes does not stand out with some of the more historical figures of his time. This has become even more popular in the loosely based TV show that has been released about his life. However, without the writings that Marco Polo left us are the very reason we had people like Christopher Columbus. Marco Polo writings inspired Columbus to make the voyage and open up the world to new things, and create an entire generation of people to want to discover new things and see the…

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  • Marco Polo's Influence On Sino-European Relations

    national economic development, while trade can have a great influence on national relations. From Yuan to Ming, trade had a positive impact on the relationship between China and Europe, it helps to keep in good touch and promote economic development; From Qing to Opium Wars, trade was the main reason that England brought to war in China. Marco Polo as a traveler and a merchant from Venice, was the first one who truly shortens the distance between China and Europe. Before him, silk, porcelain…

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